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Nivek responds, Deathball, more Odessys in the Ruins

                          The Cry of Despair
Issue Number 28                                                   2.27

 Mortal Staff:
 Alerious, Apollonia, Azrakare, Barentin, Conran,
 Elaria, Elbanon, Kannan, Laine, Nimue, Nitsuj,
 Odessyus, Saraphin, Shamisen, Shingo, Thabo and
 Mortal Editor: Kuah                                  __
                                                     (  @___o
 Immortal Staff:                          *          (   ___|
 Kyrnia, Lascivias and Loril             / )   ("""""'   |
 Immortal Editor: Ayesh                 / )   (         |
                                        | )  (  \***\\ /
          ___  ___  ___                 |  "" /  )---\\
         / / `/ / \| | \                 \___(  /_    mm
         \_\_,\_\_/|_|_/                      \___))
       The Cry of Despair!

 Nivek Responds!!!                 Quest and Contest
 We took your answers from         Winners from Kyrnias 'Haiku
 last issues poll and handed       contest' and This weeks contest!
 them to Nivek!
 The Masters Part 4                What secrets do the stars hold
 The final chapter in the round    for you?
 table meeting of the GMs.
                                   Fun Stuff
 Inaugural Deathball               Fun stuff from the bards of the
 Read all about the long-awaited   Realms. Obituaries!
 inaugural Deathball match!
                                   Random Encounters
 The Ruins                         Loril, Mariangel, and a sweet
 No lost dog ads here, only the    tale of Freedom, friendship,
 latest in the realms of PKill.    dragons and love.

 Symposium News                    Group News
 Latest news from The Symposium    The latest on Guilds, Orders and
 meetings.                         Nations

                                   Submitted Works
 Nivek Responds . By: Kuah Cha'Din
 Last issue we had printed your answers to the question 'What
 changes would you like to see to Realms in the coming year?'
 This issue we handed your suggestions to Nivek and he gave us
 an immortal view on the ideas you all had. A lot was shared
 and you will find a lot of insight to the coming changes in our

 On the Order of Merchants idea...
 I have already talked to this person I am sure ;) but....
 As explained to him, adding orders takes more than just a good
 idea. It takes a lot of work before it becomes a reality. For an
 order to come into play it needs several things, first and
 foremost a good idea.

 Next there has to be a need, why does realms need this order you
 should ask yourself. The next step is to build a hq, decide on
 leaders, etc.... and then take the plan to CoE for approval.
 After all this hard work it can still be shot down, but it has a
 better chance. That being said, speaking for myself of course, I
 like a good theme for a order, and I think an Order of Merchants
 has a good beginning but a long road ahead of them.
 Nivek Responds . By: Kuah Cha'Din

 On Levelling Areas, mainly those in the range of level 35-50
 That is simple, come to us with a good idea for an area and build
 it. The problem is most builders like to build either high level
 areas or low level. That leaves us lacking in some areas, if you
 want to build and think you are good by all means find an imm, we
 can always use good builders.

 On Languages
 Languages are under review and are scheduled for a code update,
 so ideas on this subject are welcome.

 On Classes
 We continually update classes, ones that are updated the most recent
 normally are a little more powerful. We have some plans for all the
 classes and how to make them more unique, our goal isn't to make all
 the classes totally balanced but at least useful and unique.
 Nivek Responds . By: Kuah Cha'Din

 The Multi-Limit
 Multi-limit is in place because people take advantage of mobs, and
 kill them over and over again, this forces us to up mobs. The multi
 programs are in place to try and prevent the uping of mobs for
 everyone. As for new avs not able to kill mobs, that isn't true,
 join a guild or order, make friends and go out in a group.

 Mobs aren't meant to be easy, but if you know what you are doing
 all new avs can kill all of the killable mobs in the game. New avs
 normally do not have the knowledge and that is what makes them die
 easier, in time they will gain the knowledge that is just the way
 of the world. I have a rl friend that just started playing, he
 doesn't have very good stats but is able to go with a group and
 kill most mobs, Darkness, etc...

 So those that complain, just don't want to take the time to group
 and learn to kill a mob.

 Nivek Responds . By: Kuah Cha'Din

 On Pkill system and council
 Pkill is going to be totally redone, but not in the near future,
 new code will be added specifically for pkill. And I have some good
 ideas to bring it back, and make it more enjoyable for all

 More devout AV EQ, The best EQ is for neuts or evils right now...
 Evil eq has generally been more powerful, and that is partly up to
 builders. But also remember that Evil players, are affected by
 protection from evil, and this means against mobs they normally do
 1/4 less damage than good aligned players.

 If you have 100 damroll that is equivalent to 75 damroll, if you
 look at it that way it isn't really better to be evil. Especially
 in pkill where a good pkiller takes 25% less damage and does 25%
 more damage.

 Nivek Responds . By: Kuah Cha'Din

 (Stat), attribute training
 Stat attribute training is not very realistic, and I don't see it
 coming back. We are working on making stats a little more
 realistic, still based on your name. But have class and race affect
 it a little more, but stat training is a way of the past, plus
 with current eq you can basically max out the important stats

 Glory and Guild/Order Pkills
 Well when doing quests there has to be some risks are involved. We
 may bring in arenas where items can scrap, and then we may
 reinstate glory, but that remains to be seen.

 The idea for a multi-safe area to brew
 Not going to happen.

 Nivek Responds . By: Kuah Cha'Din

 What about locate? And everyone getting along
 Well locate is fixed, but we can't port code right now for several
 reasons, but when we do port the code it will be returned to

 As for getting along, that requires everyone to work on that
 doesn't it? ;)

 New spells and skills
 New spells and skills are always being worked on, and new ones will
 come in time, and I am sure they won't be the last.

 Death Traps
 DT's are all clearly marked, if you are careful you will never hit
 one, it adds a risk to the game. How many people's heart start
 beating faster when they are close to a DT? Not many things bring
 that excitement, they are here to stay.

 Nivek Responds . By: Kuah Cha'Din

 The Immortal population
 We are always looking for imms, and we are currently adding a lot
 more. While we do try to have at least one imm on at anytime,
 there are some lapses, but not many.

 A furrier shop, where you could sell hides from mobs
 I don't see it happening, but you can never tell, if there is a
 good idea to go along with it who knows.

 a dedicated bot spot... and your opinion on bots
 There will never be a dedicated place for bots, I have mixed
 emotions on bots. They can be useful but recently I think people
 really abuse the system with bots. And bots that spam Darkhaven get
 on my nerves, if you want a bot, stick it in a low traffic area.
 And make sure it doesn't break any of the laws.

 Nivek Responds . By: Kuah Cha'Din

 Nations playing a bigger role in the grand scheme of things
 We are always open to more rp schemes, bring us ideas on how to
 accomplish something like that.

 What about you, what changes would you like to see?
 There are a lot of changes I would like to see and most are in the
 works, as the famous words say, stay tuned and find out. :)

 Thank you all who took the time to answer our poll question weeks
 ago, and very special thanks to Nivek who took the time out to
 respond to many of those suggested ideas.

 The Masters Part 4 . By: Kuah Cha'Din

 The wonderful meals the cooks in the Dukes castle had prepared for
 us, had to of been the finest I had ever tasted. With full bellies
 and full glasses of wine, The meeting of the Realms known Guild
 Masters had only hours left, and I wanted even more information
 from them. Looking around at all the faces before me at this table
 I could see the wisdom in all of them. Many of them had been at
 the art of leading for years. I took another sip of my wine, and
 asked, "If you could choose, would you rather have a large guild
 or a smaller family like guild?"

 Sagat quickly answered, fast enough that it was like he was reading
 my mind, and said, "At this point our guild is small... And we are
 very close. I do like it... But we are a bit too small."
 He closed his eyes and placed the most evil grin upon his face, and
 finished with, "I prefer a close relationship with the guild."

 Then Mecil, who seemed to have had his fill of the dark tone Sagat
 was starting to put on things and quickly spoke.

 The Masters Part 4 . By: Kuah Cha'Din

 "I have the policy of accepting anyone within the guild as long as
 they behave to our rules since I think the guild is for anyone and
 no one should claim to have more right to being there, not even I"

 Mecil then sat up close to the table and continued. "Basically I just
 want people that behave to Guild and Realm law... Other then that I
 have no preferences to size."

 Elisabet spoke, "Definitely a smaller, family-like guild. We have
 just gone through a major inactivity outcasting spree, it didn't
 really affect us, because those people were inactive and weren't
 being part of the family. I think for the most part our guild is
 a large family, and we want people to feel like they are a part
 of it."

 Selina nodded to Elisabet, and added, "If people are active, a
 large membership would be ideal. But if people aren't active, I
 would rather have a smaller membership with those that do care
 about the guild."

 The Masters Part 4 . By: Kuah Cha'Din

 And last to speak on this matter, Linda finished with such simple
 words, "I would much rather have the smaller closer family." And
 she sipped her wine, and gave us all a smile.

 A long silence washed over the hall, and we all sipped our wine.
 "When you need advice, who do you, the leader, turn to?"

 Saraphin spoke first, "Viracocha gets to hear a lot about the
 problems I have to deal with, but I turn to all of my friends, and
 to the first and second of the Guild."

 Alovea spoke, "I turn to other GM's. Immortals like Edmond, who was
 once my 2nd and Kyrnia and Viracocha. And of course my other Leaders
 Orpheus and Hyde."

 Elisabet then added, "I've contacted other GM's quite a few times,
 I've talked with several past GM's of the Guild itself, and there
 are a few Imms I will console if need be. Mostly though I rely on
 my First and Second to help me make decisions when there is
 something in question."

 The Masters Part 4 . By: Kuah Cha'Din

 Then Linda said, "First my guild first and second... That is what
 they are there for. If they are not available there are a few
 others that were in those positions at one time or other.

 Sagat then added, "Usually I sit with the other leaders of the
 guild and discuss things. If that isn't good enough, then I speak
 with one of the Immortals that I know.'

 The meeting was coming to an end, and as each Leader left, they
 spoke out to the fellow leaders and to me, to relate the words
 to you the reader of the Cry of Despair.

 Saraphin said, "Let it be known that the Guild of Mages Rocks!"
 and with that she vanished.

 Alovea then said "The Augurers guild is currently rewriting our
 guide, we have a new Lead IT and are changing induction rules."
 She smiled and with that light filled the room and in a blink,
 Alovea too was gone.

 The Masters Part 4 . By: Kuah Cha'Din

 Crevan then stood and shouted as he changed into a mist form, "Tell
 your readers that if they are Vampires, to join the GoV!" And as his
 form faded before our eyes, we heard him shout, "Also, I'd like to
 say that Skaphia is the best girl around!"

 Linda and her escort stood, she smiled and said "I really can't
 think of any great words of wisdom." But to many of us, her smile
 was enough.

 Sagat then walked slowly out of the hall, and seconds later screams
 echoed out from the front of the castle. His fire-wyrm mount seen
 flying off in the distance.

 Selina and Elisabet both stood and left the hall. Mecil then stood
 said another quiet prayer, and spoke, "This Realm is what you make
 of it, if you want to have fun then join a guild get to know people.
 Some are buff, some newbieish... But all willing to share a moment
 of their lives with you."


 The Masters Part 4 . By: Kuah Cha'Din

 About these articles:
 I want to thank all the leaders who took time months ago to help me
 put this together. I also would like to let it be noted that this
 article was done before some of the changes in current leadership
 have taken place and I in no way meant to offend the new leaders of
 our Realms.

 Thanks: Elisabet, Selina, Saraphin, Sagat, Mecil, Crevan, Linda and
 Also thanks to Ceirana, who was leaving her position as leader as I
 was writing this and took the time to chat. Good luck as one of the
 Immortals of our Realms.

 Inaugural Deathball . By: Kyrnia

 Yes, folks, the long-awaited inaugural Deathball match took place
 on the Day of Thunder, Month of the Shadows with two teams of brave

 Team Kador: Kador, Akela, Zornax, Sistance, Gene, Gulad, Pirtvus,
 Namsar, and Erdos!

 Team Terasonic: Terasonic, Mecil, Tynia, Geandakin, Zanalani,
 Zaondabu, Blackstone, Ardeth, and Lyrannz!

 The object of the game, of course, was to bring the Rugby Ball to
 your team's goal, and to kill anyone that got in the way. The two
 goals (Calis and Kyrnia) were placed on opposite ends of
 the arena, and the ball placed in the middle. Then the teams were
 set loose, while the hoards of shouting spectators screamed from
 the grandstands, drunk on Guiness Ale.

 Inaugural Deathball . By: Kyrnia

 It went fast and furious, with many corpses littering the Pit of
 the Dead, tiring out the poor, overworked tourney physician. Not
 many goals were scored, the players were too busy working the
 bloodlust out of their systems. Even so, Team Kador took an
 early lead, scoring 3 goals in the first 15 minutes vs Team
 Terasonic's 1 with their star players, Kador and Gulad.

 At half time, it looked grim for Team Terasonic with the score
 at 7-3, in favor of Team Kador. The fighters breaked to
 repair their damaged equipment, stock up on potions, and bind their
 broken limbs.

 Then, after half time, there was an amazing come back from Team
 Terasonic! With Blackstone and Geandakin barrelling
 through the fray to score a fistful of goals, they pulled ahead of
 Team Kador, 7-9!

 Gulad, seeing his team's imminent victory slipping away,
 lurked in the shadows behind Team Terasonic's goal. When Team
 Terasonic came to score the game point, he snatched up the Rugby
 Ball before it could be taken by Kyrnia!

 Inaugural Deathball . By: Kyrnia

 He sprinted back through the bloodied arena toward Calis, and
 scored; then scored again when the ball was put back into play,
 making the score a nail-biting 9-9.

 Calis put the ball back at the center of the arena, and Kador
 made a quick snatch at it. Team Terasonic screamed bloody
 murder and swarmed to Kador's goal, ready to do what had been done
 to them. But it wasn't to be, Kador dropped the Rugby Ball at
 Calis' feet and Calis quickly grabbed the ball, giving the victory
 to Team Kador!

 The triumphant team walked away with their gold pouches heavier,
 and all fighters received a Deathball Trophy for participating
 in the inaugural game! Kudos to all the fighters, a more exciting
 match couldn't have been asked for :)

 The Ruins . By: Odessyus

 I woke up in the dark town this morning, with no memories of the
 night before, nor how I got to the town. I really must lay off of
 Shadowport's Cider.

 I have been hearing rumors of the immortal's pet, Balzhur,
 rampaging throughout the town, so that was the first thing I set
 off to find.

 In the town square, I found many bright, glowing parchments -no
 doubt from higher powers. Each stated that the actions of a
 certain mortal, were completely illegal- This must be why Balzhur
 is running loose out upon the town. It seems that one of the dark
 ones, with power greater than the rest, used their power to take
 one of the light and fill them with darkness, for the sole purpose
 of starting a fight. After looking over the glowing parchments, I
 noticed a clutter of normal ones, off to the side of them.

 The Ruins . By: Odessyus

 They were from the mortals, discussing the actions of the now,
 former leader. It was said by the immortals that if two inhabits
 one body, it is against the laws of the land, yet the mortals
 combated that.

 They think that if two are able to inhabit one body, then why
 should anything stop them from doing so? Only a few mortals agreed
 with the immortals, and as a result, began to get insulted from the
 ones opposing the immortals. The ones opposing the immortals soon
 realized, after many warnings and why the laws are how they are,
 began to insult once again--even insulting some immortals this

 I got bored off all of the bickering and decided to travel around
 the town once again. I came to a place where I heard some voices
 coming from. I snuck in--it was pretty easy considering the place
 was very hazy and all of the people there had their backs turned
 to me.

 The Ruins . By: Odessyus

 There was a few men on stage, shouting things about the clan,
 Merida. They were spitting things out about how they should be
 forced out of the realms. This was usual, but this time there were
 many more mortals involved. Most of them seemed to be against
 Merida, and wanting to combine powers with other clans to force
 the Merida out of the realms.

 These assemblies have been going on for quite some time now. I
 lost interest in the same old, repeated things being said and made
 my way back to Darkhaven.

 But on the way out, I noticed a new parchment at the square --One
 of a different glowing color.  I read it quickly, but it was not
 lengthy. It was a simple, and yet informative message which stated:

 Abuse something and it will get taken away.

 Symposium News . By: Shingo

 The past couple of meetings at The Symposium have been productive,
 with the ideas of the Open Forum having been taken care of.

 We've also added a few new members to the council. Jeraxle has
 been inducted as the new Guild of Nephandi Representative, Kaan
 has been inducted as the newest Rol Na Feinne Representative,
 Valodra has entered as the new Guild of Paladins Representative
 and Torinir has been entered as the new Order of Arcanes
 Representative, and Prothall is the new Ascendere Representative.

 We've discussed some new thoughts such as the mystery of watchful
 eyes from afar, and we can look forward to seeing a brand new room
 in our Town Hall. The room will include little inscriptions from
 all immortals worthy of recognition, past or present. To those
 whose ideas we liked from the Open Forum, you will see some mail
 regarding your idea.

 Keep reading this section for continual updates about the
 evolution of Realms.

 Quest and Contest . By: Kyrnia

                         -  H A I K U   -

Winner, Xanerlyxi:                 Runner-ups:
Sky of midnight black.             The lag monster comes
Earth shakes with Ferocity.        From the depths of hell to sap
Realms will still be here.         Our experience
                                     - Redric
A tree fell onto                   Fear comes to those who
The holy grove's Heirophant        Wander through Haon Dor at night
Tough luck you old coot            As death will take thee
 - Lokot                            - Leaman
Tree of life was good              Like the blowing wind
Now it kills my avatars            The blade of justice will strike
Tree of life is bad                Those who are not pure
 - Enzzo                            - Namsar
Weeping Dragons Cry                Mount Doom looms darkly
On an endless mountain top         Oily moat churns with menace
Far away from hope.                Trolls rage defiant
 - Ubandon                           - Mammon

 Quest and Contest . By: Kyrnia

 There were no jokes submitted that made Duke Luther laugh. So the
 prize of Twenty Million Gold will be made into a donation for the
 Dwarven Daycare. Thanks to those of you who submitted jokes that
 would make the sailors in port of Ocean Keep blush, and also
 thanks to those who find humor on other planes. It was not a hard
 request, but so much for easy money.

 This Issues Contest!

 The Captain of the DarkHaven Guard has asked us to make a request
 to all of you. It is a simple request to settle wagers between
 members of his patrol. He asks that we ask you, the greatest and
 wisest of all the Realms, 'What creature is the easiest to kill
 and why is it this creature?'. We realize opinions will differ,
 that is why the prize will be given to the most creative.
 Deadline for submissions: March 8th
 Submissions can be posted e,s,u,u,s,w,s from DarkHaven Square,
 and on the note board south of Quills and Parchments on Market St.

 Horoscopes . By: Shamisen

 Predictions and Readings for the Month of Spring, this week divined
 and interpreted by Flapping Eagle, son of Little Bear, Shaman of
 the Northern Plains:

 The spirits have been restless. The whispering of the night wind
 and the cry of the coyote herald great changes to be visited upon
 these Realms. Last night, I dreamt of a great herd of buffalo.
 Takanaluk, the Keeper, thus ensured me that it will be a good
 hunting season. Harvest will grow plentiful if the wind changes. I
 will dance the Sun Gazing Dance then, and the spirits will be
 pleased and leave our people in peace.

 Instructions for this Month
 From the Farming Calendar of Thomas Tusser
 "Go plow in the stubble, take timely this season for sowing of
 vetches of beans and of peasons. Now sooner ye sow them the sooner
 they come, and better for household they fill up a room."

 Horoscopes . By: Shamisen

 Day of the Moon
 The start of a new week is upon you. Make plans, clean out your
 container, visit your local apothecary for some healing potions,
 and if you've got any gold left to your name, get your weapons and
 armor in top shape. Great deeds await...

 Day of the Bull
 A hearty slap on the back from the hand of Destiny today. Don't get
 into any fights you feel you may not be able to handle. A Grey
 Mountain Troll disguised as a crossdressing midget will attempt to
 steal any quills you may have. It's safest not to carry any.

 Day of Deception
 An insane mage once proposed that Orcs are descended from Elves.
 This does not concern you in the least, and is only written here to
 distract you from more meaningful thoughts you may or may not have.
 A perfect day to buy a new toothbrush.

 Day of Thunder
 Watch out for dragons hiding in your ale mug. Not a good day to do
 any adventuring, today will be best spent sitting by a fire and
 reminiscing about the past. If this becomes too depressing, try
 quaffing a Quantum Spike potion. You won't remember a thing...

 Horoscopes . By: Shamisen

 Day of Freedom
 Time to go out questing, once again. If you are undecided where to
 go, direct your steps toward Dragon Exports. One bag of zombie
 candy later, you will no longer have to make these difficult
 decisions. Will you find the fabled Lost City? Or merely transport
 yourself across the street? Only time may tell...

 Day of the Great Gods
 Every loyal Darkhaven Citizen sets aside one day of the month to
 honor the Gods. A pilgrimage to your deity's altar in the Realm of
 Worship may be in order. Make sure it is within visiting hours
 however, or the guard will be less than pleased.

 Day of the Sun
 The end of the week is here, a time to relax, lick your wounds and
 reflect upon the week's events. To immortalize your victories, we
 suggest having your kills stuffed and mounted. Surprise and amaze
 your loved ones with the gift of a dead stuffed monster today!

 Fun Stuff . By: Shamisen, Odessyus, Laine, Shingo, Lascivias

 Funny Titles
 Kerrazze.  Run away the old people are coming!:.     .
 Korrazze.    o             o|)  ( o             (o)  .
 Kirrazze.  |#-)-|====-   |/=|   |/-+---         /    .
 Kyrrazze.  (*))          (*))   (*))           /)    .
 Lady Nesett GreyBorne is Config +Nocomment.
 Mordrith, Lord of the Riverdance.
 Laryssa the Monkey says, "Spank me!"
 Feist the Superstitious.
 Nuitari, fear pop culture.
 Gendrel ThIs Is YoUr BrAiN oN mUd!.
 Geredanile wants a prosthetic forehead on his real head.
 Frank is soaking up the evil with a patented EVIL SPONGE.
 Joroth What is it about me that makes me unforgetable.
 Rannackan(- Stood against the world in the arena and got out alive
             with a t-shirt that says: I'm better than you are!.
 Lydia over here...over there...nothing like being a mage.
 Mino: Don't ask me to feel your bum, i'll refuse.

 Fun Stuff . By: Shamisen, Odessyus, Laine, Shingo, Lascivias

 Funny Titles
 Sintram wishes daddy wouldn't drink so much....
 Khardra-if I were a unicellular being,I'd be a "Hoetozoa".
 Shargate fingerpaints better than certain people converse..
 Cyxx full time guardian, part time licker.
 Braener has the Holy Hand grenade of Antioch.
 Garrund Ravenyze, Low on hope, High on Dope.
 Jacylon sees with eyes hears with ears drinks with buddies.
 Fanerlyxi will introduce you to barely scratches damage.
 Elwin:Candy is Dandy , but Sex Dont Rot Your Teeth.
 Arthon is full of grease paint and monkey brains.

 Overheard in a tavern, Taonmakan breaks into song: 'Xorn, we had
 a meeting. Men are outcasting you from the gender. Congratz on
 being an IT!'

 Overheard in traffic: Venumus "Garndakin took my house sold my kids
 as slaves and has me chained overseeing brew clerics."
 Mordrith "Tired of those pesky pixies you have collecting dust?
 Get a better better bang for your dust! send a tell to me!"

 Fun Stuff . By: Shamisen, Odessyus, Laine, Shingo, Lascivias


 Novice Mage Breyus
 Played with fire, and got burned.  Badly.

 Citizen Krenns
 Drank a pirate's  Red-Rum  which led to his  murder.

 Citizen MacNeil
 Gravedigging was his profession, until he unearthed a zombie's
 grave, which dug MacNeil's grave for him.

 Drunkard Gaffee
 10 bottles of beer, 10 bottles of rum, died when he drank acetum.

 Adventurer Willard
 Mistaken by a dragon for dinner...  we only found his head.

 Fun Stuff . By: Shamisen, Odessyus, Laine, Shingo, Lascivias


 Sir Lothar Quickblade - One half of an adventurous duo that set
 out to slay Zyla the dragon. His last words: 'Sanctuary? We don't
 need no stinkin' sanctuary..'

 Sir Galahad the Brave - The other half of the duo, heard remarking
 that potions are for wimps...

 Voser the Apprentice - Lost at cards to a Troll, and proceeded to
 make comments about its questionable parentage. His sense of humour
 was not appreciated.

 Roland Fleetfoot the Ranger - Went exploring the Great Natural Gas
 Caverns of Moria by torchlight. He shall be sorely missed.

 Random Encounters . By: Loril

 I've lived many centuries in these Realms and during that time I've
 had the good fortune of meeting many strange, fascinating and
 wonderful people. I'd like to share with you some of their stories
 and, when possible, interview them for the CoD.

 Last issue we talked with Littera, a librarian who's driving
 passion is to prove to us that all we seek to know can be found in
 the written word. Today I invite you to sit with me on my Cloud -
 the perfect location to explore with Mariangel the ethereal
 matters of Fate.

 I asked Mariangel to tell us something of her adventures.
 'I think the best adventure in this world is that of discovering

 'Tell me how that is so'
 'Well when you come in this world you know no one. You go through
 the Academy training and meet people there. But many times those
 friendships don't work out because you are sort of caught together
 in there.'

 Random Encounters . By: Loril

 I pondered this for a moment then asked, 'Can you explain a bit
 for me?'
 'Friendships created in the Academy are usually through necessity
 but friendships created once you have left the Academy are created
 by choice. You choose who you want to be with. However, Fate plays
 a big hand in who your friends are'

 'You're very insightful. Is this a family trait?' It was only a
 moment before I realised that she couldn't know the answer to this...
 'I'm not sure since I never knew my father and my mother has been
 gone a long time.

 'I am half-elf so did not belong anywhere'

 'Why is that, Mariangel?'
 'The elves of my village outcast us because my mother loved a
 human. So I wandered a long time in this world, exploring, growing,
 learning how to survive by my wits.'

 'My mother gave birth to me in a cave in the Pixie forest. It is
 rather ugly I'm sorry to say. So as you see my childhood was one
 of pain and ugliness.'

 Random Encounters . By: Loril

 I noted gazing upon this lovely woman, poised and calm, that she
 hadn't let that sour her in any way.
 'How long were you in that cave?'
 'I left the cave when I was 2 if I'm not mistaken. My mother pined
 away for her love and I was left to my own devices. She was a
 lovely lady as I remember her.'

 My soul cried out for the mother, dead of a broken heart and the
 child, alone and forsaken. I gave her an impulsive hug.
 Mariangel says 'We managed, my friend, and I learned to survive by
 my wits. It is why I chose the career of a Ranger'

 Collecting myself, abashed that I'd lost control while the poised
 woman before me, the one who had been that forlorn child
 maintained perspective.
 'So, when you were 2 years old, you were alone in the world?'

 'Yes I was. But a friend came along. He helped me with equipment
 and gave me advice on who to fight and not to fight. I considered
 him my mentor for many years'

 Random Encounters . By: Loril

 Glad that the conversation had taken a happier tone, I relaxed,
 smiling inwardly at the silliness of crying for the child she had
 been when I already knew this story had a happy ending. I nodded
 for her to continue.

 'As I neared Avatar the mentoring turned into a very important
 friendship for me. So now we are good friends and he still takes
 time to teach me things I do not know about yet' The dear lady
 went on with much warmth, '...the patience and understanding Eldy
 has for his friends...'

 'You may know him. His name is Eldygar. He is a very special friend
 and mentor. Over the years Eldy's advice has been invaluable to me.'

 I acknowledged that yes, I have that pleasure and begged her to go
 on, 'Is there an adventure you'd like to share with our readers?'

 Mariangel says 'Well the one that stands out the most in my mind
 involved was funny though I was merely a bystander' Mariangel grins,
 'Well one day we were out in the Blasted Lands looking for
 equipment. A certain locksmith friend of ours was with us. On the
 way back Eldy decides to show me a way of getting back to Darkhaven.
 Since I'm of evil align I cannot use Isis'

 Random Encounters . By: Loril

 'So he showed me Bahamut. He also knows my great love for dragons.
 well our friend's curiosity got the best of him when he noticed
 Bahamut was carrying the Dragon's orb.'

 I stare at the sky.

 Mariangel nods, 'He tried to steal it! Let's just say we waited
 for him to come back from doing a cr.' Mariangel laughs out loud
 then grins, 'His only comment was said (in a very serious tone of
 voice), "It seems Bahamut doesn't like people stealing from him"
 and then he grinned'

 We both rolled around my Cloud laughing hysterically for some time
 as the  mental image conjured by this story hit us again and again.
 Regaining some measure of composure, I said, 'Tell me about your
 love for dragons'

 'Oh my. Well one day I stumbled into a place filled with them while
 I was exploring' I watched Mariangel remembering that day well
 and smiling to herself.'

 Random Encounters . By: Loril

 'Weren't you afraid?', I asked.

 'Actually no. I was in total awe of them. They represented total
 freedom. Something I always seek. I find their freedom of movement
 an inspiration to me. That such huge beasts can move in the sky
 with such grace and abandon never ceases to amaze me. As a person
 walking amongst the people of this world you never seem to be
 quite free. There are ties and responsibilities you have to others.
 Things you must do. The dragons seem to have no notion of such
 things. Their enjoyment of life is pure and unfettered'

 Mariangel goes on, 'To have such freedom is something I long for
 at times but then I remember the people I know and the longing
 passes for I am happy here.'

 I say (already knowing something of the answer to come),
 'Friendship, freedom, dragons... and love?'

 Mariangel says 'Yes Lori ... and love. I never thought I would
 meet a kindred spirit in my travels but I did. You know since you
 married us recently.'

 Random Encounters . By: Loril

 I nod, smiling, and gently nudge her, 'How does your love fit into
 this life? This life with the theme: Freedom, friendship, dragons
 and love' and watch as Mariangel sighs happily thinking of

 'It was in the strangest place one could think of ... the cemetery
 south west of Darkhaven. I was standing there wondering where the
 zombies where hiding and he came in and bowed to me and said, "May
 I help thee M'lady". He was very polite and I think he had been
 watching me for a while. Love from afar, let's say'

 'So I explained what i was doing and he asked me if I wanted to
 join him looking for them and we've been together ever since. We
 have fought side by side, healed each other, fed each other, kept
 each other from harm ever since.'

 'It was funny because we did it at the same time ... we both went
 down on bended knee and proposed at the same time then gasped and
 laughed.. and then said yes to each other. It was totally
 unplanned. When the proposal came we were on the shores of
 Crystalmir Lake.'

 Random Encounters . By: Loril

 I noted that this must be why I see them there together so often.
 Mariangel smiles happily, 'We've moved since to a quiet, private
 place on the cliffs. There are shops nearby and occasionally close
 friends visit.'

 I say, 'Friendship, freedom, dragons and love'

 Mariangel says, 'Fate had a very large hand in how my life was
 shaped till now I don't think luck has anything to do with what
 happens in your life but I do think Lachesis and her sisters do.'

 'Lachesis?', I ponder

 Mariangel says 'It is something I have gathered from far reaches
 outside of this world. There are special areas here that give you
 contact to other worlds. You can call her Fate for the readers of
 COD though.'

 I ponder again, 'Freedom, friendship, dragons and love'

 Random Encounters . By: Loril

 Mariangel says 'These are the things I love the most in this world,
 the things I value above all else. I would gladly lay my life down
 for my love, my friends my freedom and my dragons. Over the years
 I have learned that only those things really matter'

 Mariangel says 'nothing else does'

 Andacanavar and Mariangel Joined hands forever on The day of the
 Sun, 14th month of the Moon (13/02/00)  To Love and to Cherish in
 the great circle of life. To battle beside each other, to heal
 each other. To always be there for each other.


 Group News . By: Staff

 Elven Nation News
 From a decrepit stone tower in Barrik's keep, Morndruth the
 Necromancer kept a small village of elves in fear for several
 generations.  While on a diplomatic mission to the these elves,
 located in the forests near Torlynn, the Elven Queen Tuanally went
 missing.  It was discovered that Morndruth was responsible for her
 abduction.  Using information from the doomed Drow scouting mission
 and the near disastrous foray by a lone maverick spy, Kaan
 Wildheart and myself managed to fight our way to Morndruth's tower,
 only to be beaten at his door. Later a valiant group of adventurers
 assaulted the tower and rescued the elven Queen from the hands of
 the aged and decaying lich.

 The Elven Nation wish to formally acknowledge the assistance of the
 Drow. The deaths of their scouts were not in vain.  This assistance,
 coming so soon after the recent Elf-Drow war, shows promise for
 future relations between our two people.

 General of the Elves

 Group News . By: Staff

 Human Nation
 The Human Nation is seeking recruits.  Do ye feel the need to
 join the ranks of your own, Humans?  Contact Lord Moonfire and he
 will train and recruit you into the Human Nation.

 Order of MaidenStone
 All women of the Realms seeking admittance into MaidenStone should
 approach a Maiden with the rank of Quest Mistress [QM] for an

 If you would like to know why your Guild, Order or Nation has no
 news, contact one of your leaders and find out who your Rep. is,
 or better yet, request that the rep be you!

 Group News . By: Staff

                 |>>>   GUILD OF WARRIORS    |>>>
                 |                           |
             _  _|_  _                   _  _|_  _
            | |_| |_| |                 | |_| |_| |
            \  .      /                 \ .    .  /
Leaders:     \    ,  /                   \    .  /  Honor above
Selina        | .   |_   _   _   _   _   _| ,   |    everything,
Chantria      |    .| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |  .  |   Brotherhood
Simone        | ,   | .    .     .      . |    .|     always.
              |   . |  .     . .   .  ,   |.    |
     ___----__| .   |.   ,  _______   .   |   , |----__
_----         |     |  .   /+++++++\    . | .   |      --_
              |.    | .    |+++++++| .    |   . |         --_
             _|   . |   ,  |+++++++|.  . _|__   |            --
     ____--`- '----__ .    |++++ __|-----    -`---,           _-_
-----                ----__|,---'                  ------__--'

 After an extremely close race, The Guild of Warriors has elected
 Simone as their new guild Second-in-Command, and has started his
 regime by opening up the Run Council and Quest Council positions
 to which he has already received a response.  Each of the two of
 these positions will be filled through trials.
 Group News . By: Staff

 Guild of Warriors continued...
 Simone will also be taking charge of the Guild Web Page.  As well,
 Kip will be the new Head of the IT, while Kip and Thargof join the
 ranks of the CoW.
 Vir has been enlisted as a run mentor to the Guild members and he
 has lead a learning run to with Abattoir.  The Warriors thank Vir
 for his help.

 Submitted Works News . By: Submitted

 Goomra's Will
 The Final Will and Testament of Goomra Gralthai.
 The time finally came. People had been waiting for days, weeks,
 years for the final curtain to finally fall on me. And it shall
 happen soon. The time is right. I have grown up around the realm,
 lived, made friends and enemies, and lead a Nation. But now, it
 appears, my time has come to depart from this world and move on
 to the next.

 If you are reading this, it probably means I am already dead.
 I lived a full life. I imagine rumours to be travelling around
 the realm as you read this. I imagine you have heard about the
 burning of my wedding. I fell no remorse. I shall feel no remorse
 for Iliana, leader of the Baali when I slay her. I must prove
 myself. But I digress.

 What I have learned is that I shall never be defeated. No mortal
 shall ever pierce my heart. I fear that divine intervention may
 become apparent, however.

 Submitted Works News . By: Submitted

 Iliana is coming - I must finish quickly. Nations is for everyone.
 This is the one thing that I did not agree with in our precious

 I fear that if people start acting as if they own the politics of
 the land, people will lose their freedom of speech. Perhaps this
 may be why I am not fighting my future. I am tired of the
 quarrelling, of the dictatorship that some Leaders have. I bid
 you all, that you should never let your freedom of speech or
 ideas go!

 Your part in Nations, be you young, old, fat, thin, stupid, wise,
 is just as valid as any Nation Leader's of any apparent 'elder'
 of the Nation. Do not let yourself fall into obscurity solely for
 the reason that you are being told to. Let Nations flourish and
 not die.

 *signed Goomra Gralthai*

 Submitted Works News . By: Submitted

 Meral's Scary Mob Story/poem

 Meral is in MaidenStone and is not easily scared,
 But one girl mob makes her flee -running everywhere.
 Its funny that this single mob scares Meral like she can.
 But this single mob scares her more than any macho man.

 What could make her feel such fear?  What could make her so afraid?
 Child trauma did the job... in Meral's newbie days.
 It happened very long ago when Meral was a lass.
 She was a happy innocent girl... till meeting the Queen Asp!

 Meral, killing wolves and slugs was happy as can be...
 Her friends, however, left her alone... to seek better E X P.
 Boring, crowded, and ugly too, the battlegrounds were really lame...
 Until two friends came back to her... crying out her name.


 Submitted Works News . By: Submitted

 "Meral, Meral, we need your help" one cried as she blew her nose.
 "Okay, Okay, i'll help you out... but where are all your clothes?!?"
 Their constant cries came louder, their tears were falling fast.
 "We went to fight the Naga Queen... but she totally kicked our @$$!"

 "I'll follow you" Meral softly said and started giggling some.
 She had giggled the entire way cuz she had seen their naked bums.
 They soon arrived at the naga hole, Meral, ready for a fight.
 "Wait" Meral said as she turned on CHAT "can someone trans a light?"

 She entered the scary cavern alone ... killed a naga troubledly.
 "I hope they don't get worse than, that... or it'll be the end of me."
 She stopped and cast armor on herself outside the Naga den.
 She psyched herself up, ready for blood screaming
 "This ones for my friends!"

 The fight was quick and brutal... it ended lightning fast...
 with Merals eq and beautiful corpse... lying with the rest.
 next thing she knew she was at Notre Dame being healed by Sonoria
 Sitting there in her birthday suit she started crying WAAAAAAHHHH!!!!


 Submitted Works News . By: Submitted

 Twenty-one corpses later... each person dead seven times...
 The most terrible thing to happen occurred... it was reboot time!
 Well, way back then, Meral made the mistake of forgetting to type "save"
 Meral fainted when she heard the news... and never was the same.

 Eventually she recovered... and joined a therapy group.
 But every time she sees the queen... in her pants she'll poop! =(
 So that is Meral's scary mob... hope you enjoyed the tale.
 So If you want to scare her call the Queen.  It'll never fail!


 Note: This poem was written by Meral looooong time ago.
 She has since outcasted from MaidenStone because of loss of ISP.
 hope that doesn't bother the girls of MS. Some of them still
 remember me.  -Meral

               Thank you from the Society of Scribes!
      ___  ___   __  ___  ____  ___  ___ ___ ___  ___   _  ___
     / / `| |_)\/ / / / \| |_  | | \| |_( ( | |_)/ /_\ | || |_)
     \_\_,|_| \/_/  \_\_/|_|   |_|_/|_|__)_)|_| /_/   \|_||_| \