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Interview with Abalon, Leader of the Human Nation

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 -------------------- The Cry of Despair Feature Story --------------------
Interview with Abalon, Leader of the Human Nation
What does it Take to be a Leader of a whole nation in your opinion?
    To be a leader, in my opinion requires vision, integrity and the
ability to make desisions. furthermore, a leader also must have the
ability to listen to his council, and act accordingly to their
suggestions, he should not be swayed by the current vouge of thinking,
but be able to desern the correct position for the nation.
2.  What first attracted you to join the human nation?
     Well I have been in the Human nation, ever since I came to Darkhaven.
I was to start off with, just a member, whom came to the nations area to
see events that happened there.  I then joined the guild of rangers, and
because friends with Lady Jesner, whom was the leader at that time proved
my worth as a negotiator, and took the position of Ambassador to the nation
This was fine for a while, then the leadership passed to Jago.  I disagreed
with Jago on a few fundimental points, and challenged him for the
leadership, and you see me leader today.
3.  How was the process from amassabor to human nation leader for you?
    Did you ever feel threatened at any point by Jago or his followers?
     Well, I at that point was the one whom took the brunt of the human
nation issues in any case, Jago in my opinion did not forfill the role
of a Leader, being both apathetic and non caring of the role, he did not
seek to reform his council, after those whom followed Lady Jesnar had
left he was not present for a lot of the issues that affected our race from
interaction with other races.  Very seldom did he talk to me, I was still
at that point the Ambassador, twas then i made the decision that i could
do the job better.  Jesnar and his views were that of a Monarchic state
wilst that works if you have a strong character at the head, it falls when
there is none.  That is why the nation is now guided by a council, and I
form the role of head of that council and I feel it is going better.
4.  What do the roles of the councils intail?
    There are several key roles, there is a nation second, currently
Moonfire.  He is there to guide me, and also lead the nation should I
be away, or unable to do so.  There is an Ambassador, currently Jaem,
whom is the chief mediator on matters of inter-race dealings.  Jarok is
my war chief, the head of the nations armies, and the controller of the
5 generals and soldiers of the forces in times of war. There is Octaviious
whom is the Captain of the Guard, a role of internal nation peace keeping.
Laurelle and her coven, whom guide me in matters spiritual.  Last but
not least is Balmore, my scribe whom does the drafting of treaties and
such like.
5.  Tell me a bit about Abalons life around his home.
  Abalon is the son of a deadly male warrior and female druid.  he was
born in the cursed lands in hiding, for a large battle of the opposing
clans of my father , and another was in process on the night of my birth,
so i am told, a mage from the opposide clan, saught out my father and a
battle ensued.  The mage, being of great power, did slay my father, and
vented his wraith on my mother also, though I am sure she suffered before
he saw fit to kill her.  I was, thankfully for me, taken in to the town of
innys haen, in the cursed lands, by the town healer, the mage being of
devout align, could not follow, so I was spared.  Twas there that i did my 
early growing.  upon the age of my 18 th year, I was sent to Darkhaven, to 
the acadamy where I did not fit in at all, and soon was shown to be the case,
as the mistress, The..well something, I forget her name, threw me out on
the streets, at the age of 19.  I then joined a group of thieves and
vagabonds, where I was taught to fight with skill, well not the skill of
the armies, but the skill of cunning.  From there I aged and scraped a
living fighting and drinking, untill I was of an age to join the guild.
6.  Does Abalon have any plans for the Future of his nation?
    Mabey marriage to a nation leader as a symbol of peace or
    rage war on a hated foe?
  I don't think I have marriage on my mind.  well least not yet, I am
not sure I have met the right maid.
As far as the nation goes, I intend to rule in peace, but some wars cannot
be avoided, the situation in Nations is fractuous, and there are many whom
seek to oppose my lead in the fact that I am evil in my faith to that end,
the nation has armies of great strength, and would that there be those
whom seek to destroy what i have worked hard on will find the wrath of the
nation, but as we speak there are members of my coucil whom work to forge
treaties of peace with those whom have approched and made their intentions
known.  There are not many whom I personally hate, though there are some
whom are getting that way
7.  Are you able to share with us some going ons of the humans as of late?
    well that matters at the moment are the signing of the treaties.
seems all nations have been forced into a picking of sides.  there are those
whom would oppose Dalamar for his rule of the Elves, out of Baali
Micala has forged and alliance with the Half-elves and Dwarves.
there are many whom have approched the Human nation, I have to deside
there are many whom have approched the Human nation, I have to deside
what is best for the Nation, and at the moment I cannot say for I am
not fully decided myself.  Well we currently move to strengthen the Nations,
and if it can be arranged this will involve sparing  (ooc pkill *evil grin*)
there will be also quests for the whole nation, but these are to be decided
Written by
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    :   :   :        ;      /       \/|_/ | |_/\/|_/        /\||/
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      .' ,'    .::::::   ,.'    .:::.
    .' .'  ..:'     ::: .,   .;'     
Poems and Stories
I am the rider of dragons.  I am the one who would soar above
the sky, master over the greatest of beasts.  I am the one who
would ride on the wakes of dreams through the darkest of shadows
to emerge in a greater light.  I am the one who would stalk soul-
killing nightmares the the gates of hell and across rivers of
fire.  I am the one who would hold the realms of the universe
in the palm of my hand.
I am the one.
I am the rider of dragons.  I am the one who stands on the
shoulders of noble giants, bonded by a spiritual link.  I am the
one who burns the day so the night may belong to the one I serve.
I am the one who rises to the stars and beyond on wings of fire,
frost, and lightning.  I am the one who belongs to the earth,
set here for a purpose I can't possibly understand.
I am the rider.
I am the rider of dragons.  I am the one who is two, Master
and servant, king and slave.  I am the one who would join the
winged beasts in their effortless spirals around the sun, moon, 
and stars, and back to earth again. I am the one who is trapped
by my own desires in endles circle of pain and sadness, with
times of great joy to compensate.  I am the one who climbs the
tower only to fall again, who fights a glorious battle only
to be cut down by the blade of the fallen, and who dares to hold
the heart shaped candle only to be burnded by the dripping wax.
That is what it means to be the rider of dragons.
   ______ ______ ______   ______     ____ _ ______ ___    ______
  |   (__`   () |    | | |   () |_  |    | |  \___|   |__|   () |
  |______)___|\_\___   | |__     _| |____|_;______;______;    __|
  ------------- |______| -- |___| - A Cry for Help ----- |___| --
To: "An old dog with a new bone!!" 
This raises that age old question it cheating if you
are on a diff, non-married character? People feel differently about
this, and there will probably never be a resolution. However, this
is something that does need to be addressed to your mudwife, as well
as the newbie. Whether you decide to stop seeing the girl or not,
all relationships, to survive, need several things. Honesty, respect,
communication, and trust are the main stabilizers of ANY relationship,
even a friendship. In this case, however, none of this is apparent.
You are, by not telling either of the women involved about the other,
in effect, basically lying to them both. Withholding information is
just as bad as blatantly lying, and hurts just as badly. Having been
in this situation, on the other side, I know how the other two are
going to feel, once they find out...and they WILL find out. You have
a chance to salvage the situation at this crossroads, and the choice
is yours..but the choice, since it also affects them in a major way,
should be theirs as well. Honesty is always best...and remember,
behind these characters we are all human, with emotions and hearts.
Good luck to you.
  ______ ____ _ ______ ______ ______   ___
 |    __|    | |      |      |    | | |   |__ ______ ______ ______ _______
 |___|  |______;____|_;____|_;___   | |    . |    ) |      |  \___|(_   (_`
 --- funny - bones --------- |______| |______;______;____|_;______|__)____)
Funny Quotes
Shingo: oooo! stupid question quest, Please!
Cyril: If I remember correctly, Shingo, you did pretty good at those quests :P
Shingo: pretty good... not the best, there were better :P
Cyril: Viracocha always kicked my @$$ in those, I was happy when he immed :P
Funny Titles
Kithgul is trying to hide his crappy EQ.
Ivy.. I could fake it, but I'd still want more.. (Order of Baali)
Jespahad: DTs are my specialty, eq is for wimps ....
Vanleven say's "I died but hell was full" [GoW]. (Guild of Warriors)
Brimstoned      Tocchet. Scotland: Where men were men and sheep were scared.
Heretic         Vortex is the flame, that attracts the psycho chicks.
Prometheus is rolling a rubber band ball with his butt
Leala Dela Drones sets up the IV drip to her coffee pot.
Xolyphes the Manufactorer of Navel Lint. (Guild of Paladins)
Lothrimer the Man, the Myth, the Shiny is standing here.
Tharius -there's gonna have to be bloodshed- (Was used during a pkill quest)
Eminem melts in your mouth, not in your hands
Darrek seeks a woman skilled in the mysterious arts of the party girl
Funny Situations
Lanthanos counciltalks 'try flutergork, thats a good name'
Julie counciltalks 'lanthanos?'
Lanthanos  counciltalks 'yes?'
Julie counciltalks 'stop helping or i will hurt you'
Funny Traffic
Someone openly traffics:  my brain for sale, never used, still in
    original package, slightly damaged
Someone openly traffics: how much?

           ***************Quest Central**************
Blood Bath 
A sharp gust of wind rips through the streets of Darkhaven, the 
only warning for Avatars wishing to qualify for the BloodBath has
arrived, and awaits on AvChat
With that echo the avatars of the realms rushed to meet the Dark 
deity of Baali, Lascivias. Many ventured to meet the Dark Goddess 
but only 8 teams of 2 made It.  Ayesh and Fademan, Gafezyx and 
Tanmalitcien, Turancila and Zaanaly  Alovea and Edmond, Tsarok and
Volchecka, Tranzakanyuv chose to fight alone And finally Draugluin 
and Ajax. These 8 teams made it and were ready to do  Battle in the
Arena to please the dark gods from above.
The first round of the bloodbath was  indeed bloody. They all fought
Gallantly Until only 3 remained. Tanmalitcien, Tranzakanyuv, and
Gafezyx. Gafezyx  And tanmalitcien stuck together but tranzakanyuv 
was too quick for them  Eventually Gafezyx died, and only tanm and tranz
remained. The battle was long And tiresome, Tanmalitcien held out but
eventually died to Tranzaknyuv. Tranzaknyuv with no partner was able 
to survive and went on to the finals.

The results of the first round was :
Tranzakanyuv with 5 kills
Ajax with 3 kills
Xeanlanx with 2 kills
Written by

Greetings Questors and Questies,
    This is to those who applied for the SOCIAL QUEST. Our great team of
decision makers and three-headed monkeys are hard at work designating and
weeding out the winners' from the not so winners' applications. The final
decision will be made by next week's paper so that YOU may know who won. And
if it's you, wel good luck, if not, at least I know the suspense is killin ya!
-Allison of the GoC

************Limerick Quest************
Posted on the chest of a barmaid from Hell
Was tatooed all the prices of ale
Pasted on her behind
for the sake of the blind
Was precisely the same, but in braille.

That is called a limmerick, an 18th Century form of poetry
The earliest English limmerick published was 'Hickory Dickory
Dock'.  A limmerick is simply a five line poem of a certain
rhyming pattern and rhythm.  The 1st, 2nd and 5th lines rhyme with
each other, as does the 3rd and the 4th.
    The Cry of Despair is looking for the best limerick in the
realms.  If you can come up with a hilariously, witty limerick send it to any
member of the Cry's staff via mud-mail. All submissions must be
free of vulgarity and explicit content and must be received
no later than May 7th at 12 noon.

  ______ ______ ___ ___    ______  ______   ______ ______ ______
 |   () |    | |   |   |__|   _) \(_   (_  |    . |      |   _) \
 |___   ;______;___;______;______/__)____) |____|_;____|_;______/
 |______|  ______ ______ ______ ______ ______  ______
          |   () |   () |   _) \  \___|   () |(_   (
_________ |______|___|\_\______/______;___|\_\__)____) _____________
Guild Pkill Schedule
May   5th, 9pm EST Druid-Vampire    VS Cleric-Thief
May   8th, 1pm EST Nephandi-Warrior VS Mage-Paladin
May  12th, 1pm EST Nephandi-Vampire VS Mage-Warrior
May  15th, 9pm EST Ranger-Paladin   VS Augure-Thief
May  19th, 9pm EST Mage-Vampire     VS Cleric-Paladin
May  22nd, 1pm EST Ranger-Warrior   VS Thief-Druid
May  26th, 1pm EST Cleric-Mage      VS Nephandi-Augure
May  29th, 9pm EST Mage-Ranger      VS Druid-Augure
June  2nd, 9pm EST Warrior-Vampire  VS Thief-Augurer
June  5th, 1pm EST Nephandi-Paladin VS Druid-Ranger
June  9th, 1pm EST Augurer-Vampire  VS Warrior-Paladin
June 12th, 9pm EST Nephandi-Thief   VS Cleric-Ranger
June 16th, 9pm EST Cleric-Vampire   VS Nephandi-Ranger
June 19th, 1pm EST Mage-Thief       VS Druid-Paladin
June 23rd, 1pm EST Druid-Warrior    VS Cleric-Augurer

Order of Rol Na Feinne
RnF induction Policy
Hail Potential members of our Keep,
We seek new hearts to join ours in defence of Queen, castle and 
good for all. It is now necessary however, those whom wish to join 
approach us with letters from known 'roleplayers' speaking of your 
experience as a roleplayer. When you do so, a preliminary interview 
will be conducted, Not on your knowledge of these realms, but on 
yourself, To see if your heart follows our ways. Last but not least. 
One quest, assigned by the Queen, or one of the induction council.
On completion you will be asked to attend some classes run by our Lord
thuro and then your application will be processed through the induction
council and council of leaders.
Can all previous applicants please speak to myself so we can decide whom
needs to re-apply.
Best Wishes, I Hope to see you amongst us.
Always Dame Mea Krogenstar-DarkBlood
**signed with the crested blood-red rose of the vampire**
Guild of Thieves
help cry15
The Guild of Thieves would like to welcome new members Kitron
and Corgean to our Brotherhood. And wish the best of luck to those
currently questing for membership.
Also we wish to announce the guilds new Second: Belmore!
In a fierce arena battle with the Guild of Paladins, the Guild
of Thieves emerged victorious following a brief but gruesome battle.
Things got off to a bad start for the Paladins, as one of their
members fell victim to a Thief's well placed backstab.  True to their
valiant natures, the Paladins fought bravely to the last man, but were
soon overwhelmed by the incessant onslaught of the Thieves.  With the
inter-guild competition looming on the horizon, you can be sure both
Guilds are eager for a rematch!
by Carienne Manning
Guild of Paladins
Three class PK - GoD GoP GoR
Druids, Rangers, and Paladins participated in a 3 class pkill
on Friday evening.
Each team was comprised of 1 Paladin, 1 Druid, and 1 Ranger.
Memorable quotes from the evening :P
  Garvin yells "Help!  I am being attacked by Varicela!"
  Varicela yells "Help!  I am being attacked by Mecil!"
  Varicela gets carried away by the vibes and starts shakin' her rump.
  Ilsensine says "Pity about my error :P"
  Ilsensine licks Viracocha.  Ilsensine says "Imm's sure taste good! :P"
The winning team, led by Zaren included Mecil, Narlak and Garvin
  Mecil comments "You can safely say we won because of the
                  best teamwork I have ever seen, we helped 
                  each other out when people got down."
  Mecil said we "Separated only for like 20 secs in all the
  Mecil credits Zaren as a great team leader, saying 
                "That is the main reason we won without losing a 
                 single teammember"
  Varicela says "Zaren is evil. run when you see him! " 
GoP would like to introduce new members Darshanin, Belgeron, and Valky :)
Annaisse GreyBorne

   ______ ____   ______ _______ _______ ___ ______ ___ ______ ______
  |   (__`   |__|    . |(_   (_`(_   (_`   |    __|   |  \___|   _) \
  |______)______|____|_|__)____)__)____)___;___|  |___;______;______/

Pandry wants to trade you eq! All kinds of eq for every align for
trade for the right offer. If you got glory for trade, he's the
help cry17
man to go to! Seth/La Chute/SoT, its all for trade!

Please give your Congratulations to the Lady Espiritae and her love 
Magiua, they were engaged on the First of this month.
May they find eternal love and happiness in each others lives
Always Dame Mea Krogenstar-DarkBlood
**signed with the crested blood-red rose of the vampire**
Hugs and Kisses to Saraphin, the bestest of the best=)
Thanks for reading The Cry of Despair!