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Interview: Elisabet; Hired Assasins of Pelmen: Merf and Reol


Mortal Staff:
Alendil, Alerious, Alisia, Apollonia, Azrakare, Barentin,
Begaria, Conran, Dein, DekkatH, Elaria, Elbanon, Goomra,
Laine, Loril, Nimue, Nitsuj, Odessyus, Saraphin, Sarig,
Shamisen, Shingo, Thalasian
Mortal Editor: Kuah

Immortal Staff:
Elisabet, Kyrnia, Lascivias
Immortal Editor: Ayesh

Table of Contents

Desk of the Editor

Re: Elisabet (...The Sweet Assassin)

Poets Corner

Funny Bones

Quest and Contest

Merf and Reol, hired assassins of Pelmen!

Group News


Thank you for reading, from the Society of Scribes!
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Desk of the Editor By: Kuah

What's the good word? First off another thank you to Cersei for
sitting with us last issue and to all of you for the feedback on
the article. We continue the interview trend with another this
issue, the lucky immortal? An old friend of mine, Elisabet. I
think you all will rather enjoy this one.

Also want to welcome Dein and Shamisen the staff! Begaria
and his (n)ever ending quests continue, and take a look at the
Quest and Contest section, another announcement has been printed.

If you have a comment, gripe or something you want to submit
to the Cry of Despair, you can reach us the CoD public board
in the TownHall (e,s,2u,s,w,s from DH[]) or south of Quills
and Parchments on Market Street. Or you can Mudmail me or
Ayesh. As always, enjoy and thanks.

Kuah Cha'Din

Re: Elisabet By: Kuah

We had the chance to talk to Elisabet for our feature. She has
been in the spotlight with us before, back in the days when she
called the Guild of Thieves home. Now she is stealing hearts as
an immortal and this is your chance to catch up on the sweet
assassin, Elisabet.

How long have you been a part of Realms?

I've played for, oh let's see.... about a year and 8 months.

Why the name 'Elisabet'?

Well, I had a character made with my real name, until I logged on
and saw what it was like. I quickly changed it. I tried a few
others, but Elizabeth has always been one of my favorite names,
I decided to make it a bit more unique. It's fitting to me as

How have things changed from your first day to today?

Within the game not too tremendously much. The removal of Two
Rivers, the upping of mobs, locate being repair (gasp, now people
actually have to explore *grins evilly), addition of several
areas... that's about it.

How hard was the decision to ascend to immortalhood?

Extremely hard... I knew that it was something I wanted to do
sometime... it was one of my goals, but I had no idea it would
happen so fast. Once I found out that there was some interest in
me, I was extremely excited, but I didn't tell anyone, because I
wasn't entirely sure it would happen. I also thought the whole
process would take longer... I knew I wanted to do it, yet I
loved the Guild (GoT) and I loved the friendships I made within it.
I didn't want to quit IGQC, I didn't want to leave TS - so it was
hard. I went back and forth with the decision several times, and
then I figured... What the heck? Life is short. *smiles sweetly*

Is being immortal what you expected so far?

It is all that and more. I have a much greater appreciation for
this as a game now, and the incredible amount of work that goes
into it. It's incredibly spammy *laughs slightly* and that's an
understatement. I love the greater abilities I have now to run
quests, it's so much different - it also makes me think in much
broader terms. So, yes it's what I had expected, and then some.

What all have you been involved in as an immortal?

Well, I have been involved a lot in the Quest Council. I'm the
Quest representative for the Cry, a representative with Aphrael
and Kyrnia for IGQC, and one of the immortal heads of the
Olympics Council. All those keep me pretty busy. Also doing the
normal immortal administrative work.

If there is anything you miss about mortal, what is it?

Hmm... well, I miss the ability to talk to my friends and my
husband. I still can do that, but it's much more difficult,
thankfully they are all true friends and are very understanding.
I can't say I miss the days of sitting around the guild, although
I did enjoy that, I love what I'm doing now so much more. Some
days I miss the quietness of not having a million channels on, but
usually it's pretty entertaining.

What is one or some of your Favorite Realms memories?

I really have some incredible memories. It so hard to pinpoint
exactly one. I would definitely have to say some of the tag games
within the guild (Thanks Feyd, Kuah, and everyone). Becoming an
immortal of course; playing the first game of Pixie Tag with the
pixies - what a blast; The National Olympics (thanks OC members!!)
and every day something memorable happens. Yesterday I logged on
to getting attacked by a mob (snuggles Ceirana), you learn
something new everyday. I think that always makes a memory.

Do you have any goals left?

Well I'm learning to build, but I need to become much better at
it. So that is definitely a goal. Also to make harder quests
*grins*. I, of course, would like to be promoted, and a deity,
and, and, and.... Mostly, I just want to better myself, and
learn more about the things I don't know about.

Any comments to players out there?

Always... more than you want to know. Basically please remember
above all that this is a game, and is supposed to be enjoyment
for everyone. If there are things you don't like, tell us, but
don't abuse us. Immortals work as administrators and creators for
free, and many of us spend more time here than at our actual
paying jobs, so take that in to consideration. Okay, end of

Poets Corner By: CoD Staff and Submitted

The road to failure
short soft sweet and ever so
Undeniably more alluring than
Too easy to accept

Dying for another's cause
is a failure in it's own
And doing it well
will not bring you home

Pity no the fool
for it is the fool's way
to be
And being is better
than not.

by: Corcinn

Long and dark is this path
and many a pitfall resides
The twists and turns to muddle the mind
and moonlight glittering on beastly eyes
Strong of will must the traveler be
and quick must be the mind
For if but once the traveler wanes
or step may he lose, and tumble down
Then darkness his fate
and death his master
for danger lurks on every breach
The snarling of the hungered beasts
the growl that rips the soul with blinding fear
The jaws that shatter and splinter
the bones of travelers less aware
To join their fate would be quite easy
if the traveler loses this dreaded path
but if he uses his every skill
and drains his mind to it's last drop of thought
then great is the bounty of this weary trip
and glorious the stories which will be forever told.

by: Alendil DarkRaven

Funny Bones By: CoD Staff

Overheard in the markets of Darkhaven...

Taonmakan openly traffics: Yay, sold evil scales!

Taonmakan openly traffics: Now I can put my children through
DH Academy *sniff*beam*

Ask a silly question...

Joe answers 'Wildflowers! Yay! Plant Genitals!'

Funny Titles

Yargol-if yer as cool as dont need a witty title.
Nimue wants to be a Goonie!
Taonmakan is god, really...
Eras the Eater of the Sacred Dirty Carrot.
Graem Your powers are useless. I wear tin foil underwear.
Slyrpon your blood!
Jessel: Humorous stupid titles are still stupid titles.
Venumus 444 (is now 2/3's Evil).
Selunia: If I Brew It, It Will Be Quaffed.
Kagain: If I Tank It, I Will Die. =(
Gemuse Vegematic the Egyptian Kitchen Magician
Juliana will never learn to stop 'where' ing in Darkhaven.
Saraphin, sister of the Braun T-schirt of Miami
Errtu thinks the gene pool could use a little chlorine.
Michale DarkRaven puts the 'fun' back in 'funeral'.

Quest and Contest By: Quest Council

Hello fare Writers of Darkhaven!

Duke Luther is searching for some talented writers to help him
write his memoirs. His request was for all those who feel they
are up to the challenge to write a story about their life in
Darkhaven. He has given several guidelines as to how he would
like to see the story written.
First, it must use 10-15 items found within the Realms of Despair,
since most likely he has come into contact with these items as
Second, it may be no longer than 2 mud written notes (longer
stories will be discarded without being read).
Third, the stories must be related to the Realms of Despair,
since Duke Luther has not ventured out of this great land.
Fourth, he asks that the writers keep the story clean.
Finally, he would like all submissions to be mudmailed to Elisabet
(his memoir coordinator) by Midnight EST on June 28, 2000.

He will chose several writers, and their submissions will
appear in future issues of the Cry of Despair.

Merf and Reol, hired assassins of Pelmen! By: Begaria

Deep in the heart of the Vallenwood tree, a conspiracy against
Begaria, CoD writer and Mr.Happy of the rangers, is being plotted
by Pelmen, the evil Ranger of face making. Pelmen sits hard in the
meeting hall, thinking of a great plan for the demise of Begaria
Pelmen says 'I need a great plan for the demise of Begaria Minal.'
Merf flies in from the north.
Merf says 'You say something?'
Pelmen says 'Yeah, I need a plan to get rid of Begaria to make him
stop making stupid articles in which I almost always die in or get
Merf says 'Heh, well, most people who know you like to laugh at
things like that.'
Pelmen says 'Yeah, but its getting really annoying.'
Merf says 'Well, I guess I could get someone to help me take care of
him if you really want me to, I have nothing against Begaria
Merf calls for Reol and Reol walks in from the north.
Merf says 'Pel wants us to knock off Begaria.'
Reol nods his head in understanding and gets an assassin briefcase
from a fate banshee's pouch. Reol lays the briefcase on the
meeting table and opens it.
Reol says 'Alright, Pel, how do you want him to die?'
Pelmen says 'In the most grueling, hideous way ever.
Reol says 'Nah, I don't think Begaria would sit at recall talking
to Navarius for two hours, so that's out of the question.'
Reol says 'Nah, I don't think Navarius would really like to sit
for 2 hours talking to Begaria 'till he dies of boredom from
sitting at recall for that long.'
Pelmen shrugs his shoulders and says 'Okay, what else do you got?'
Reol rummages around in his briefcase and pulls out a nice, clean
sheet of paper.
Reol says 'Well, here's a new one Merf and I cooked up, we could
lead Begaria up to Zyla and push him into Zyla's lair, fire an
arrow into there, and close and lock the door behind him.'
Pelmen considers it for a moment and says 'That's pretty harsh...
but I like it! I'll give you guys somethin' reeeeealy nice for
Reol nods and puts away the paper, bundles up the briefcase and
puts it back into his pouch.
Reol says 'It shall be done at midnight tonight. Come along Merf.'
Later, around midnight at recall, Merf and Reol are sweet talking
Begaria into coming on a run with them and Pel.
Begaria says 'Yeah sure, I'd love to go on a run, need some eq to
sell anyways, I'm ready anytime.'
Pelmen grins nastily and beckons for Begaria, Merf, and Reol to
follow him. Pelmen leads the way up to Zyla's door as a storm
breaks out.
Thunder and lightning start crackle around the air and soon enough,
the lights of the 4 Rangers were soon put out.
Pelmen yells 'NOW!'
Screams and grunts rippled before that door and finally the door
opened and Merf and Reol threw the body they covered into Zyla's
lair, shot an arrow into the room, and closed and locked the door.
Merf wipes his brow with obvious relief and says 'Phew, that was
pretty close...'
Reol nods solemnly and says 'Yep, it sure was, well a good job
well done.'
Merf lights up his light and gasps.
Reol says 'What?'
Merf says 'Beh...behind you!'
Begaria walks up from the path and says 'Hey guys, what happened?
I was pushed down the road...hey....where's Pel?'
Screams and groans of pain were coming from Zyla's room.
Pelmen yells 'You IDIOTS! Ack! OoooOOO that smarts!'

Group News By: CoD Staff

This message is brought to you by your friendly
neighbourhood Guild of Nephandi........


If you're a Nephandi, level 15 or up come apply,
our application board is 4n, 3e, 2n from DH[].
And if you're not currently a nephandi, create one,
come on out and join the fun, the nephandi spirit
is a blast.
Also, we'd like to welcome our newest member,
Sarnath, into the guild. We know he'll make
a great member.


Thank you for reading, from the Society of Scribes!
Back issues are now available on the RoD Homepage