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The Demon Within; Favourite Immortal - why?

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 -------------------- The Cry of Despair Feature Story --------------------

It can be said that the Immortals of the Realms of Despair do not get 
all the credit and praise they should. We are sure that most of the time 
an Immortal spends online is filled with complaints and sighs than 
'thank you' and words of praise.  
So we as the staff of the Cry of Despair are going to give the hard working 
Immortals a chance to hear some praise. We went out across the Realms and asked
the players who they had as a favorite Immortal and why.
Hayama: hmm vira prolly, just known him for ages and frienda
        mine, doesnt take things too seriously but still does his job
Kyrnia: Serina's my favorite imm cuz she's got that cool cleric power
        thing going. she's always totally friendly and she never gets
        mad, I don't know how she does it

Adric:  Bede. good builder, and i've always gotten along with him
Terra: Aphreal... Cuz Shes the only Imm I know and shes kewler than 
       all hell :)
Hawpch: Darrek
You:    and the Why part? :P'
Hawpch: beeccaaaaause... hrm he deals with alot of stuff behind the scenes 
        that noone really notices and he is an awesome supporter of the order
        and I haven't ever dealt with any other imms  *inno*

Chayla: either vira cause he's a stinky sneaky druid or bumrina cause smells 
        like dead flowers! ;)
Garrund: prolly Thoric, cuz he was giving away all those pendants..=)
Greetmir: well Lascivius for her constant equality of treatment to
          all ... her consistency ... but there are a lots of imms that 
          do a lot of work for us and I dont envy them their job'

Magiua:  kali because he killed brane for no reason =)
Moonfire:  Aphreal.  She is kind, friendly, and doesn't mind us 
             mortals insulting her.
Razfellow: Lascivias,because she is almost as devious as I. 
You:       *laughs* nice answer ;p
Razfellow: *bows* why thank ye my friend = )
Kayah: My fav imm is Blodkai, for the very reason that he puts up with 
       all the bs in this game, organizes and fixes as much as he can so
       that others can enjoy this reality. And he's lasted for a long long
       time, which tells me he doesn't have the one thing I hate myself for. 
       A quick temper. :P
GarytT: aphrael cause she's nice
Morbis: Welp, its gonna be D; i dunno; I avoid imms at all costs, they
        scare me
Fedmahn: eek!  get that mic and camera outta my face! :(
LLaura: well i really dont know that many of them but mystaric is 
        really nice, she hosted alot of pkills for our guild on a 
        regular basis. Alot of others wouldnt have done that so 
Parisul: Thoric.  He has a lost mind, and there's a reward if we find it!
Teran: Parisul because of the fun all-level quests he runs.
Sagat: Who's coding for Nephi's? ... that's yer answer

Thorpe: Kattia..she and i aved together, and she's been my best friend 
        and the friendliest imm on the mud

Xanthia: well m'lady, tis easy for me to answer that question..
         there is no question in my mind .. for there is one that 
         shines way above the others.. 
         wether it be dark or bright out..'
Ynnug:   moonbeam..heh'
Ynnug laughs.
Xanthia laughs.
Xanthia rolls on the floor laughing hysterically.
Xanthia: with all due respect to my son Jorbin, i would have to choose
         my husband's most closest allie.. Bushido
Iceith: Thats a hard one, they all are nice enough to slay me... 
        well, the ones who have slay. But I'd have to say its 
        Blodkai. He's even more mysterious as Thoric, and does a 
        lot of work behind the scenes. and even though people always 
        complain about what he does, he still keeps doing it and
        doesnt give up :)'
Eldygar: Loril.  Very nice to talk to, and friendly.
Iliana: I would have to say that out of all the Imms, even 
        though they all do a wonderful job, Darrek would be 
        my favorite.. he has a way of keeping things in 
        perspective.. that it's only a game.. and having a good 
        time with everything and making me laugh even when I'm 
        aggravated. he doesn't take all of this too seriously.
VaCh: serina cuz i'm her love slave
Jenica:  Loril and Stoneheft - lorils a cool druid -- and stoneheft
         has a funny sense of humor' -- and then all of the others 
         on the wizlist are nice or sweet 
Zistrosk: Mystaric cause she's a programmer extrodinaire

Shingo: Ranma! Cuz she was funny, an anime freak like me and
        had the best restore-all echos!'

Phred: i'd have to say darrek, but i can't say why or he'll kill me ;)

Trystlow: favorite imm would have been ayesh...he had worked with 
          me on the rumble for GoR and was always receptive to ideas.
          hated to see him step down...  does it have to be a current 
          imm? current imm..i'd sayLascivias...  she's the best for talking 
          over ideas i come up with...  doesn't do the fire from  the hip shoot
          down deal  =P then there's Aphrael...  have to give her probs 
          cause she built that awsome home for Belyan...  =P 
          hmm, maybe i could do like a top five???  hehe
          then there's stoney for just being a freak and building 
          la chute...  which has scared the bejesus outta me on several 
          i dunno; i need an editor  =P
          hmm   *gets out his lil book of PC (poliltically correctness)*
          i'd have to say that i don't have a favorite imm... they each 
          do their part to make the realm the wonderful place that it is.  
          if it wasn't for imm's, i'd still be living in that van down 
          by the river'
[Someone liked this question alot ;p ]

Dalamar: Lascivias because she was a cool deity and she
         summoned boy george to kill people
Fobertron: Probably Mystaric cuz she gives nice big chunks of glory
Vortex: anyways, Taboo, cuz he's cool, and I beat him in pool :)'
        and I didnt mean for that to rhyme.. gads that sounded lame
        so dont quote it like that, if you ever should have those
        urges, please :)
You:    too late, you are immortalized'
Vortex: *sighs* Reporters...
Dahla: Heh ;) Well, Taboo's gotta be my favourite.. because he acts 
       all mean and such, but is really a nice guy ;)
Felwyn: To give a pat on the back to those  that currently 
        serve, I would say Lady Aphrael. She has never failed to 
        give more than 100% to whatever task she is doing, and is 
        one of the kindest souls I know.
Braiden: tie between aphrael and lascivias
         because they're both fun and incredibly helpful 
         they've both given me an ear to chew before

Odessyus: Casdin would have to be my favorite imm, he's a good
          person and a great friend.'

Bacara: I'd have ta say Serina; she's nice and fair to all; and
        she puts a lot of work into her quests theyre always 
        difficult and fun she always responds when ya send her tells
Vir: I don't have a favorite imm...I respect some imms more than
     others; If I had to say what imms I respect as players, 
     leaders, and people...I'd say Kali, darrek, and Jorbin
     it's an question that requires less ambiguity
     I mean..some imms i like cuz i know them irl...some imms i know
     know from their work here...some i know and like cuz we play 
     together on their morts
     as for respect, fairness, interaction...probably Darrek 
     or Jorbin tho
Elisabet 'Aphrael is because shes so snuggly.
Breg utters the words, 'eugszr waouq'.

Belem: Bede, because he rocks.

Rosin: I dont know any of the imms, so I abstain
Tyra: Fav imm..hhmm...a tie...Gorog Cabal...they 
      taught me to play this game :>'
Kyrian: apphie cause i knew her before. . and she's real nice and stuff

Taammy: Aphrael, She did my wedding..knew her when she
        was in GoM... just always got along

Svenson Aphrael, being helled by her was an honor.

Gultar 'I like Darrek because of the funny american
        jokes he puts in his title.'
Clade: eh kali, cause he's uh cool?' and he's a cool 
       deity *shrug*'

Lainfin: Moonbeam cause she's so mean
Brane says Adonia or Serina
Brane: Adonia cuz she used to go to my school and Serina cuz
       she didn't change into a stuck up imm
Palin: Bushido; cause noone knows him an he doesn't piss me off
Farndaki: Nivek
Saraphin: vira... cuz she gives me cookies and is a good friend ;)
Teltan:  darrek, he's never mucked up a glory trade.
Kayleah: hmm...Loril...she's so sweet =)
Allivax: Rosario no hesitation'
Allivax: he was the most helpful person when i was learning game he 
         made me do things that taught me how to play  but he was good 
         to me as well as fair he never told me things made me find out 
         with some help

Breg utters the words, 'eugszr waouq'.

Thalasian: umm Edmond, cause he role plays

Drachenfeld: I'd say Calis, because I like questing and I always 
             have had good luck in his quests :)

Zoa: well... Mystaric... because she organize's many GoV pkills... 
     and Edmond for the same reason

Amoria: okay I far as people go, Thoric's my favorite 
        imm because he hasn't been an 'imm' persay like the others 
        so he's not as callous...
        He sets a good example for the way an imm should be with 
        his mentality - very patient.
        Now, as far as imms go, I would have to say Darrek and 
        Moonbeam are a tie. They're both fair to me and Moonbeam 
        has a talent for keeping it professional... Moonbeam's 
        excellent at maintaining her position. I have a huge 
        respect for her.
        And then there's Grishnakh, who's just a great friend. 
        Make no mistake... he's MY teddy bear.

CoD would like to welcome its New Staff Members!  Here are their bios
so you can get to know them better.
Name: Alendil          Class: None (paladin)
Alt(s): Jecobam [lowbie mage]
Affiliations: Guild of Paladins; Ambassador of the 3rd-Elohai Council
Race: Half-Elf [Elohai]
Online: anywhere between 5-9pm cst till midnight-4am varies
I have enjoyed writing for years, and hope to make myself a useful
member of this paper's staff in anyway I can.  I hope to make a good
impression upon all of you, and I'll let you know in advance that
although I take great pride in my work, I do enjoy constructive
criticism at _all_ times.  Hope to see you all around.

Hello! My name is Tobie Latrou Moonbeam. I've been playing on Realms for almo
4 years now.  I was a character no one wanted, a level 32 with a bad base.
Out of the rp part of my life here, my first main character was a warrior named
Kirstin. (Which I still own/play)  Kirstin was given Tobie as a "I hate this
character.. you can have him" gift from someone I didn't even know. Well, this 
being my first mage, I was very excited and spent a great deal of my time on
chat and racetalk, transporting recalls and balls of light. :P
One night I was approached by someone named Chopan.  He asked me if I had eve
considered joining an order... to which I replied, I was new here and had not
even known Orders.. their meanings or even that they existed!  After some
good conversation with him, I decided to apply to DragonSlayers. Moving forward
I'm now here and have been a member ever since.  I joined the IC Team when I
finally AV'd, and later became Head of IC (HoIC), when Chopan moved on as a
new leader for us.
DragonSlayers is forever my home and I love all my family and friends who are
there and have been there for me.
Perks of me! :
Fav's/likes :  Fun collectables from RoD/friends, renames, friends, Seth!
Nono's/dislikes :  Mean/rude people
Nicknames : Perky! , Boobies(don't ask me to explain yet :P ), Tobiemunch,
              and "Hey you"...
I look forward to gettin to know everyone on CoD meeting new people on RoD.
***Tobie L. Moonbeam***

When I was a young boy, around 17 or 18 years of age, my home was
broken into by three men.  They killed my parents and left my younger
brother, Tangarth, and I, badly beaten.  After that we had to learn to
live on our own.  I would cook, he would hunt, and we switched off
to make life a little easier.  We weren't very rich, so I traveled
to the city of DarkHaven one day, looking for a job.  They weren't
in need of cooks or hunters (which was the only thing Tangarth and I
had any experience in), so we were out of luck.  I spent all of the
gold that I had going to DarkHaven, so I had no means of going back
to my home that night.  I was forced to sit at the town plaza and
"beg" for money with the rest of the beggers.  I made enough gold to stay
at the Sleeping Dragon Inn that night--I must have been lucky to
make so much in one night, the other beggers told me, probably because
I was so young, people felt for me.  The next day i went out searching
for a job, and once again, no luck.  I found myself walking aimlessly
down an alley, where I was met by some thieves.  They saw that I was
down on my luck and told me I could try out for their guild.  I made
it in and sent a message to Tangarth the next day that we would be
moving to DarkHaven--we have been here ever since.
Hi everyone.  Just like to say that I'm very happy to be a part of
the CoD Staff.  Im currently in Order of Templars (*hoping to be
official*).  My tells are always on, so send em if yer bored :).
       --Odessyus Harthlen

I am Xantryke, an av half-elf paladin. I am currently a Co-Head 
to the GoP IC. I started this char mere days after the paladin 
class was introduced, and I started playing about a month and a 
half before that. I have two other characters: an av paladin, Pepin, 
used as a storage, and Janclanmiyut, currently only at level 2, but 
I'm gonna have him pleveled as soon as I earn enough to pay for it.
I spend most of my time on RoD late at night, like 2-5 am system time,
although I can get on during the day/evening. I plan to do as much as 
I can to help with the CoD, and am looking forward to it.
               --Xantryke X. Lothar
Name:  Elaria
Position: MS Representitive
Times Online:  Often 18:00 - 00:00 EST      (No promises though)
Length of RealTime Played:  One year
   I'm looking forward to help make the paper better where
   I can.
Enclosed ASCII Pic: .---------------------------.
                    |           .;;+i+:,.       |
                    |         ;XVttIWWWBRM;     |
                    |        XMMXVWBXtIYXBt     |
                    |       XMMMMMMXt;;iIYI     |   (Either step back
                    |      +MMMMMMXVt,YYiY:     |    from the screen
                    |     .XMMMMMRYIYYBY+B;     |    or blur your eyes)
                    |   ,+IMMMtXBMWVt;iIXI,     |
                    |   VMMMMMBtIMWVVi;tYW:     |
                    |  .RMMMMMMMMMRYYt+ttR      |
                    | .iRMMMMMMMYRMMWVt;VY      |
                    | ..VBMMMMMMXYXYXMMMM;      |
  ______ ____ _ ______ ______ ______  ___
  |    __|    | |      |      |   | | |   |__ ______ ______ ______ _______
  |___|  |______;____|_;____|_;___  | |    . |    ) |      |  \___|(_   (_`
 --- funny - bones --------- |______| |______;______;____|_;______|__)____)
Straight from the CoD Meeting!

Kuah says 'hey I have a question, in newspapers how many issues = a volume?'
You shrug in response to his question.
Thabo says '365'
Kuah says 'so its just a year thing then'
Thabo says 'but 52 for a weekly'
Elbanon says '55 issues = a volume'
Elbanon says 'cuz 55 weeks in a year'
Kuah says '55?'
Thabo says 'what planet you live on?'
You say 'i believe that'd be mars'
You say 'it's got a slightly longer year than terra does'
Elbanon says 'oops'

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+----------+     +--------+                    +-------+
|   Don't  |  NO |  Does  |     +-------+  YES |Did you|
|   mess   | +---| anyone |(----|  YOU  |(-----|  mess |
| with it! | |   | know?  |     | MORON |      |with it|
+----------+ |   +--------+     +-------+      +-------+
     |       V        | YES                          |  NO
     |    +------+    +---------+                    |
     |    | HIDE |              V                    V
     |    |  IT  |          +--------+         +-----------+
     |    +------+          |  YOU   |     YES | WILL THEY |
     |       |       +-----)|  POOR  |(--------| CATCH YOU?|
     |       |       |      |BASTARD!|         +-----------+
     |       |       |      |________|               |  NO
     |       |       |           |                   |
     |       |       |           V                   V
     |       |       |    +---------------+    +-----------+
     |       |       | NO | CAN YOU BLAME |    |DESTROY THE|
     |       |       +----| SOMEONE ELSE? |    |  EVIDENCE | 
     |       |            +---------------+    +-----------+
     |       |                   |  YES              |
     |       |                   v                   |
     |       |      ============================     |
     |       +----)||           N O            ||(---+
     +------------)||      P R O B L E M       ||

Signs You've Chosen a No Frills Airline:
* They don't sell tickets, they sell chances. 
* All the insurance machines in the terminal are sold out. 
* You cannot board the plane unless you have the exact change. 
* Before you took off, the stewardess tells you to fasten your Velcro. 
* The Captain asks all the passengers to chip in a little for gas. 
* When they pull the steps away, the plane starts rocking. 
* The Captain yells at the ground crew to get the cows off the runway. 
* No movie. Don't need one. Your life keeps flashing before your eyes. 
* You see a man with a gun, but he's demanding to be let off the plane. 
* All the planes have both a bathroom and a chapel. 

                 / \
            N---C   C==O
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           ||  ||   |
           CH   C   N--CH3
             \ / \ /            Mudder's Best Friend 
              N   C
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             CH3  O
                  Caffeine = 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine
                 1H-Purine-2,6-dione, 3,7-dihydro-1,3,7-trimethyl-

Real Quotes
The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe 
is that it has never tried to contact us.
--Calvin and Hobbes (Bill Watterson)
Accomplishing the impossible means only that the boss will add it to
your regular duties.
--Doug Larson
A cynic is just a man who found out when he was about ten that there
wasn't any Santa Claus, and he's still upset. 
--James Gould Cozzens
Once, during prohibition, I was forced to live for days on nothing 
but food and water. 
--W. C. Fields 
When the insects take over the world we hope they will remember, 
with gratitude, how we took them along on all our picnics.
--Bill Vaughn
Know thyself? If I knew myself, I'd run away. 
--Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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{}   {}  {}       {}  {}   {}      {}}}  {{{}  {}     
{}}}}}   {}}}    {}{{}}{}  {}      {} {{}} {}   {{{{{}
{}  {}   {}      {}    {}  {}      {}  {}  {}        {}
{}   {}  {}}}}}  {}    {}  {}}}}}  {}      {}   {}}}}}  
        {}      {}                  ORDER NEWS
        {}  {}  {} 
        {} {{}} {}   Arcanes News         
        {}}}  {{{}       Arcanes will not be accepting any new 
        {}      {}       Applications until further notice. Our Induction 
                         system is undergoing  a major overhaul.
          {}}}}}         Thanks for your understanding,-Zalasta GreyBorne, 
         {}              Lead Scout
               {}    Ascendere News      
          {}}}}}         Sorry no news this week.
                       Baali News   
                           The order of baali would like to welcome 
                           Terik and Earendil to the order, we are sure 
                           they will make a fine addition to the order
                           If you are interested in joining baali please 
                           contact a member of the Childer Di Sciame (CDS) 
                           for more information or type Help Baali 
Dragonslayer News    
    Dragonslayers would like to thank Mystaric for 
    sponsoring her recent group pkill quest. DS won it 
    without a loss, except for Larimant, who died like 
    a dog at Stoker's hands.
    We'd also like to give a warm Dragonslayer welcome 
    to Thabo, our newest member.

Inconnu News         
    Sorry no news this week.

MaidenStone News     
     The order of MaidenStone suffered a great loss when
       both the leader and first maiden resigned from their 
       positions.  We wish them the best of luck!
       However, it has not all been a loss for the order this 
       week. Several new maidens and warders have joined the 
       ranks of MaidenStone, including myself, Elaria Felicia.
       Maidenstone Welcomes
         Elaria, Diso, Emuyare, Lauria, Skaphia
       Maidenstone Congradulate Laisa on her Promotion to Head QM!

Ringbearers News
    Sorry no news this week.

Rol Na Feinne News    
    Sorry no news this week.

Guild of Augurers News
    Sorry no news this week.

Guild of Clerics News 
    Sorry no news this week.


Guild of Druids News  
    Sorry no news this week.

Guild of Mages News   
    The guild would like to congratulate those who won the 
    latest GoM quest as it was one which required knowledge 
    of many of the repop echos within the Realms.
    Taking first place is Tannenbaum, while Huyin and Azzie 
    take the second and third places, respectively.
    Also, Congratz to Thalasian, who recently became a full     
    fledged member of our Guild.

Guild of Nephandi News
    Sorry no news this week.

Guild of Paladins News
    Sorry no news this week.

Guild of Rangers News
    Sorry no news this week. 

Guild of Thieves News
    The guild of thieves would like to welcome the following members;
    Danthar, Grocka and Tobin. We also want to send GIANT congrats to
    members Chada and Polum for hitting that milestone, Avatar! Good luck
    to those currently questing for membership.

Guild of Vampires News
    Sorry no news this week.

Guild of Warriors News
    Sorry no news this week.


The Dwarves
    Sorry no news this week.

The Drow
    The Leader, Capercailie reports that the nation is busy and 
    there is always new news, but for now would like to share the 
    nations new web site:

The Elves
    Sorry no news this week.

The Giths
    Sorry no news this week.

The Gnomes
    Sorry no news this week.

    Sorry no news this week.

    Sorry no news this week.
    Sorry no news this week.
    Sorry no news this week.

The Halflings:
    Sorry no news this week.
The Humans:
    Moonfire, Second for the Human Nation informs that the Nation is
    still seeking new membership and soon they will accept Lord Elgin into
    their ranks. The recent Trivia Quest was successful with Juliana taking
    first place, Slyph took second and Dron came in third. Moonfire bids these
    ones to contact him for their prizes.
The Lizardmen:
   Sorry no news this week.

   Sorry no news this week.
   Sorry no news this week.
The Symposium New
Do we really need 469 socials? The Symposium wants to know which ones you 
hate and/or find confusing. (We can already guess which ones are used the 

Post a note on the Symposium board (in DH Town Hall, from DH square 
E S U S E N, or from the Archives N E N): with subject line "socials" and 
tell us:
(1) Which socials you hate and (briefly!) why
(2) Which socials you never use because you find them confusing, 
misleading, or stupid
(3) Any further comments about socials (but NOT suggestions for new ones, 
please! that's a different proposal altogether)
IMPORTANT. Please keep your comments to ONE note. If your note runs to more 
than one note, we will toss the secondary pages.
Deadline is Midnight EST Saturday, September 18. Any votes against socials
posted after that will not count.
     The Symposium

1: Co-head of The Symposium
4: Newest Order on Realms of Despair
7: Immortal with the same name backwards and forwards
2: _______ the Ancient Deep Dragon
3: Codebase Realms of Despair runs on
5: What many players suffer from on bad days
6: Another name for a level 50
Sorry if this puzzle bleeds on your term.


There are 15 immortals to find!

Your Submissions
The Demon Within - Nations Quest - 7/21
Those who know him, well know of his affliction and how it comes upon him
suddenly and with a certain cruelty. For a span of time he did not even 
know he acted strangely, and when he learned of his acts of aggression to
his kin and friends he was stricken. But this alone was not enough to save
him from the demon within for it fed eagerly and often upon his indecision
and fears.
His Chieftain, Sir Chengis quickly became aware of Brakko's possession
and tho he went to great lengths to aid his kinsman he had not the means
nor magic to bring Brakko relief. There was a certain cleric who held the
power and for a time or two was able to force the demon to retreat. But being
of infinite evilness and persistance the demon grew in power and the last
confrontation found the cleric face down in a pool of her own blood.
It has now become known that only two ways exist to drive this demon
from his host, Brakko. One is to take the life of the half-troll, and the
other is to.....
And so it began....many gathered at nations, their concern for Brakko plain 
upon their faces. Talk drifted about the small group, at first of puzzlement 
and concern but as the group enlarged, the talk became more determined. 
Until there was a fair army ready to pursue this demon to the death. Little
did they know could well be their own.

Sir Dron was chosen to lead,for he was well known as a man both level headed 
and quick of thought. The blurr of activity brought many curious to watch as
they scurried to and fro repairing armor, purchasing healing potions, trading
shield potions and scrolls until all were satisfied they could do no more to 
prepare themselves. Jhary, who lent much support but was too young to go 
stood by trying to hide his disappointment as he watched. 
A vast mixed company left the nations clearing..from Rol Na Feinne to Baali.
Vampires, mages, thieves, rangers, warriors, clerics, orcs, humans, drow,
trolls, dwarves, pixies, elves and halfs --- all put aside their differances
to fight. Those among them were: Dron, Vortex, Ubanmlyx , Lequin, Laine,
Shingo, Micala, Wavin,Torinir,Thalasian, Endrail,Tiggs, Mondain, Thorgrim,
Bacara and Mea.
They found Brakko in a land where the peacefullness belied the agony of the
one crouched there. As he held his head, blood spilled from his mouth and
they knew he was soon to die unless they acted quickly.
The trackers brought the group to Aramis Knight and before the echo of his 
taunting laughs faded he was dead. With a jubilation born of their short
sightedness they returned to Brakko expecting to find him much improved.
Their bewilderment over his continued plight soon turned to terror as Vallax 
screamed in upon the group, bringing desolation and death within seconds.
They were scattered and without direction as they tried in vain to recover
from this volatile attack. Wavin bravely lured the demon way from the pile of
corpses, nimbly keeping one step ahead as her companions strove to retrieve 
their equipment. Twas the strong voices of Thalasian and Dron that brought 
them all back together and with the careful planning of Vortex and others 
they once again leapt into battle.

As a combined force of death they met him again. The Tremere,Tantras, had 
come upon the scene and leapt into battle as well. Swords arced with deadly 
precision as spell casters flung a vast array at their target, and tho some
died again and others were forced to flee they prevailed. Vallax was broken
as a jolt of quantum spike unfurled from the hand of Laine, Tiggs followed
with a disabling hit, Dron brought to him a crushing blow as Vortex delivered
the final stroke of death.
And so it was that the nations, however fleeting, found a bond of union born
from the dire need of one. May the honor of such actions live and thrive
among us.

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