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Opinion: New Deadly Clans; Players take their treasures to the beach

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  CoD Issue 74                          ||                      Aug 2003
Table of Contents |
                  | Desk Of The Editor
                  | CoD Feature: New Deadly Clans - General Views
                  | News From Around The Realms - IGQC - July
                  |                             - IOQC - July
                  |                             - The Symposium: July
                  |                             - Guild/Order News
                  | Rants From The Ethereal? - Channel Cops
                  | Stories From a Beach Vacation
                  | The CoD Quest
                  | From the Quill of Alysira
  Editor: Juliana                             Immortal Sponsor: Alysira
  Staff: Angelea, Ganemanoimu, Khaimran, Qaulorn, Severin, Simone, Wiglaff
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  Desk of the Editor                                       by Juliana


This month, we bring you a follow-up on the new deadly clans. Our intrepid
reporter Angelea asks a number of deadly players their views on the changes.

Also, I'd like to welcome back a familiar face to our staff. I'm sure a
number of our readers will be pleased to see Ganemanoimu and his opinions
back in Cry once more. :)

We're in the process of shifting forward deadlines, so this issue is a tide
shorter than usual. Don't worry, next month, we'll be back with more good
stuff and hopefully, an earlier publishing date.

As usual, we welcome public submissions from anyone who feels they have
something to share. Any feedback is also greatly appreciated.

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  Canvassing the General Population - New Deadly Clans        by Angelea


Angelea:    What do you think of the new clans?

Soerceve:   I'm fairly pleased so far.

Quefequami: I think they're all great. i enjoy the new clan that comes with

Gamakai:    Well, I think the new clans are still very young... Leadership is
             very unstable and constantly changing as people are adjusting....
             They are definitely different from the Clans of old. I'm used to
             having clans with a strong leadership base. A big difference is
             the fact that there are no alliances anymore, it used to be all
             vs Tremere.

Faceripper: They are like the old clans that were just replaced.

Angelea:    Do you like the new deadly only areas and equipment found in

Soerceve:   Indeed! The new deadly areas are fantastic. They are really
             detailed, some great new equipment, lots of opportunities for
             running. I'm quite pleased with that part a lot of work and
             creativity was put into those. We owe a lot to Moonbeam and Kali.

Quefequami: I can remember when deadlies would kill each other while running
             stuff. None of the nasty possible things happen on runs like
             burying corpses or anything now. But mostly people run with their
             own clanmates. Chimera, Azazel, Laughing god, those mobs are
             still a mystery.

Gamakai:    Yes, its a nice feature that RoD's needed for a long time. Pk in
             RoD has always been lacking, and I think it's incentives like
             that that make it much more enjoyable for deadlies. The mobs are
             fairly easy to get to and offer good equipment to get new
             deadlies into the fray, as well as buff up better deadlies. For
             instance, we ran a mob today that gave me a piece of eq that is
             comparable to a shroud/cloak of death combo and the violent death
             weapon is basically the same as a dfb.

Faceripper: I was sort of hoping for like, areas I haven't seen before. I
             have seen these 'new areas' before. I can't tell you where, it's
             a secret!

Angelea:    Do you feel that these changes have helped the deadly population
             in general?

Soerceve:   Oh yeah, if you saw the 'who deadly' list the day new clans came
             in, you'd be shocked. Several peacefuls have developed an
             interest in joining pk. I've seen a lot of trafficking for deadly
             characters. So many have got involved in building the new 
             clans, areas and equipment. Excordis is fairly small still, but
             Maleficae and Catarrh are nice sizes. I joined to recruit more
             and build up this clan, I want to keep pk alive.

             I think it's important that people pk fairly and maintain an
             image of respect. People often have a negative image of pkers
             which is perpetuated by things like trashtalk over the avatar
             channel. Not all pkers are mean!

             People seem to think of us as a different breed, like, not part
             of the realms community. We aren't roleplayers, we generally
             don't do runs, we don't join guilds or orders so in a lot of
             ways, we do miss out on a big part of RoD. I personally devote
             most of my energy to pk because I'd like to see it grow and
             flourish as a community and gain more respect because we do have
             some tremendously talented players here and I think through new
             pk areas with mobs to run, we're being given an alternative to
             orders and the way they organize runs.

Quefequami: The new deadly areas have helped to foster a degree of

Gamakai:    Yes i do, I think it adds a new twist and new flavor to the game.
             For instance, one of my old friends (Odessyus, I assume you know
             him), is making a deadly now just to check out the new areas and
             eq, etc. I'd say the new areas and equipment is helping some, but
             these areas are still fairly new and need more exploring. There's
             not enough equipment that *I*  personally have seen to make a
             good bridge between the high dr/hp and low dr/hp pkers. They're
             still tweaking the mobs too. There's been talk about making some
             of the mobs have a higher economy for deadly gold mining. I've
             only really been to 2 of the 13 or so areas so far. Things are
             still new, but it provides room for expansion and hope.

             I would say that people are a lot nicer nowadays. I said I
             needed eq, went to town, they called off fighting, and equipped
             me up in seconds. Only reason I'm in Vodikem is because I'm still
             getting my footing on pking again, and the noloot part of the
             clan protects until I feel I'm ready to move on. But the 1600hp
             and 110dr cap is annoying. If you go over either of those, you're
             auto-outcasted. Its intent is to start newbies out, then they
             move on when they reach a point.

Faceripper: Yes! It is slowly moving towards a more interesting place.

             Slowly... But moving...

           ____ ____ ____ _    _  _ ____    _  _ ____ _ _ _ ____
           |__/ |___ |__| |    |\/| [__     |\ | |___ | | | [__
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  IGQC Report - July                                      by Wiglaff


The Guild of Rangers devised July's Interguild quest.
Each guild recieved the following letter

Dear Guild,
I must write in haste, even as you read this, demons are overrunning the
tower. We are doing our best to contain them, but where ever these demons
come from there seems to be an endless supply! The only means to send them
back to their plane has been scattered across the Realms. We desperately
need your help adventurers, the Book of Ten Shadows must be returned!
Yours in haste,
Kemal Rynjeerta, Tower Security

There were 5 mixed teams of 6 or 7, each team had to solve riddles and
naturally some bloodshed; Everyone said I spoke to said they had fun!

           ____ ____ ____ _    _  _ ____    _  _ ____ _ _ _ ____
           |__/ |___ |__| |    |\/| [__     |\ | |___ | | | [__
===========|  \ |___ |  | |___ |  | ___]    | \| |___ |_|_| ___|========

  IOQC Report - July                                      by Wiglaff


July's quest was hosted by Ringbearers

Many years ago, an novitiate member of Ringbearers Jahlenga was cast out from
within the order having sought power instead of the harmony of Truth,
Knowledge and Honour. Her life was spared but she was banished...

Over long and bitter years she drew power to herself, and having returned in
might, she managed to take one of the rings of power before forces could
repel her.

With the ring she sought to overthrow not only Ringbearers, but all the
orders of Realms. So while Ringbearers guarded the remaining rings, they
charged the other orders to seek out agents who would lead them to Jahlenga,
and do what was required to retrieve the Ring...

Six orders fielded teams (the hosting order does not join in) and all teams
successfully completed the quest...

           ____ ____ ____ _    _  _ ____    _  _ ____ _ _ _ ____
           |__/ |___ |__| |    |\/| [__     |\ | |___ | | | [__
===========|  \ |___ |  | |___ |  | ___]    | \| |___ |_|_| ___|========

  The Symposium: July                                     by Wiglaff


In July the following proposals were placed before TS,
and after consideration, voted on as follows -

Passed by TS :
Findnote/item change to show container found in.
Editor command /q, add text onto a wrapped line.
Adding cast messages to several druid spells.
Chardelete raised to level 10.
Inducted column for councils in score.
More arena potions, and cheaper costs.
Default auction start price 0 gold.
Making deity priests runnable.
Chat channel for friendlist.
Quest box like Deck of Many Things for lowbies.
Change deity for glory.
Group class bonuses.
Developing pets to have more tricks/abilities.
Lowering xp death penalty.
Change to 'hl' command so only hlis works.
Change to password command, to type in old pword before change.
Prompt token for area.
IP status display.
Saving throw bonuses for higher con/wis.
Undevotion with glory/Undevotion with lowest favour level.
Shield use increasing parry.
Changes to config +cloak.
Command to lockout a char when afk.

Failed by TS :
Auction to start at item value if no amount given.
Deadly and peaceful multiplay.
Class experience amounts.
Config +brief to show player titles.
Who title 'keyword'.
Enchanting weapons with saves and/or stats.

It was also decided to allow non-TS members to attend meetings in certain
circumstances to explain their ideas. This will apply to the ideas that
require in depth discussion or clarification. Proposers will be mudmailed
no sooner than 4 days before the meeting requesting their presence. Those
who chose to attend will be brought into the meeting when their topic is
due for discussion. If anyone cannot make the meeting because of time zone
differences, then their proposal will have to be discussed as normal.

During the month the following feedback was received
concerning proposals previously passed by TS -

Passed :
Supplicate Restore.
Making unlock show which key was used and which door.
Making traffic not work while incapacitated.
Fixing buffer guide lines.
Colour flags for houses.
Glance to show shields on a single line.
Pet whistles.
Respawn on arena death.
Haggle command.
Mudmail to org leaders.
Organisations on where display.
Auction at 0 gold again (implemented).
Damplus (damroll specific to certain mobs/damtypes).
Finditem/findnote to show container.

Denied :
Fountain in National Visions.
Aegir to send treasures.
Poison weapon change.
Exam container/keyword.
Guild first/second ranks.
Who genre addition.
Peacefuls quaffing faster in arena.
/q editor command.
Making deity priests runnable.
Changes to pets.

           ____ ____ ____ _    _  _ ____    _  _ ____ _ _ _ ____
           |__/ |___ |__| |    |\/| [__     |\ | |___ | | | [__
===========|  \ |___ |  | |___ |  | ___]    | \| |___ |_|_| ___|========

  Guild/Order News - GoA                                  by Angelea


Guild of Augurers News Update- Because We Forcasted It A Week Early:

Hello Realms!

We here at the Guild of Augurers have recently change in leadership and are
going through the process of elections. We have three candidates running, so
now it is down to see whom takes what position. By the time you read this, 
may already have the election results in, so keep an eye out!

In other guild news, welcome to our newest members Ormus and Gaudan! We know
that they are great additions to a great guild!

In guild activies news, the guild has taken trips to Catoblepas, participated
in the recent IGQ (excellent work GoR!), and has done a fair amount of Pkills
in the past few days. Also, our interim Guild Master Kinux put on a quest for
the guild which resulted in fun for all.

All in all, the guild is having a great time, and it looks forward to seeing
what the new leaders will bring to the table to continue to make the Guild of
Augurers a great place.

In closing, remember, "Auggies Rock, Alovea says so!"

           ____ ____ ____ _    _  _ ____    _  _ ____ _ _ _ ____
           |__/ |___ |__| |    |\/| [__     |\ | |___ | | | [__
===========|  \ |___ |  | |___ |  | ___]    | \| |___ |_|_| ___|========

  Guild/Order News - GoC                                  by Angelea


Alas, another month has passed within the Guild of Clerics and with that
passing we have welcomed a few new people as well. The Guild of Clerics would
like to welcome a dirty carrot to the following... Balt and Redanz! The
leaders and the rest of the guild knows that they will enjoy their stay.

The last month has held not much for the clerics of the realms, except their
normal hard work and exploring.. and of course the normal wackiness and fun!

We had a trivia music quest with a lot of winners! We are collecting EQ for
the guild doing a Monster Mash. That's it for this month!

If anyone is interested in joining the guild, please speak to either a CoC or
a leaders! Hope to hear from people soon.

           ____ ____ ____ _    _  _ ____    _  _ ____ _ _ _ ____
           |__/ |___ |__| |    |\/| [__     |\ | |___ | | | [__
===========|  \ |___ |  | |___ |  | ___]    | \| |___ |_|_| ___|========

  Guild/Order News - GoD                                  by Angelea


The Guild of Druids extends a warm welcome to the following worthy druids:
Kellian, Mikcerazi, and Taridrun

Our Induction Crew welcomes a new member, Patroclus.

Dulcinea, our TS rep, has been doing a great job of posting those new
suggestions that were approved, keeping everyone in the loop as to where we
stand.  Thanks Dulcinea!

Tiesto, in the same way, has been keeping the Mob of the Week program alive
and with the druids' help, active.  Thanks, Tiesto, for keeping the ball
rolling and helping us to provide the Guild Membership with fun activities!

Oxnyx and Destre hosted an awesome guild quest that easily could have stood
as an IGQC quest or an IMM-run quest-channel quest.  At the request of a
druid ancient named Clondrohid we set off in two teams to find those items
that would help us find the next clue.  All across the realms we searched,
high and low, in the muck and the hot sunshine.  After four hours of hard
questing, at last the teams completed the quest.  The teams consisted of
Bandalph, Rasukonza, Antony on one team and Lequin, Kaebri, Anakin, and
Zistrosk on the other team.  All had great fun, and getting glory was nice.
A great big thank you to Oxnyx for hosting this awesome quest!  Thank you

           ____ ____ ____ _    _  _ ____    _  _ ____ _ _ _ ____
           |__/ |___ |__| |    |\/| [__     |\ | |___ | | | [__
===========|  \ |___ |  | |___ |  | ___]    | \| |___ |_|_| ___|========

  Guild/Order News - GoN                                  by Angelea


A gaze of unquenchable malice emanates unperturbed from the deep Umbra as
another month passes in the material realm.  With the corruption of another
spirit Saul has joined the ranks of the Guild of Nephandi, and Melindora has
been welcomed back into the Wyrm's embrace.

Nephandi were once again despatched to repeatedly humiliate that renegade
servant of the Void, Khiurn'hai, and offer up his presumptous priesthood in
sacrifice to our Lady. Soulless slaves of the guild were also unleashed to
destroy Danbala, McManus, the Grandmaster of Edo, Lord Xyranthas, and various
denizens of the Tower of Despair.

With the departure of Nelinde from the material world, Owyn has been selected
to endure the torments of the Symposium.

Nephandi ready to abandon themselves to the madness of the Wyrm are directed
to seek out the blackened clearing at the northeastern fringes of

           ____ ____ ____ _    _  _ ____    _  _ ____ _ _ _ ____
           |__/ |___ |__| |    |\/| [__     |\ | |___ | | | [__
===========|  \ |___ |  | |___ |  | ___]    | \| |___ |_|_| ___|========

  Guild/Order News - GoP                                  by Angelea


Things have been picking up this summer, and a few older members have
returned from inactiveness to add to the fun of the guild. Welcome back 

Runs have been a plenty this month, some mobs that we have been running
include Mordred, Justice, and the newly updated Corsterix with his sword 
Nasr in order to test out the new two handed skill which so far looks very

We would like to welcome our newest member Uthar to the guild.

And a Congratulations to Puriya who has just newly av'ed and also to Zrivo
for becoming a full-fledged member of the guild.

           ____ ____ ____ _    _  _ ____    _  _ ____ _ _ _ ____
           |__/ |___ |__| |    |\/| [__     |\ | |___ | | | [__
===========|  \ |___ |  | |___ |  | ___]    | \| |___ |_|_| ___|========

  Guild/Order News - GoR                                  by Angelea


The Guild of Rangers offers a warm welcome to our new pledges this month:
Cidolfas, Krim, and Xazic. We'd also like to welcome back Elendure from the
Land of Auto-deletion.

We'd like to congratulate Kertack and Wintermute for passing their reviews
and becoming full members and Threlith for making it into the RQC.

Threlith also had his birthday this month. Hope you had a great time and 
your lovely white jacket with the extra-long sleeves is in the mail.

           ____ ____ ____ _    _  _ ____    _  _ ____ _ _ _ ____
           |__/ |___ |__| |    |\/| [__     |\ | |___ | | | [__
===========|  \ |___ |  | |___ |  | ___]    | \| |___ |_|_| ___|========

  Guild/Order News - GoT                                  by Angelea


The last month at GoT saw a frenzy of run activity.  Some of the mobs to  feel
the sharp end of our blades were: Mandor, Shimmy, Jade, S/O and quite a few

Congrats to Jamox for reaching ARC-L and to Galeneo for reaching ARC-DP.

Our IT ranks have also swelled with Galeneo beginning her training to become
a full IT. Well done Galeneo and good luck.

This month has also seen a change in Leadership with Uimato stepping down and
Ein being elected in as our new Second, Congratulations to Ein and good luck
in the future

That is it for this month. Any level 20 thief or higher who wishes to join a
great family called the guild should contact an IT or a Leader. They can also
come and read our how to join notes posted in the recruiting office 3s, 2w,
1n, w from DH []

           ____ ____ ____ _    _  _ ____    _  _ ____ _ _ _ ____
           |__/ |___ |__| |    |\/| [__     |\ | |___ | | | [__
===========|  \ |___ |  | |___ |  | ___]    | \| |___ |_|_| ___|========

  Guild/Order News - GoV                                  by Angelea


  Greetings from the Guild of Vampires!

July has been a very good month for GoV inductions.  We welcomed into our
fold as Chylder: Evrae, Vladavostok, Reual, Maq, Vikki, Niklas, and Kjeldon.
Additionally the following have become full members this month: Codarra,
Kaccarrin, Hantu, Mordechai, Vrolton, Mikhulae, Yilican, Yelisa, Eiglim,
Zakdos, Draegon, and Tonitrus.  May Aalakab have mercy on their souls.

We have been running bigger and better mobs as of late as well.  Guilded
vampires can join the Shadow Council for more information.

If you are a vampire level 20 or higher and are looking for a home, why not
stop by our recruiting board (help map) and fill out an application today?

Visit our web site at:

           ____ ____ ____ _    _  _ ____    _  _ ____ _ _ _ ____
           |__/ |___ |__| |    |\/| [__     |\ | |___ | | | [__
===========|  \ |___ |  | |___ |  | ___]    | \| |___ |_|_| ___|========

  Guild/Order News - Arcanes                              by Angelea


Greetings, Realms!  Arcanes has been pretty busy this past month:

We would like to extend a hearty welcome to our four newest members: Anthon,
Geryon, Sarakin, and Tatyana!  Congratulations, guys! Now for the spankings!

Arcanes is proud to unveil our Most Extreme HouseLeagues Tournament Challenge
(tm)!  For the next few months, the Order will be split up into three colored
teams (black, red, and blue) that will compete for the HouseLeagues "Teh
Winnar!" Cup!  Major kudos to Zio for submitting our favorite team names:
Requiem, Rhapsody, and Overture.  =)  Good luck to the teams, because this
competition promises to be very competitive (not to mention fun and rewarding
for all)!

And finally, Arcanes has a VERY SPECIAL event to celebrate this month!


Adonia is getting married! =) =) =)  Everyone be sure to congratulate Adonia
as she enjoys the special day to which she's been looking forward for over a
year! =)

           ____ ____ ____ _    _  _ ____    _  _ ____ _ _ _ ____
           |__/ |___ |__| |    |\/| [__     |\ | |___ | | | [__
===========|  \ |___ |  | |___ |  | ___]    | \| |___ |_|_| ___|========

  Guild/Order News - Baali                                by Angelea


Ahhh, the screaming of many a downed foe may be heard, as the children of the
Dark Lord relish in the challenges of the new Realms. It has been an exciting
time, with activity soaring and much blood being shed...

We welcome the Immortal Shadrack to Baali, thank you for the quest and the
sand flicks you leave with us :) Our newest members this month are, Crizack,
Louis, Odessyus and Corthayne.  Their already tainted souls bringing much
knowledge, experience and laughter to the Kine.

Mbwana has been appointed the new order second.  Congratulations and may you
whip us continually until we scream with delight.

We were invaded by the Templers, but the invasion was thwarted by the valiant
efforts of Corthayne, Odessyus, Mekir and Cathrine.  Our Cathedral remains
safe from purity.

We celebrated a family marriage, with the joining of souls between Corthayne
and Brecconary.  May their love and devotion flourish and may we all pray to
the Dark Lord that no offspring develop from this unholiest of unions.

Interested evils take note that applications open the second Friday of every
month.  Please read help baali_applications prior to applying. Until next
month...keep it evil....Ba'al

           ____ ____ ____ _    _  _ ____    _  _ ____ _ _ _ ____
           |__/ |___ |__| |    |\/| [__     |\ | |___ | | | [__
===========|  \ |___ |  | |___ |  | ___]    | \| |___ |_|_| ___|========

  Guild/Order News - Ringbearers                          by Angelea


After considerable time as leaders Coelit and Tempus have decided to step
down and retire from the hurly burly world of leadership. Consequently we 
are having a full election for the 3 spots with Ghordan, Sumitra, Caldric,
Helicus Bullen and Shervington running for the elected positions.

We wish well of all these candidates knowing them all worthy and able to
continue to improve and enhance Ringbearers as a great place to be.

A few runs have been entered upon, Danbala wedo is having a bad time of it
with RB atm, as so I'm led to believe is Cato(whateverhisnameis) with a mixed
group of Baali and RB playing tag with him somewhat.

We'd like to welcome Erin to the fold as a full member and Tical the Newest
Immortal to grace our order. Sadly we say goodbye to our illustrious
Immortal Elisabet and her playpal Vaile. It is with great regret we see
them leave, but much happiness we hope for them in future endeavours.

           ____ ____ ____ _    _  _ ____    _  _ ____ _ _ _ ____
           |__/ |___ |__| |    |\/| [__     |\ | |___ | | | [__
===========|  \ |___ |  | |___ |  | ___]    | \| |___ |_|_| ___|========

  Guild/Order News - Rol Na Feinne                        by Angelea


          @,--`-- O r d e r  o f  R o l  n a  F e i n n e --,--`@
  __    __    __                                              __    __    __
|__|  |__|  |__|                                            |__|  |__|  |__|
|__|__|__|__|__|                                            |__|__|__|__|__|
|_|___|___|___||                                            |_|___|___|___||
|___|___|___|__|        -*- Notice to the Public -*-        |___|___|___|__|
  \_|__|__|___|/                                              \_|__|__|__|_/
   \__|____|__/    ________________________________________    \__|__|__|_/
    |||_|_|_||                                                  |_|_|_|_||
    ||_|_|||_|     Applications for  enterance to the Order     ||_|_|_|_|
    |_|_|_|_||     of   Rol na Feinne  have   opened.   All     |_|_|_|_||
    ||_|||_|||     interested parties  should refer to  the     ||_|_|_|_|
    |_|_|_|_||     following:    'help rnf'  and  'help rnf     |_|_|_|_||
    ||_|_|_|_|     inductions'.  Any further queries should     ||_|_|_|_|
    |_|||_|_||     be  directed  to  a  leader or a  knight     |_|_|_|_||
    ||_|_|_|_|     via tells or by mudmail.                     ||_|_|_|_|
    ||_|_|_|||     ________________________________________     ||_|_|_|_|
    |_|_|_|_||_    __    __    __    __    __    __    __    __ |_|_|_|_||
   /___|___|__\|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__/_|___|__|_\

                         ____ ___  _ _  _ _ ____ _  _
                         |  | |__] | |\ | | |  | |\ |
=========================|__| |    | | \| | |__| | \|===================

  Rants From The Ethereal? - Channel Cops               by Ganemanoimu


So, it appears that I’m back. Needless to say, the old title of this column
doesn’t really work as I no longer reside on the summit, so I’ll try to think
of a new name. Somehow, rants from the terrace enclosure doesn’t seem to have
the same ring to it. But anyway, thanks to everyone for all their support and
comments. You of course may continue to contact me via tells, mudmails,
whatever, on topics that peeve you or comments, questions, etc. Anyway, let’s
forego the introductions and dive right back into it.

There have actually been a number of things that have ticked me off a lot in
recent times. Some more so than others, but it seems that every other time I
log on, I see these annoying putzes around. Namely, channel cops. Seriously,
these people need to form their own damn therapy group. Channel Cops
Anonymous (CCA). Though I’d like to point out that imms are generally
excluded from this group as it does reside somewhat in their job description.
However, mortals have no excuse.

How a channel cop sees themselves? Basically, a helpful friendly avatar
trying to keep the channels free of extraneous spam and used appropriately.

How I see you? An annoying newbie who obviously has far too much time on
their hands and who should mind their own damn business.

But that’s just my personal opinion, there are actually other reasons for not
brandishing your night stick to compensate for a lack of length and thickness
in other areas. Firstly, as a mortal, you have no real jurisdiction telling
other people what to do. You can offer advice but no one has to follow it, or
even care what you say. Also, when you start telling people to use the
traffic channel for only trafficing, you’re really just exacerbating the
problem by increasing spam. Also, other people are more likely to just jump
in and start making some noise just for the sake of encouraging you.

Secondly, more often than not, little conversations on traffic tend to
dwindle off fairly quickly. So if you just leave it be, in 5 minutes or so,
it quickly disappears into nothing. The problem solves itself without any
interference or regulation. There are of course, times when the situation may
escalate out of hand, but there are immortals for a reason. And worst comes
to worst, look after yourself and ignore the spamming characters.

There will also be certain things that will brand people as a newbie. As you
play the game you learn that some stuff is alright to do, but annoying, while
other things are just plain unacceptable. It also goes to say, that it isn’t
just about what you’re saying, but also who is saying it. It’s one thing if a
person is told by a friend or an respected authority that he is being a
jackass, it’s another if some typically annoying putz is telling you that
you’re the annoying one. And once you do your time here, you learn not to
mess with other people’s business anyway, so you wouldn’t tell them
regardless. Hence a newbie-branding action.

Continue your actions if you must, we all know the first stage in your road
to therapy is denial. So take the first step and accept that you’re a channel
cop. The next step is to stop. If you don’t, I’m sure there will be plenty of
people out there to make fun of you next time you start trying to police a
channel, I know I’ll be there.

           ____ ____ ____ _    _  _ ____    _  _ ____ _ _ _ ____
           |__/ |___ |__| |    |\/| [__     |\ | |___ | | | [__
===========|  \ |___ |  | |___ |  | ___]    | \| |___ |_|_| ___|========

  Beach Vacation Stories From Aeriel's Quest


A while back, the immortal Aeriel held a quest where participants collected
any items related to a vacation at the beach. They also had to write a note
explaining each item's significance.

Many people went above and beyond the call of duty by writing long elaborate
notes, and even complete stories. Aeriel was so impressed by this that she
submitted the whole bunch to the Cry of Despair. In the interests of space,
we asked her to pick one or two of the best ones to represent them all.

Without further ado, here they are:

A splendid day for the beach and you dont know what to bring?! Well fair
maiden, i have the solutions to all your problems! :(

First, you cant leave your home without looking stylish, so put on that
flashy shirt and black skirt, sport those hot shades and share that dazzling
smile! scope out the beach for a nice place to settle, (w/the hot guys!), and
get comfortable with your quilt on the sand.

Dont worry about having nothing to do, because you have this awesome
beachball! slip into that sizzling swimsuit and rub on that Oo'rantha oil
(ooOoo!), and have a little fun playing with the people on the beach! and if
you want to go swimming and admire the beautiful coral reef, youve got
flippers and a snorkle at hand.

Hungry after that workout? have a small bite of that sandwich and head out to
catch some fish with your fishing set! a tackle box with pole, line, hook,
and net! catch those fish grrl!

And finally, after a full day of fun on the beach, sip a little of that fine
wine, nibble on a rice cake and layback to watch the mesmerizing horizon as
the sun sets!
------------------ ------------------ ------------------ ------------------

So one day this girl went to the beach.

When she got there the sun was sooooo intensely hot that she just had to put
on her cool hip and trendy rose tinted eyeglasses. Everyone there surely
thought she was the coolest kat there.

She spread out some dark green robes she had found lying around the house
that she never used, so she didn't really mind getting them sandy.

She lay back, but found the sand underneath her robes too lumpy and
uncomfortable, so she pulled out her trusty rolling pin and quickly smoothed
out the problem.

The afternoon was starting to die, so she decided to get some tanning in. But
we all know the gamma rays emitted by the sun can be quite dangerous so she
didn't want to over do it... but aha! Her hourglass would tell her the right
time. After tanning for a bit, she combed through her hair with her fishbone
hair comb, specially designed to get any sa/nd out.

After tanning, a boy came up to her and said, "Hey you, how about I make you
the luckiest woman in the world tonight?" with a grin. Enraged at his
arrogance and besides he was ugly, kicked him and he fell on the ground. To
treat his ego she smeared the hideous face paint of a dragon on him and
pulled out a quill and drew scales all over his body.

After this silly escapade she decided to cover up a bit and wrapped a thin
black veil around her waist. She decided to go explore, and feeling quite
adventurous, pulled up a wooden staff and took it with her.

She soon came to a pirate ship, and climbed aboard. They had just found a
huge treasure and were loading it up. They were also a little drunk. The girl
decided to try and steal the treasure!

So she quickly dressed up as a pirate wearing a sharktooth necklace, a ring
of the king's navy, a sailor's hat and put a Mask of Gemini she had as well.
Just for safety's sake, she tucked a tablet of effervescence in at the back
of her teeth.

She didn't really look like a pirate but figured they were all too drunk to
notice. Was she ever wrong. They took her and bound her up. As a last
request, she demanded that she challenge the captain in a game of chess, if
she won then she should be set free. If she lost, then she would walk the
plank. The captain agreed, so the girl brought out her chessboard and they
went at it. The captain proved to be a formidable opponent and she was soon

As she promised, she walked the plank. Her final step sent her diving into
the water below. Luckily her tablet was in her mouth and she quickly chewed
it up, allowing her to breathe. Next in a James-Bond/Houdini style escape she
slipped out her sharp stick and cut her bonds! Then she swam for shore, The
pirates had actually sailed out quite a bit and she felt her tablet effects
wearing off, but no matter, now unbound she reached for her trusty reed tube
and was able to make it back to the shore.

Now evening, a slight breeze had picked up and she was a little cold, she
returned to her spot and found her exquisite bottle of Shadowport cider.
Those damn Shadowporters were known to close it really tight, so she always
had to carry her plaid cotton handkerchief around with it in order to open
it. Then she used her ceramic bowl to make a few sand castles and went home.


                ____ ____ ___     ____ _  _ ____ ____ ___
                |    |  | |  \    |  | |  | |___ [__   |
================|___ |__| |__/    |_\| |__| |___ ___]  |================

  Brain Benders Answers                                       by Alysira


 Well, I'm sure you're all just itching to hear what the answer was to
 my "Brain Benders" quest last month. Two winners were chosen at complete
 random, and the lucky two are....
                           Gaxagao and Roo!
 Please see me for your prizes whenever it's possible. The answer to the
 code was indeed replacing each vowel with the letter in the alphabet
 that follows it. I.e, every vowel was replaced as such:
                    A - B, E - F, I - J, O - P, U - V.
 The mob was Justice, and the room was the Chamber of Inequity.

 Chamber of Inequity
 You enter a large darkened chamber which houses a podium of intimidating
 proportions and a witness stand.  Once a place of fairness and propriety,
 the atmosphere has changed markedly over the centuries, growing more
 foul and poisonous as time progressed.  The smell of sorrow and despair
 permeates the room, as if Justice has handed down and carried out her
 sentence in one fell swoop.
 Exits: south
 Justice stands here, balancing the cosmos.

                ____ ____ ___     ____ _  _ ____ ____ ___
                |    |  | |  \    |  | |  | |___ [__   |
================|___ |__| |__/    |_\| |__| |___ ___]  |================

 Word Games                                                  by Alysira


 Ok, so last month's quest was very easy, at least a lot of people played!
 For something a little more tricky... This month I'm giving you a list
 of word puzzles. Two winners will be chosen at random again, but you must
 complete at least 5 of the puzzles CORRECTLY to be counted. You have until
 the 22nd of August to think about these and post a mudmail with all your
 answers to me. Good luck!

     1. P EA        4. EEQ       5. BIG world
     2. LEV EL         UAL       6. U | RIGHT
     3. EGSG, GEGS,    MSC       7. Eggs and Ham
        GGSE, ESGG

                    ____ ___  _ ___ ____ ____ _ ____ _
                    |___ |  \ |  |  |  | |__/ | |__| |
====================|___ |__/ |  |  |__| |  \ | |  | |___===============

 From the Quill of Alysira                                   by Alysira


 Greetings, readers.

 It's been another belated Cry release, and my apologies again. Hopefully
 starting next month, as Juliana explained, the magazine will be out much
 earlier than ever. We'll keep you posted!

 Don't forget that we're always open to submissions from readers, letters
 to the Editor (or in fact, any particular staff member) to be published,
 and we're even open to applications. If you think you've got a creative
 flair, or you're just bored, then consider mudmailing a short application
 to myself and Juliana. Or even write a letter to your favorite staff

 That's all from me, hope you have fun with this month's quest. =)