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Deadly killing blows and ... wedding attire. Together like never before!

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 Falennt      |::|  |  Romani, Stoneheft
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 See HELP CRY2 for the table of contents.


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 Page 2    \/    Table of Contents

 This Month's Special:
   Hall of Renown - Heroes             - Romani          CRY3

 Monthly Article     
   Helpfile of the Month               - Annale          CRY4
   Pkill of the Month                  - Versetch        CRY5-10

 Nation News
   Quendi (Elf)                        - Annale          CRY11
   Uruk'hai (Half-Ogre)                - Klaatu          CRY12
   Khazad (Dwarf)                      - Stoneheft       CRY13
   Aerandir (Sea-Elf)                  - Ashandra        CRY14
   Human                               - Trella          CRY15
   Hobbit (Halfling)                   - Kadgeon         CRY16
   Pixie                               - Kosaim          CRY17

 Quest News
   June CoD Quest Results              - Annale          CRY18-20
   July CoD Quest                      - Annale          CRY21

 Realms Living
   Last Moments                        - Quantos         CRY22         
   Catarrh's number two is dropped!    - Versetch        CRY23-24    

 Order News
   Arcanes                             - Klessenia       CRY25

 Funny Bones
   Quotes out of Context               - Romani          CRY26
   Odd and Amusing Titles              - Annale          CRY27

 Announcements and Advertisements
   Shop with Guts'n'Glory!                               CRY28
   Advertise with the Cry!                               CRY29
   CoD Readers Reward                                    CRY30
   2010 Olympics                                         CRY31
   Roleplay Wiki:      CRY32

  Cry of Despair Staff
   Letter from the Editor                                CRY33
   Write for the Cry                                     CRY34
   From Falennt's Inkwell                                CRY35


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 Page 3    \/    Hall of Renown - Heroes - Romani 

                               HALL OF RENOWN

          Once every so often, a player represents themselves as an
      exemplary asset to the game. They may be silent, or may rise above
     the crowds. However they are known, they are, and forever shall be...
                                 The Heroes.

There are many members of the Mortal community who, every day, show total and
selfless dedication to this game, if for nothing more than to make one person,
often a stranger, happy. These people may be recognized amongst their friends,
but often go unnoticed amongst the flood of players.
   To nominate someone into the Hall of Renown, draft a mudmail to Romani
   including the name of the nominee and a short description of their 
   activities or worthiness. This information will assist the Herald 
   Assembly in the judging process. All entries are kept confidential.

Mudmail your nomination by midnight, July 20th 2010 to Romani.
See also: HELP HALL OF RENOWN for more information on the application process.


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 Page 4    \/    Helpfile of the Month - Annale 

Syntax: Journal 
        journal Write   allows you to edit/add pages
        journal read    allows you to read a page
        journal size                 displays journal size


A Journal is a book comprised of several pages, allowing the user to
write and edit each page. For example, Journal write 1 will place you
into the buffer of "page 1". Once there, the same commands are used as
per editing notes.




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 Page 5    \/    KB of the Month - Versetch

Catarrh invaded Feralis Headquarters and slayed Pyre as he slept. When
Feralis leaders found out about this foul attack they could not let it go
unpunished.. and punishment was Feralis' specialty. Feralis was again invaded 
by Catarrh but the undead leaders of Feralis were ready and waiting. Vile
Wicked Elexius and the Necrophile Tchtukax waited in the shadows.. waiting to
bring death to Catarrh..
After dispatching Catarrh's arch mage Redora..
Your blast mauls Redora!
Your blast mauls Redora!
Tchtukax's blast mauls Redora!
Tchtukax's blast mauls Redora!
Redora is DEAD!!
Bolts of blue energy rise from the corpse, seeping into Tchtukax.
Feralis then expelled Catarrh from Feralis' Citadel by beating them back into
Grimoire. Pushed all the way into the Umbrageous Ruins Feralis took note of
their enemies. Within the ruins stood: the Ranger of Catarrh Arcari, the
resurrected arch mage Redora, and the Guardian himself Alara. Out numbered
three to two Feralis would not back down. Going in hard we killed the ever
living Redora just outside the temple! Seeing the death of Redora shook
Arcari and he fled. We then moved to the Guardian Alara. Tchtukax went in
with a fury unknown to Catarrh, pushing the Guardian Alara on his heels.

Continued... help cry6


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 Page 6   \/    KB of the Month - Versetch

 Tchtukax wars 'Help!  I am being attacked by Alara!'
Alara's slash nicks Tchtukax.
Tchtukax's spell misses Alara.
Tchtukax's slash cuts 4 Alara!
Tchtukax's spell misses Alara.
Tchtukax's slash hits 5 Alara!
Tchtukax's spell misses Alara.

After feeding on the insides of Redora, Elexius takes up the attack on Alara!

Alara wars 'Help!  I am being attacked by Elexius!'
You undo your cloak from around your body, revealing your equipment.
Your blast jolts Alara!
Alara blocks your attempt to hit her!
Your blast jolts Alara!
The Guardian Alara knowing that he was in trouble sent out an alarm to
Catarrh, not knowing if they would get to him in time..
Alara quaffs a crystal blue tonic from a wanderer's satchel.
Tchtukax swings his elbow in a vicious arc, hitting Alara .
Tchtukax's elbow scratches Alara.
Alara blocks Tchtukax's attempt to hit her!
Tchtukax's slash cuts Alara!

Continued... help cry7


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 Page 7    \/    KB of the Month - Versetch

A dimly-lit corridor
Vision is even more obstructed in this corridor than in the remainder of the
darkened city.  Three burnt-out torches line the sides of the room, though
accomplishing nothing more than space consumption.  A foul odor emanates
from the east.  West takes you back toward Babel's sanctum.
Exits: east south west down 
A mystical spring flows majestically from a glowing circle of blue.
The corpse of Redora is lying here.
A pool of spilled blood lies here.
(Feralis) Tchtukax the Awesome is here, fighting Alara.
Tchtukax is shrouded in flowing shadow and light.
(Catarrh) Alara.                    Jeff is here, fighting Tchtukax.
Alara glows with an aura of divine radiance.
Feeling more confident as the battle raged on Alara took up the offensive..

Alara's shieldbash decimates Tchtukax!

A Grave mistake.. and one that he could not recover from.
Tchtukax's bash brushes Alara.

Continued... help cry8


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 Page 8   \/    KB of the Month - Versetch 

Alara blocks your attempt to hit her!
Your blast jolts Alara!
Your blast wounds Alara!
grasp alara
You really shouldn't do this to another player...
Alara's deathrattle fills the air as you drain her life...
Your suspiric grasp injures Alara!
The Guardian Alara knows fully of his mistake as his trembling hands began to
drop items!
Alara fumbles a crystal blue tonic and shatters it into fragments.
And again Tchtukax continues his vicious attack!

Tchtukax's bash grazes Alara.
Diemond arrives to find the Guardian, the protector of Catarrh in serious
trouble as two of Feralis' leaders destroy him. With a desperate effort,
Diemond the Nephandi attacks!

Continued... help cry9


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 Page 9   \/    KB of the Month - Versetch 

Diemond utters the words, 'gaieg ay paoculog'.
A handful of blinding sand glows brightly, then disappears in a puff of smoke!
Swirling sand engulfs you.
Diemond's sandstorm grazes you.
Diemond's sandstorm nicks Tchtukax!
Diemond's sandstorm jolts Alara!
Enraged! Tchtukax seeks only Alara's death and with no reguard for his own
existance, he continues his assalt!
Tchtukax's bash jolts Alara!
Elexius sees the desperation in the Guardian's eyes and knows his life is at
an end!
grasp Alara
You really shouldn't do this to another player...
Alara's deathrattle fills the air as you drain her life...
Your suspiric grasp thrashes Alara!

Continued... help cry10


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 10   \/    KB of the Month - Versetch 

The barest of whispers are heard as Diemond's attack passes through you.
The barest of whispers are heard as Diemond's attack passes through you.
Tchtukax's slash lacerates Alara!
Tchtukax's spell misses Alara.
Tchtukax's slash lacerates Alara!
Tchtukax's spell misses Alara.
Tchtukax's slash lacerates Alara!
Alara is DEAD!!
Tchtukax is zapped by the inquisitor's beacon.
Tchtukax is zapped by Apotheosis.
Bolts of blue energy rise from the corpse, seeping into Tchtukax.
Alara gasps her last breath and blood spurts out of her mouth and ears.

At last the Guardian had fallen, but the efforts of Diemond succeeded in 
some degree. Through the spells cast by the desperate nephandi, Tchtukax 
was struck blind and could not take from his kill what was rightfully his!
Angered even more by this, but also knowing he and Elexius who held strong
but began to lose her sight as well, was in danger. They both fled back to
their Citadel and rejoiced in their victory. Let it humble Catarrh to know
that Feralis has no equal in combat, and even against the odds of numbers,
Feralis will triumph.


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 Page 11   \/    Quendi Nation News - Annale 

Tremors shake the trees

Lately the leaves of the trees have been quivering because of more than 
just the fresh summer breeze.  Several Elves have commented on feeling 
the ground vibrate, although no cause or reason has yet been found.  These 
tremors don't seem to cause any damage nor do they occur regularly.  Tari
Annale would like to caution all Elves to store their belongings a little
more securely, particularly anything on shelves or of great value, until
it is clear what is causing the Island to shake so.

Nation Olympic Training Continues

Any Elf seeking to hone their ranger skills are encouraged to visit Palinor 
after purchasing a bow from Cadriendir.  And while visiting Cadriendir, try
some lembas - it's both long lasting and satisfying!


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 Page 12   \/    Uruk'hai Nation News - Klaatu 

From the Opallinoc News Bureau:
Dateline Opallinoc - Summer Solstice Fest
"Says you!" "Oh yeah?" "Pinocchio!" and "Liar, liar pants on fire!" These are
just of few of the jeers heard at this years Summer Solstice Fest. Raucous
catcalls and roaring laughter thundered at the Great Bonfire over tales of
triumph and glory by many of the attendees. Meeka's latest batch of swill
was consumed copiously and various delicacies were devoured ravenously. The
Tribal Council was pleased with the turnout. Autumnal Equinox is coming!!
Dateline Edel - Rat Pipers
It seems the Dwarves and Gnomes of Edel were not very trusting in just who
could attempt to become a Rat-piper and rid the city of the accursed vermin.
The volunteers of the Uruk'hai that ventured to the city, in hopes of financial
rewards, were told that they were not piper material. Disappointing adventure.
Dateline Opallinoc: Uruk'hai Olympic Team Tryouts
Klaatu, your benevolent chieftain, has sworn to bring home one Gold medal from
this years Olympics. Being beaten by the Lizardmen, no less, is not sitting
well with the Tribal Council. The  bragging rights and tales  of glorious
victories, at the Great Bonfire, of the Uruk'hai prowess will be rewarded.
This is the chance to become immortalized in Uruk'hai lore. Those interested
should contact Klaatu for further details. 


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 13   \/    Khazad Nation News - Stoneheft  

I'd like to express my gratitude to the many dwarves and gnomes who worked
so hard for the city of Edel. The cooperation of our races has always been
Edel's strength and now, by the commendable efforts of the gnomes, Hermoine
and Yulrie and many others, coupled with the labours of the dwarves Dreria
and Chumbolone and many others, Edel's rats were piped out of town, led to
the river and drowned.

I know the townsfolk are pleased and wishing to thank you all, as much as
I am. Feel free to visit the town and enjoy the streets and shops that are
now rat-free. Send me a tell, I'd love to thank each of you personally for
your excellent work, maybe over a beer.

I also invite all dwarves to come and visit the city. See how it prospers
once again, after such an economic struggle. See the new construction that
foretells a bright future for our city. I thank my people for so many years
of peace with our good neighbors the gnomes and I thank the gnomes for their
goodwill, hard work and generally dwarven sensibilities.
Signed in purple wax with the Gemstone seal and the name Stoneheft.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 14   \/    Aerandir Nation News - Ashandra  

Our quest details are nearly finalized! 
If you wish, you may speak to me at any time before that day and we will make
a character for you, this will not require you to make an actual new character
again, you will simply be playing as someone else. You will possibly have a
few advantages starting before the others, but this is not always a good thing
in Paranoia.
Anyone else, will be given characters at the start of the night, and any other
characters as needed.
Now for the important things, rewards for playing! Every player will recieve 1
million gold! That's right, for simply joining in, you get money. Larger
rewards will go to those that survive the night, those that amuse the players,
also those that just amuse me. I will warn you now, rewards will be given and
taken away rather arbitrarily, but that has always been part of the fun.
Other rewards may or may not be given out as well, you won't know unless you
play. So contact me and let's get this going!


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 15   \/    Human Nation News - Trella  

Order has returned to Lomar, at least in part.  With the invasion of the
Keep still fresh in the minds of those residents who still remain, life
is continuing.  In that spirit, this reporter has spent the past few weeks
gathering useful information -- for both newcomer and long standing resident.
Blanchard, owner of our beloved Blanchard's Tavern, has fiddled with his 
meatloaf recipe.  As much as I've tried, I have not been able to get the
owner to spill the beans, so to speak, on this change.  All I can tell you
is that the improvement is delightful -- although a bit on the spicy side. 
With the new influx of people to Lomar, the forgemaster, Thomas, has found
himself in need of good, trustworthy, and talented help.  Interested persons
should contact Thomas himself, and be prepared to showcase their forging
Along those same lines, Elyna is also looking for help with caring for
the sick and injured of the Keep.  She is requesting that the applicants
be both sound in mind and body, as well as able to withstand the strain and
stress of battle. 
As always, I will try to keep our residents up-to-date on the ever changing
goings-on of Lomar and it's people.   Until next time, stay safe.
                                           --Tristan Mabett, Lomar Press


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 16   \/    Hobbit Nation News - Kadgeon  

  *Written in the gracefully, sloping script that is the handwriting of Thain
Kadgeon Silverblood*
              My dearest Nation, how I have longed to serve you once more as
your Thain. I understand how some of you must feel, that I may not deserve
your trust or that I abandoned all of you. Do not worry, I shall work harder
than ever before to be deserving of your trust and loyalty. As one we will
rebuild our Hometown and we will not forget the Abyssal One. We will not
forget about the damage caused, or the lost lives of comrades in arms, friends,
and allies. And we will use these memories to strengthen our defenses. 
We have been known for generations as peaceful, fun loving people but I say to
you that it is time for a slight change. We should not have to run and hide
behind our allies each time someone threatens us. I know we all appreciate the
help of the elves and sea elves, but why should we have to rely on help from
others *all* the time?
         I will be working on some things, but in the meantime please come to
me if you have any ideas, questions, or problems please come to me. 
Forever In Service To Her People,
               Thain Kadgeon Silverblood

OOC Everyone don't forget the Olympics coming up!!! Also anyone interested in
RPing the Hobbit needs to send me a mudmail or just post something in HT or NV


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 Page 17   \/    Pixie Nation News - Kosaim  

This is PNN, You source for Pixie News:
The peace talks took a turn for a worse when the Half-ogre negotiator and
the Pixie diplomat were finishing the dinner. The bill was presented and our
diplomat refused to play half of the bill. Asked to comment, the diplomat, 'I
refuse to pay for his 2 steak dinners. I only had the fish!'
In Sports news, The Silver Cup championships concluded by a stunning victory
for Dunhill Blue Stars.
The new Air Ball Champions beat the Kontaur Red Devils 2-1, by a goal by
Eashavir Sidhe. The Devils scored first on a controversial goal by Mezar
Graymantle. The Blue Stars claimed that the player used an illegal portal.
The tide turned when the Devils got a red card for using a paralyzing spell on
the Blue Devil player. The Blue Devils Scored twice, first from Skydancer,
then Sidhe.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 18   \/    June CoD Results - Annale  

Thank you so much to all who participated! Got some really good ideas for
wedding attire!

Congratulations to: Qualorn, Babui, and Brandal! 

I'm sure they would be lovely outfits to wear!  For your reading pleasure,
you can see them on the next couple of pages. Enjoy!

PS - Please see Falennt for your prizes.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 19   \/    June CoD Results - Annale 

Qaulorn's Attire Submission:

Bride - Vampire
Finger: a blood-encrusted ring
Head: a bright ruby
Body: a nightie made of fine black silk
Held: a blood red rose
About: the Robe of Night
Groom - Mage
Finger: a Ring of Magic
Body: plate of Magic
About: golden hued flowing mage robes
Legs: runed leggings
Feet: a pair of evening slippers
Held: the burnished staff of perpetual flame

Babui's Attire Submission:

For the Bride:
Worn on Finger: delicate ring of garnet petals
Worn on Head: small wreath of jasmine blossoms
Worn on Body: sheer ivory dress of sea silk
Held: dew covered rose
Worn on Legs:  pink lace garter
Worn on Neck: silver locket encrusted with amethysts
For the Groom:
Worn on Finger: delicate ring of garnet petals
Worn on Body: sharp white tuxedo
Worn About: silvery cloak
Worn on Legs: polished silver leggings
Worn on Feet: Silver boots of Camelot
Held: heart-shaped box


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 20   \/    June CoD Results - Annale

Brandal's Madlib Submission:

My wedding isn't a big wedding.  In fact, the couple is eloping, and had to 
run through the woods to meet up with the priest, so their bride's outfit 
suffered some minor damage.

finger - a gold wedding band
head - a white veil
body - a torn white deress
held - a bouquet of wild flowers
leg - a pair of torn stockings
neck- a pendant with a silver heart
about - cover of night
finger - a gold wedding band
body - a sharp black tuxedo
about - cover of night
legs - black pants
feet - black patent leather shoes
held - an empty flask (needed some courage)
wielded - a branding iron (This one's forever.)


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 21   \/    July CoD Quest - Annale 

Well, I've still got wedding fever (and for good reason, I assure you!) So,
this month's quest is still wedding themed!

There's a poem that always comes up around wedding time:

Something old, something new 
Something borrowed, something blue 
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

So, this month you need to find something that a bride (or groom) could
wear that is:

Something Old:
Something New:
Something Borrowed:
Something Blue:

You cannot use the same wear location twice, and no using the same object
for two categories.  Have fun with it!  Winners will be chosen by Falennt,
or however Falennt decides!

Please send your submissions to Falennt as I will be away for the next month!

Good luck!


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 22   \/   Last Moments by Quantos

"Even the mighty horse must eventually succumb to the bitterness of
     fatal exhaustion, a slow lingering moment when his unending
     strength fails him for the first and only time. The tailored
     armor protecting his solitary weakness no longer deflecting
     the assault of the paramour.
And so he falls, breathing in a raspy tortured breath. A
     simple choice of rest, savior to his soul, but instead he
     screams in defiance, a marked tribute to his missing rider.
     A final attempt to awaken those that are sleeping and
     return light to the world of love."
Quantos 6/23/2010


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 23   \/   Catarrh's Number 2 is Dropped - Versetch

Your blast _demolishes_ Bert!
Bert's pierce hacks Tsyn!
Bert's pierce mauls Tsyn!
Bert's pierce mauls Tsyn!
You really shouldn't do this to another player...
Bert's deathrattle fills the air as you drain his life...
Your suspiric grasp _demolishes_ Bert!
A deathrattle escapes Tsyn's throat as Storienko drains his life.
Storienko's suspiric grasp jars Tsyn!
Tsyn quaffs a violet flask from a decaying chest.
Tsyn's slash _mangles_ Bert!
Tsyn's slash misses Bert.
Tsyn's slash _devastates_ Bert!
Storienko's pierce lacerates Tsyn!
Storienko's pierce hacks Tsyn!
Bert's pierce hacks Tsyn!
Bert's pierce hacks Tsyn!
Bert's pierce mauls Tsyn!
Bert's bite nicks Tsyn.
Storienko's pierce hacks Tsyn!
Your blast _demolishes_ Bert!
Bert is DEAD!!


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 24   \/   Catarrh's Number 2 is Dropped - Versetch

The corpse of Bert holds:
     the sigil of A'enari
malfean whisps (2)
vestiges of deviance
gordian knot
charnel ashes (2)
scars of turmoil
shaded strides
band of transcendence
(Glowing) a small token
(Red Aura) (Humming) Set's ring of Power (2)
(Glowing) the Ice Girth
black henbane
(Red Aura) Demonic Whispers
(Red Aura) A shroud of darkness
(Red Aura) the facade of the Hannya
Mark of Darkness
(Red Aura) Lifebane (2)
magical flying carpet
the Rod of Neutrality
Veil of Divine Wrath
(Humming) Blackened Spurs of the Nazgul Lord (2)
create spring scroll (5)
the Dragonhide Breastplate
thick piece of lizard hide

You get Veil of Divine Wrath from the corpse of Bert.
You get A shroud of darkness from the corpse of Bert.
You get Lifebane from the corpse of Bert.
This is a Pkill of Bert, Number 2 of Catarrh.
Killed by Elexius, Leader of Feralis
Assist by Tsyn (Tchtukax, Number 2 of Feralis)


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 25   \/   Arcanes News - Klessenia

Hello Realmies it's your friendly neighborhood Arcanes Lead Scout here just
bringing Arcanes news to everyone!
Well first we would like to congratulate Nubothomer on the birth of his first
born child! Mother and baby are doing well! Congratz again Nub!
Sadly that's just about it! So on that note! Are you tired of hanging out by
yourself? Want some awesome people to sit and chat with, run with, explore
with? Learn from or help them learn? Why not come by and join Arcanes?! Just
send a tell to a Scout, or leader and we will be happy to help you get started!


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 26   \/    Quotes out of Context 

SomeImm> I swear. When women who mud get pregnant it lasts for 2 years, not
the standard 9 months.
SomeOtherImm> Lag.
SomeImm> Laugh


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 27   \/    Odd and Amusing Titles 

Jarax 2.1 - now with added chocolate chips   [BOT]

Abelard's belly button is full of lint!  [BOT]

Bier Von'Beer is the eternal Pledge. 

Solinar Azralon is SoliPrime of the Soli-Clone Army(tm)

Arnor the last chip bender.


Traylor Trash the keeper of yard gnomes.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 28   \/    Shop with Guts'n'Glory! 

If you are in need of some equipment at fair prices, look no further than
NW of DH[]!  Kaleo and Lilkal are ready to help you with your equipment

With new items available on these bots, and constant restocking, Kaleo and
Lilkal can save you time and gold!  

Just type whois kaleo or whois lilkal for a stock and price listing and
find them NW of DH[]!


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 29   \/    Advertise with the Cry! 

Advertise with the Cry of Despair!

Do you own a bot?  
Are you looking to sell a few things and make a little gold?
The Cry of Despair is a great place to advertise your wares!  
Let people know where you park your sellbots, afterall, people need to know 
where you are in order for you to get their gold!

Are you looking to buy something? Place an advertisement in the Cry! 
Who knows, maybe someone is looking to sell what you are looking to buy!

Just write up a little advertisement and mudmail it to Annale, or post 
it on the CoD Public board located e,s,3u,w from Darkhaven Square and 
your advertisement will be published in the next issue!


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 30   \/    CoD Readers Reward 

   ___   ,'    \_________________________________________
  /   /-/   dP  /  Cry of Despair           ////////////  ''--..._
  \___\-\  dP   \    Readers Reward         \\\\\\\\\\\\  __..--'

The staff at the CoD would like to thank you, the readers for your support,
input, and for reading each month!  For this reason, we have introduced 
The Cry of Despair Readers Reward!.

Each month, 10 million gold coins will be made available to one lucky 

How do you qualify?  Just write to us at the Cry of Despair!  Comprehensive
'Letters to the Editor', well-written feedback letters to an article, or 
detailed suggestion letters are all qualifying entries!

A minimum of ten entries must be received in order for the draw to be 
opened that month.  If 10 entries are not received, the money is pooled 
and added to the next issue's draw.  The entries will also be saved for the 
next draw.  If, after ten issues there have not been enough submissions, the 
pot will be emptied and restarted.

Who can submit? Why you, our loyal readers!  Only one submission per 
draw. Any person caught submitting multiple entries on alts will be 
disqualified from the draw. CoD Staff, Immortals, and alts are not 
permitted to enter the draw.

How do I submit? Mudmail your Letter to the Editor, feedback letter, or
letter of suggestion to Annale or Falennt or post your letter on the CoD
public board at e,s,u,u,u,w from DH[].

Submissions will be published in the same issue as the draw.

This month's gold pool is worth: 70 Million Gold Coins!


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 Page 31   \/    2010 Nation Olympics 

        /|,                 2010 Nation Olympics
       )  (,                 Coming this summer!
      ( (  )       
`--.._      _..--' The Olympics started as a need for greater
      `\  /'       integration between the RP Nations. Each 
        ||  pb     citizen on RoD belongs to one of the 14 races
        ||         on RoD and is encouraged to participate.
        ||         OPC - Olympic Planning Committee is made up
        ||         of the Nation Leaders and appointed members
        ||         which represent their race. If you are interested
        ||         in assisting with the planning contact your 
        ||         Nation Leader for more information. 


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 Page 32Y   \/    Roleplay Wiki - 

For those seeking to feed their Inner RP Demons there is a new wiki site
available with many sections including (but not limited to) Nations, Roleplay
culture, literature, arena, RP archives, order RP, Places to RP, player
organized groups, diaries etc.
We encourage contributions to this mud-wide RP archive and history. If you
require assistance in helping to set up a section in the wiki please contact
Falennt or myself for information or follow the handy guide in the right hand
side of the wiki.
Take the time to become part of this RP rich world which lurks in virtually
every part of RoD. Visit!

Falennt and Romani


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 Page 33   \/    Letter from the Editor 

Thank you for reading!  Short issue this month, and sorry for the delay,
I waited for a few extra articles to be submitted.  I would again like to
stress the deadline  for article submissions.  Remember, it is the 
25th of the month!

Don't forget to vote for RoD on TMS: 

I'll be away getting married over the next month, so Falennt will be editing 
the next issue of the CRY.  Please send all submissions to Falennt or post
them on the CoD's public board in town hall.

Thanks for reading,
Annale Firestorm  


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 Page 34   \/    Write for the Cry! 

Write for the Cry!

Currently the Immortal Sponsors are looking for more and more writers.
If you are interested then please write a short note saying why you would 
like the position.  Please include your normal online times so that the 
immortals can interview you. 

We also welcome freelance editors. Do contact Falennt or Annale for 
more information.

We are also looking for more staff writers and freelancers. If you 
would like to earn some income through writing just about anything, feel 
free to speak with Falennt regarding your interest.

Our Current Payment Rates

Editor-in-Chief : 60 million gold per issue edited
Staff Writers   : 4 million gold per page submitted.

Regular freelancers  : 3 million gold per page submitted.
Organization Writers : 2 million gold per page submitted.

The Cry of Despair welcome all newbie and avatar writers alike. If 
your passion is writing, do contact Falennt through mudmail or a tell.

Thank you in advance for your interest. 

N.B.: Staff Writer : Cry of Despair Staff, Regular Submissions required.
      Freelancer   : Article submission not on regular basis, not required  
                     to be on the Cry of Despair staff list.