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A Life for a Life (Wight's Blade); Dear Trinda



Mortal Staff:
Alendil, Alerious, Apollonia, Azrakare, Barentin, Conran, DekkatH
Elaria, Elbanon, Goomra, Kannan, Laine, Loril, Nimue, Nitsuj,
Odessyus, Saraphin, Sarig, Shingo, Thabo, Tobie and Trinda
Mortal Editor: Kuah

Immortal Staff:
Elisabet, Kyrnia, Lascivias
Immortal Editor: Ayesh


Desk of the Editor

Poll: What do you think would make PKill work again?

A Life for a Life PART 1 (The Wight's Blade)

Pagan Pages

Dear Trinda

Realms Weather

Funny Bones

Public Submitted Works

Desk of the Editor . By: Kuah

Whats the good word? Thanks to all of you who showed interest
and thanks to those of you who submitted works. I feel we have
added some staff members who are going to make the Cry of Despair
even better. Also I would like to welcome Elisabet to the
immortal staff and I am sure she, along with the rest of the
Quest Council, will continue to use the CoD as one of many
outlets to bring challenges and quests your way.

We are into the second year of the Cry of Despair and suggestions
complaints and submissions from the public are always welcome.
You can post them on the CoD public board on the third floor of
the Town Hall. (e,s,2u,s,w,s from DarkHaven Square), or south of
Quills and Parchments on Market Street. Or Mudmail them to me or

Our feature this week is another poll question. This time we
asked your opinions on improving PKill. As always, enjoy and

Kuah Cha'Din

Poll Question . By: CoD Staff
What do you think would make PKill work again?

I don't like being snuck up on and murdered randomly... Lun

Bring back the old old clans, so everyone could be deadly or not
if they wanted too, pkill needs ppl, there are to few with too
much polarised power atm. Mecil

Pkill... hrm I think pkill is beyond repair. VaCh

Some of the more experienced players helping out the newer
players and not just spam killing them might help... Katulu

The only things that keeps me from pkilling often is that I have
to shut down my nondeadly char, which is me. NoCtUrNe

Proper HQs and EQ. Nannuki

What do you think would make PKill work again?

Ask someone else. I did one once, but I gave it up at lvl 10 or
something. There simply was no reason to play deadly. Lothrimer

Glory. Greetmir

Nothing, it's dead. Bury it. Faewba

Get rid of all clan eq. Torelle

More public pkill quests, not necessarily with glory, just more
of them so people try it out. IoStorms

Proper Attitudes. :) Edmond

Ok here's my answer: "Deadly PWipe. Brane

What do you think would make PKill work again?

To begin, I believe we need to restore the old style of player
killing. We need an artifact for each clan, along with 2 pieces
of low level clan equipment and 3 pieces of levels 35, 40 and 50.

The clans also need a Headquarters each, with guardian mobs,
shopkeeper, blacksmith, practice mob, etc. I've outlined this on
my notes 1 west of Gravoc.
Player vs player damage should be increased to 120%, the % chance
of hitting bash should be increased by 10%. Each clan should have
a theme and motto with an accompanying helpfile, as Merida does.

An immortal who was an old school pkiller should become Head of
Pkill Conclave, such as Calis(and I don't say that just because
he's my deity).  Clan Skills/spells should be introduced so that
each clan has its unique attack.
Finally, we need more people to try out pkill. Once you learn
the ropes and find the damroll equipment, you're good to go,
hours of slaughter and enjoyment. Cafezaki

What do you think would make PKill work again?

Pwipe? Nothing can fix pkill here, there is also too much of an
eq level difference. Ardeth

The major thing would be courtesy. Anonymous

Pkill is FUBAR. Don't think anything can fix it anymore, cept
maybe if they made it like it was back when Shadowcult, Dommie,
Malk, etc was around. Tical

Deleting a few chars mayhaps? Reason I quit pkilling was I got
tired of talking all the trash. Anonymous

As far as I'm concerned they can remove it all
together. Ikeusavan

I'm not an avid deadly pkiller, but I think death timers should
be fiddled with. Skaphia

What do you think would make PKill work again?

Well something that was really neat that I heard about (somewhere
else), was when you played deadly, they dropped you into an
arena, same hp/hr/dr stuff. You just got to choose race and
class and from there it was all skill. The idea was just to see
skill with same starting point. Gwvyrn

Okay, the clans should be made up of gay male couples. The ancient
Thebans had an elite group of warriors who were pairs of gay
lovers. They fought twice as fiercely as anyone else because they
were defending their husband's life, even Sparta feared them. If
RoD pkillers were gay lovers, pkill would be instantly
revitalized. Tannenbaum

I belive a more speedy combat system would bring back pkers.
Rounds are very slowed down here and don't allow for the more
skillful players to come. I think speeding up the combat for
deadlies would bring back a crowd. Also, maybe adding a loot
configuration of some sorts. People say that pk is for making
money. The purpose of this game in its entirety is to have fun,
and pk should be no more than that to most people. Daena

A Life for a Life PART 1 . By: Azrakare
(The Wight's Blade)

Every story must have a beginning, you know. Without one, how would
we start? I'm sure it wouldn't be easy. Therefor, we begin here. I
write this tale through the eyes of another. I shall do my best to
tell the story to you as he lived it so that you can learn from it
and make not the mistakes that he has. But now my introduction is
done. It is time to look through the eyes of Martin, the man who's
story this is...

My mind awoke to the rasping sound of my own shallow breathing.
Alive I was. But death was surely better than this. The sun was
setting and though I struggled to stay alive I felt myself
slipping into the darkness of death. Yet something was not right.
The pain was too real, too piercing. The wound had felled me over
half a day before, but I still lived and the pain had not yet
numbed itself as I felt it should.

Awake was my mind and it was active, yet my body would not obey
my commands. Move I could not. Speak, I could not. See, I could
not. But breathe I still did, and my heart still beat with that
monotonous rhythm that nearly drove me mad over the hours that I
laid there.

Ahh, but then the sun set. The gush of cold wind blew over my
body, bringing with it the odor of the corpses that lay fallen
next to me. And then silence. I no longer breathed, my heart no
longer beat. The pain in my side was nearly gone now and the fever
that had set in was no longer noticeable. Bliss, at last. Die I
could then do. And so my thoughts turned black. Yet my death did
not come then as I hoped it would.

Again I awoke. This time I was angry. Why could I not just die
like everyone else and get it over with?

Because you were pierced by the blade of a wight. And in you it

The words rang in my mind. No voice has spoken them, at least not
one of the mortal persuasion. I shook my head to clear my
thoughts and proceeded to take account of my surroundings. In a
clearing I was. The thick grass upon which I laid had the color
of leaves which have sat in a pile for a month rotting. Yet it
was living. Then it hit me. So was I.

No you aren't, not as you think...

Again, the voice hit me like a tree trunk. I disregarded the odd
happenings to continue my exploration. The clearing was small and
had no way out that I could see. Thick were the black thorns that
weaved an impassable barrier between the age old oaks that lined
the circle of the clearing.

Yes, no way out.

Yet this time, the voice in my head seems to have direction. I
sprang to my feet and turned. A old man sat there on a rock. I
wondered how I had missed him when I had looked around before.

You weren't looking correctly.

I was certain now that the voice in my head was coming from this
odd man. Yet his lips did not move, nor did he. In fact, his entire
body was as grey and smooth as the stone upon which he sat. But
his eyes were alive.

Violet eyes, drawing me ever closer, ever deeper into their depths.
I blinked and looked away for a moment before resting my eyes on
the man sitting before me. Dressed strangely, he was. He wore the
brown habit of a monk, a hooded one. In fact, the hood obscured his
entire face except for his eyes. I don't know how I had missed that

There are a lot of things you don't see when you do not look.

With that, I spoke, 'Who are you? Why am I here? What do you mean,
I'm not alive?'

I am who I am. You are here because I brought you here. I say you
are not alive because if you look down, you will see your corpse
laying on the ground.

Baffled, I looked down. Yep, there it was, my bloodied corpse.
I vomited.

Enough of that. I am here to give you a choice. A life for a

After clearing my mouth of the vomit (which by the way, showed no
signs of ever existing), I asked him the one thing on my mind.
'What in hell do you mean by that?'

I mean what I said. I offer you a life. In return, I will take it
from you when i see fit.

I thought for a moment. 'That doesn't sound like a very good deal
to me'.

Are you quite sure? You are cursed, young friend. The wights blade
that is still inside your mortal body had tainted your soul. You
now belong to the Necromancer who crafted the blade. Without me,
you will forever serve him as the undead and your soul will never
be freed until he dies or until the blade is no longer in your
body. And as you can now see, he will  not die any time soon nor
will anyone know how to remove the blade except for me. Your army
is crushed and yet 'he' replenishes his forces even as we speak.

I could see clearly now his intentions. He would help me because
it would help him. He would own my life yet I would be allowed to
live it. I opened my mouth to speak but he interrupted before I
could say a word.

Then it is done. Do not bother saying any more, I know your
answer. I am glad to see you have some sense in you.

For the first time, the figure moved. Quickly, the man waved his
stone grey hand at me. All went black as I felt myself return to
the pain of my body. My heart beat once again. However, my mind
could not stand any more of this odd torture, and the dreams of
the unconscious overwhelmed me...

To be continued... the next Cry of Despair.

Pagan Pages . By: Goomra

  "By the Pricking of my Thumbs, something wicked this way comes"
The ways of the world can be found in many different ways. Tea
leaves, crystal balls. Step right up, and pick a card from Goomra.

The Humans - The Knight of Wands
A robust young man, with a ruddy complexion. Energy shall be
blessed upon you, perhaps as a friend, or an amorous lover. A
change of home may also be visiting soon.

The Dwarves - The Devil, Card 15
Unyielding power, tyranny, lust and greed. An immovable object
which may lie in your way shall be overcome. Discontent looms on
the horizon, but you shall have the force to continue.

The Elves - The Three of Swords
Heartache, perhaps a painful ending of a relationship. That which
has stood in your way may be removed. Perhaps a little minor
surgery could be in the pipeline..

The Halflings - The Tower, Card 16
The breaking down of old values, or perhaps a sudden shock which
really is a blessing in disguise? Sudden disruptive change is
inevitable, but must not be feared, since you will become a better

The Pixies - The Six of Pentacles
Generosity - Money shall be put to good use. Perhaps a little aid
from someone else, charity, or a gift. Do not waste your bounty,
but instead put it to good use. Someone, perhaps, may see the
inner you..

The Half-Elves - The Moon, Card 18
Take care, for all is not as it seems. You need to use your own
intuition to deal with a deceptive situation. The path you are on
is difficult, and may well cause fear - continue along, it shall
work out.

The Half-Ogres - The Wheel of Fortune, Card 10
A 'turn for the better', the end result of past actions and the
workings of desting, which no-one can comprehend may come in to
play with you. An end to current problems and some marked strokes
of luck.

The Half-Orcs - The King of Wands
An athletic character, strong and healthy. Honorable in the old
fashioned sense, perhaps good business soon. Sexual passion will
be a dominant feature in ones life.

The Gith - The Nine of Pentacles
Comfort. Enjoyment of the comfort that money can buy. Prosperity,
good sense and financial shrewdness will be noticeable in your life.
The purchase of new equipment well help you immensely.

The Sea-Elves - The Six of Swords
Movement away from battle. Discretion is the better part of
valour! Travel in company, being with others in your situation.
Immediate problems will be solves quickly, and you shall be shown
a positive way.

The Drow - The High Priestess, Card 2
A secret is about to be revealed. This card shows a strong feminine
influence, and there shall be an incident involving a female force
soon. Mystic power, and psychic ability will be bestowed upon you.

The Lizardmen - The Fool, Card 0
Nothing can harm you, whatever you do! Take a risk, and start a
new chapter in life. Expect the unexpected. Unconventional people
may suddenly decide to enter your life..

The Gnomes - The Hermit, Card 9
Patience, caution, and experience shall be a major factor soon. A
prudent attitude is necessary, so sudden courses of action are not
very wise. Realise that there is always something new to learn..

Well, my darlings. Cross my palm with silver once more, and Goomra
shall provide..

Goomra Gralthai

Dear Trinda . By: Trinda

Dear Trinda, I am a half-troll, and an ugly one even for my race,
but I seem to have fallen for a most beautiful elf. I don't think
she will ever notice me because of my disgusting features and my
race. What should I do? Is this a hopeless cause?
-Ugly with a Crush.

Crush, first of all, never call yourself ugly. Everyone in the
realms is unique. Secondly, I can see a small problem here. The
reason she may not notice you isn't your looks. It's the fact that
you're a half-troll. There are many people in the realms who do
not approve of an inter-racial couple. Especially a couple so
different as a troll and an elf. But if it's meant to be,
nothing, especially other people can stand in your way.

Put this thought of your looks aside for now and concentrate on
finding something you share a common interest in. If you want to
get her to notice you, you could try finding something she's
interested in and perhaps getting into it. Or buy her a gift.
Being an elf myself i know a lot of elven females like pretty
objects. Get her something pretty and maybe try and have a
conversation with her. You'll realize looks have nothing to do
with love. Good Luck.

Dear Trinda, I am an elf, and a rather overweight one. I have
tried dieting programs but nothing works for me. I find myself
getting depressed often and when I'm depressed I eat and gain
more weight, getting even more overweight... it's a vicious
cycle I can not break. Please help!

Um... I'll call you "elf". Elf, being overweight is never good.
The danger it brings to your health is one thing, but the realms
these days are a dangerous place and people need to be in top
shape to survive. I can understand being overweight causes immense
depression. And I know that many people who are depressed eat to
try and shake it. Here is my advice, talk to your family members
and friends and find people who can give you moral support in your
dieting. As for the depression, when I'm depressed about things,
I head to one of the most peaceful places in the realms. I sit and
gaze at the Oaks and Poplars east of darkhaven for hours at a time.
It calms me down greatly. Try your hardest and I wish you the best
of luck. There are many friendly people in the realms who will
support you and cheer you on. Good Luck.

Realms Weather . By: Azrakare

Darkhaven Predictions
This week we will see a lot of rain. The summer months should keep
the humidity up and the sun will shine through soon enough. Be
prepared for a very hot season. Whether or not it is going to
stay that way is the will of the gods.
New Thalos Predictions
While the time may be right for hot weather, I predict a bit
of snow falling to the east in New Thalos. Be warned so that you
may avoid possible traffic hazards and abominable snow men.
Dwarven Forest Predictions
The dwarven forests will soon see a lot of rain coming that way.
Trails will be boggy and travelers should be wary of sinkholes
and man eating plants that sprout in rainy weather.
The Shire Predictions
You may want to save wearing your favorite blue pants until the
seasonal rains pass. The bright side is, it will be a great year
for pipe-weed tobacco.

Funny Bones . By: CoD Staff

Rathain's title has no blatant sexual references... see?.
Syera Treves has a vague sexual reference in her title.
Dalmar is a blatant sexual reference.

Did anyone else catch this? Thanks to Lothrimer
The GoT challenged any organization to arena, 3 vs 3 PKill. When
one response came from The Order of Dragonslayer saying that they
could not because they only slay dragons, Kali came in and 'fixed'
that. Here is what happened when you listed orders for a time:

Order           Deity         Leader          Mkills     Mdeaths

ThiefSlayer     Darrek        Dirca           838727       14814
MaidenStone     Mystaric      Gibson          482702        5900
Arcanes         Adonia        Nesett          526854        8907
Ringbearers     Viracocha     Fernagarn       1199744      18846
Inconnu         Moonbeam      Vlaad           280392        2940
Baali           Taboo         Drachenfeld     220922        2327
Rol Na Feinne   Aphrael       Kaan            118227        1557
Ascendere       Lascivias     Covellia        204028        2816

They were also known as (Order of ThiefSlayer) on 'Who'. Too funny.

Public Submitted Works
Submitted by Begaria

Being inspired by Kuah's article about the slug, Sal, I went off
to Seth's castle and walked through the maze with a shortcut I
learned from Darrek after I gave him 5 cases of beer. I went up to
Seth's door and I knocked the secret password and I heard a low
rumbling voice saying, "come in". I walked in and bow'd down to

Good evening Seth. I see your as healthy as ever.

WHAT do I owe the pleasure of this visit, mortal?

Well, I'm writing an article to see if I can get on CoD, and I
came to interview, if that's all right with you...sir?

BAH! Fine with me, I don't get much visitor's except for people
wanting me stuff. Come come, pull up a chair and we'll talk.

Thanks so much for not blasting me. Anyways, why is it the Imms
seem to think your castle needs an upgrade?

WELL you see, mortal, those other ones always fall to easily
under the pressures of battle of your kind. So the imms thought
they could use a good tune up, and in the process, they jacked
up the eq too.

Ah I see, and do you get pleasure from destroying us when we come
to challenge you?

OH my yes, I do, in fact here comes another group.

Pelmen flies in from the south.

Pelman says 'hey, Begaria, how'd you get here so quickly?'

DIE infidel!

Lord Seth ***SMITES*** Pelmen
Pelmen falls to the ground...DEAD!

HEH heh, did you see that? He didn't stand a chance.

I...noticed that.
Lord Seth scans south.

AWW nuts, there's about 20 of them, well looks like I have to get
to work, you do good on that article now.
Lord Seth transfers Begaria.


Thank you for reading, from the Society of Scribes!