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Pixie Backlash! Mobs of RoD Unite! Life for a Life concludes

 Mortal Staff:
 Alendil, Alerious, Alisia, Apollonia, Azrakare, Barentin,
 Begaria, Conran, DekkatH, Elaria, Elbanon, Goomra, Laine,
 Loril, Nimue, Nitsuj, Odessyus, Saraphin, Sarig, Shingo,
 Mortal Editor: Kuah

 Immortal Staff:
 Elisabet, Kyrnia, Lascivias
 Immortal Editor: Ayesh

Desk of the Editor

Feature: Pixie Backlash! The other nations speak!

A Life for a Life PART 3! The Conclusion.

Quest and Contest! Logo Results, A Quest Notice!

Mobs of RoD Unite!

Group News! Rol Na Feinne News.

Poets Corner...

Funny Bones!

Desk of the Editor By. Kuah Cha'Din

 What's the good word? I wish to take this time now to say
 I am sorry for a few errors on my part last issue. First to
 Azrakare for a misprint on his story. and second to the QC
 and Elisabet for me leaving off a small part, but still an
 important one, from her submitted quest. (It was corrected
 later, but still a small error on my part.) Sorry people,
 I will work to not have it become habit.

 We had tons of feedback from last issue over the tiny and
 what I thought was interesting interview with Gwvyrn. So we
 have decided to take all the feedback and we went out and
 grabed comments and quotes from around the realms and made
 this backlash the feature.

 If you have a comment, gripe or something you want to submit
 to the Cry of Despair, you can reach us the CoD public board
 in the TownHall (e,s,2u,s,w,s from DH[]) or south of Quills
 and Parchments on Market Street. Or you can Mudmail me or
 Ayesh. As always, enjoy and thanks.

 Kuah Cha'Din

Pixie Backlash! By. Kuah

 Was it pixie power or was it more like pixie propaganda?
 Like what was written by Shingo and his article with
 the Pixie Godmother Gwvyrn or not, it sure had people at
 National Visions talking...

 I thought she had some very good thoughts, especially about
 not judging a race from a few individuals. However, I do
 disagree with her statements of the pixies being the
 superior race. I do not feel any race is surperior to any
 other. Nimue Riannon, Elohai Leader

 Bah! Pixies the superior race? Everybody knows Pixies were
 created to serve Orcs. Pixies only have 2 uses, Pets and
 Food! Akinly, Leader of the Red Hand Clan

 I think she was wrong on what was said about Pixies being
 the superior race. Every race has its strengths and
 weaknesses, nobody is better then anyone else.
 Vernese Varamin

 Azrakare, a proud Half-Troll even went as far as to submit
 a way to cook Pixies...

 "Pixie in a pot"
 2 carrots, diced            1 teaspoon salt
 2 onions, sliced         1/2 teaspoon coarse black pepper
 2 celery stalks with    1/2 cup white wine
 leaves, cut in 1 inch   1/2 teaspoon basil
 pieces.                        3 pounds of fresh pixie

 Put Carrots, oinions and celery in the bottom of the crock
 pot. Add pixie. Top with salt, pepper and wine. Sprinkle
 basil and other spices (rosemary, thyme, garlic) over top.
 Cover; cook on low 8 to 10 hours.
 Eat and Enjoy!
 (If fresh pixie is not available, substitute with

 The only thing that article proved was that pixie's can't
 stomach their liquor. one stiff human ale and she's spouting
 tales of pixie invinicibity again. Ardeth Serrelinda, Human
 Nation 2nd

 Well, firstly, I don't know where Gwvyrn gets the idea that
 hers is the most beautiful nation... but I suppose each
 nation is allowed to believe what they want... it's all
 relative. Of course, it's hard to take that comment seriously
 when the pixies I meet on a daily basis want me to remove my
 clothing... what's with the nudity? Don't they get cold? Or
 do they metabolise too quickly? Rhyl Mlezziir Ilharess
 Ul'Ilindith, Acting Drow 1st

 Pixies are cute. And they don't deserve to get their wings
 ripped off just for food. Jagr Lordaeron, Halfling 2nd
 Jagr gets a fried pixie wing from a red-green sack.

 Well, they get a bad rap at times. But, when they're
 congregating they sound quite obnoxious and flaky. They
 need to calm down and rest or something. Skaphia Divine

 I, as a proud member of the Olog'hai nation, took some
 offence to the Pixie Power article. I, as an editor
 of this paper, am happy it was done, it sparked conversation.
 Entertainment and sharing the news of the realms is all we
 here at the Cry of Despair shoot for. Thanks to those of
 the nations who took time out of travels and resting to
 speak with us.

A Life for a Life By. Azrakare

 Time passed, as time does.  The memories of that battle in
 which I fell wounded became the stuff of dreams in my mind,
 no more real than the nightmares that rampaged through my
 brain from dusk until dawn. Nightmares of old grey men and
 demon lords and things with fangs that go bump in the night.
 But I was an educated man then. I did not belive in all that
 foolishness as my master had.

 And although over 50 years passed my pouch of coins never
 emptied. Always full it was. I chalked that up to my own
 forgetfulness. I reasoned that I refilled it every night
 from my earnings and just forgot I had done it in the

 75 I was now. Ancient as a god as far as the villagers were
 concerned. And I was quite full of myself, too. Over the
 years I had used my influence to bend people to my will.
 If I did not like someone, I had them killed. And time passed
 farther untill the night of my seventy-sixth birthday.

 A loud knock on the door startled me out of my trance. All
 night I had been sitting at my desk pondering the matter of
 making more money. Annoyed, I rose and walked to the chamber
 door. Flinging it open, I growled 'What do you want,
 buffoon?'. I expected my fool servant to be there, but in fact,
 there was no one. I shrugged and turned to back to my chair.

 Yet now it was occupied by a figure. Dressed in a brown habit
 it was, the kind that monks wear. I could see nothing but the
 thing's eyes for the hood he had pulled around his face. Violet
 eyes, in fact, drawing me ever closer, ever deeper into them.
 I shook my head as painful memories tried to flood my mind. I
 held them back and turned my attention back to the figure. It
 just sat there, motionless as a statue.

 A life for a life, my friend. I have come to take what is mine.

 The words formed themselves clear in my mind, yet I knew that
 they had not been spoken. I gasped out 'Who are you?'.  My next
 words contained the quiver of fright as the idea of who it
 could be formed in my mind.

 Be gone! or i will call the guards.

 No you wont.

 The words once again rang in my head. But again, there was
 no voice to accompany them. There was only this... thing. I

 I gave you a life. You lived it. How well you lived it was
 up to you. I provided for you, provided enough to help you be
 happy. Are you happy with the life you've had? I should hope
 so, you have caused enough pain and suffering by your actions.

 The insult maddened me. 'Reveal yourself, Spirit.' I yelled
 at the figure hoping to gain the upper hand in the situation
 through forcefulness. But, to my dismay, he did as I asked.

 I blinked. The split second that my eyes were closed a change
 had come over the figure. A horrible change. No longer was
 there the stone grey monk. Now it was a nine foot tall monster.
 Deep purple were his robes and hat and pants, lined with fur
 and trimmed with gold. The only thing that stayed the same was
 the stone grey skin and the deep violet eyes.

 How do you like me now?  Does this please you more? Does it
 make you more willing to give me what is mine?

 Though the words that resounded in my head had no tone I was
 able to detect anger from them. Motionless this monster stood,
 as a statue. I racked my mind for an explanation to this all.
  Only one word was i able to think of.

 'Vampire!' I screamed. 'You are a vampire. Foul beast, be
 away with thee. Bother me not, else I will slay you!' Of
 course, there was no truth in my threats.

 The creature still stood motionless. But now the room changed.
 A scarlet mist seemed to form in all the corners, giving a
 tint of red to everything I saw. Anger radiated from this
 beast as sunlight beams forth from the sun. It hung in the
 air, making it hard to breath at all. The face of the vampire
 moved. It bared it fangs at me. I backed myself into the
 nearest corner and cowered there.

 You deny me my right? You dare defy me?

 The red tint grew very strong and then as suddenly as it had
 come it vanished. I could no longer sense any feeling from
 the beast before me. I awaited his next words in terror.
 But as they came, i was soothed.

 So be it.

 Calmly they came, flowing through leaving me feeling more
 peaceful than I had ever felt before.

 You wish to break your end of the deal, I shall break mine. I
 will not kill you. But now, its time to undo the deal The
 peaceful feeling once again washed over me as his final words
 echoed in my mind. I closed my eyes and all went black.

 My mind awoke to the rasping sound of my own shallow
 breathing. Alive I was. But death was surely better than this.
 The sun was setting and though I struggled to stay alive I felt
 myself slipping into a dark dream that was all too real.

 But this cant be, I thought. I've already been past this.
 I've lived through this! I breathed deeply with the last
 thought as if to accentuate it. The soul tearing pain that
 my side responded with told me this was not a good idea. But
 oh god, the pain. The pain! THE PAIN!

 I felt it as I did not feel it before. It grew and grew as a
 tumor inside me, filling me until it was if I was about to
 burst from it. I could feel everything that touched my skin
 as the cool wind blew debris from the battlefield onto my
 body and into the wound in my side. I wanted to die. I wanted
 the pain to be over. The sun set and I writhed in agony for
 hours and hours.

 Something was eating me from the inside. I could feel my body
 being digested by some force. Every nerve that should have
 not been active was. I could do nothing but lay there as the
 force ate away at my inside leaving me but a shell. But I
 realized that this was not my body I was feeling.

 The torture was on my soul. And then I knew that forever it
 would be as such. The agony brought me back to thinking about
 the deal I had broken with old grey vampire. I longed for him.
 I longed for him to be my savior. I called out his name in my
 mind even though I knew not what it was. Over and over I
 called him, once for every mind shattering wave of nausea that
 wracked my spirit. Come to me, please.

 Save me, please, save me from this.

 And so he appeared. Standing over me he was, in his brown habit
 (the kind that monks wear), his violet eyes drawing me ever
 closer, ever deeper into the blackness of his pupils. My mind
 pleaded for him to save me. I swore that never would I take for
 granted again what I had. I pleaded to him, telling him with my
 thoughts that it was only now that I realized how grand of a
 gift he had given me. His habit fluttered in the wind as he
 looked down upon me.

 I cannot save you as i once did. That chance was taken and
 long gone.

 I rejoiced in his words. He spoke to me and for that I was
 grateful. I pleaded for him to help me. Save me.

 I cannot save you. But I will bring you peace.

 The pain stopped momentarily as the old man before me became
 animated. He moved as a human did, motioning to something in
 the distance. Although I could not see with my eyes, my mind
 could see the happenings. And so the creature spoke, 'This
 one is with the blade of a wight. Take care of him.' Those
 were his only words. And then he walked away.

 In my minds eye I saw him depart. Within a second, he was
 replaced by two figures coming towards me. These were true
 monks. They would save me, I knew it. The thing had
 commanded it! Blood stained their brown robes as the fleshy
 men picked up my body and threw me unceremoniously into the
 back of a cart. The exploding pain came back as my twisted,
 mangled, form was jostled around over the rest of the dead
 bodies in the cart.

 The horse pulled the cart slowly and within a few moments the
 it stopped, reaching its destination. It tipped backwards and
 I fell. It was only a short drop but I felt my weakened bones
 shatter as I hit the pile of wood in the pit that had been dug.

 Other stinking corpses landed on top of me. The last words I
 heard before the roar of the fire drowned my senses were 'Die
 quickly, else you may never do so.' A new sensation came over
 me. I was burning. It was enlightening. I felt no longer
 trapped in my body, and I rose free to meet my dead friends
 who waited for me at the gates of the dark forest.

 That is the end, my friends. No more can be told of Martin. A
 gruesome tale it was, but a moral in it lies. In all our lives
 we are given a chance that will forever change us. We must take
 this chance and use it to better ourselves and our lives, as
 well as the lives of others.  For after all, the greatest sin is
 to waste the gift of life on foolishness.

Quest and Contest By. Quest Council

 The web page logo contest had a pretty good turn out.
 The winners are:

 1st Place: Kuah
 2nd Place: Herne
 3rd Place: Dron

 Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest.
 Regards, Tical Dreamseeker


 Hello fare residents of New Darkhaven!
 I seem to have mixed a few things up in my adventures, and I
 need your help in solving them. Please watch for more
 information to be posted on the Archives in New Darkhaven on
 Thursday, May 25 at 1pm EST/system time.

 With many thanks,
 Lady Elisabet

 MOBs of RoD Unite! By. Begaria

 It was like any other day. The day itself was the 29th of the
 Month of the Dragon, about 12 o'clock am...when it happened.

 A conspiracy ran amuck in Darkhaven and dark rumours spread
 about the land that the MOBs of the land...were to unite
 and overtake the land of the Realms. Ah yes, it was a dark
 tale of those bloody days when they did attack...but my story
 has not even reached the beginning.

 The day began normally, with bright eyed travellers pulling
 on their armor and weaponry, and stamping their boots to get
 there feet settled in. Aye, even myself awoke along these
 young warriors and magic users and I climbed down the tree
 of the Vallenwood and stood under the tree, breathing deep
 the fresh morning air...when my nose caught a whiff.

 It was far worse than even that of the Ogress' cook kitchen.
 This stench...was the mark of monsters.  I slowly drew my
 trusty sword, Doomgiver, and carefully began to stalk around
 the city when I heard a citizen scream, "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALP!".

 I rushed towards the sound, along with 30 other seasoned
 avatar's and what we came upon...was hideous.

 We came upon Bahamut flying over Darkhaven square...which
 was no big thing since that is where he drops you off...but in
 his mouth..was the corpse of the citizen who screamed for
 help. One of the avs, Herne by name, screamed, "FOLLOW ME!"
 and we did so, grouped, and rushed off towards Bahamut.
 As we chased that sucker down, we didn't really expect to run
 into the entire KoTR gang. They blocked the north gate of
 Darkhaven and stood impassive, with their weapons drawn.

 We weren't going to chance being crushed by these fearsome
 warriors, so we fled south all the way to south gate....but
 we found THAT one blocked by the Seth gang. Our hearts
 pounding, we fled to Darkhaven and to the west towards the
 next gang, but there, waiting for us...was the DP dragons,
 Shade, and the Olympus gang. By this time, we were a little
 frightened, but we didn't give up! We fled to the east to the
 next gate...and even before we got there, we knew what was
 waiting there for us. Mandor, Nelson, Ben, Legba and Vortex
 waited there for us.

 Obviously, all the ways out of Darkhaven were blocked and
 there was no way out. Suddenly there was a scream at the town
 hall. We rushed towards the fray, and bumped right into
 Bahamut. We quickly prepared for battle, and Herne started
 to slash away at the fearsome dragon. We slashed, hacked,
 pierced, and cured until Bahamut layed at our feet dead. We
 gave a small cheer and started into the Town Hall...when we
 heard a grunt behind us.

 We turned around quickly, drawing our various weapons, and
 what we saw was NO laughing matter. Bahamut was up off the
 ground and staring at us with cold, black eyes. That dragon
 roared...and roared...and roared and flew up into the sky
 and off to another part of Darkhaven.

 We looked at each other, and stared at the spot where
 Bahamut was, thinking hard, and how he could have got up
 just as soon as we slaughtered him.

 Herne says "How about that...? No Immortals are near, for I
 cannot sense their"

 We grouped around inside of our thick heads, searching for an
 answer when we heard manical laughter coming near the Guild
 of Clerics. Mecil says "Quick!  Let's go check that out!
 There's only one MOB that laughs like that!"
 We understood of course.  Only Lord Seth could laugh that
 evil...and that mad. We ran towards the guild, drawing our
 weapons for battle, and what we came to see, was hideous.
 It was not, in fact, Lord Seth.

 Balzhur, the Immortals legendary pet, was eating clerics for
 lunch. Doyle made wretching sounds and puked all over the
 ground. Doyle says "Oh my god!  How could that thing gotten
 free?! The Immortals usually keep a tight rein on that beast!
 What have we done to deserve this?!"

 Balzhur turned slowly and looked at Doyle with small,
 evil, beady eyes. Doyle shrank back and we began to prepare
 for battle. However, Balzhur just laughed that evil laugh
 and disappeared. We stared around dumbfounded.

 Azrakare says "Wh...where'd he go?....He just...disappeared!"
 Oh yes...there was something very fishy about this whole
 operation...why would MOBs over run Darkhaven, seal it up,
 and start terrorizing the folks? We needed to get to the
 bottom of this, and soon. We ran to Darkhaven Square and ran
 into reinforcements, about 20 avs and 30 lowbies who looked
 like they had a little experience in this world.

 Pelmen says "Hey!  :|  What the heck is going ON around here?!"
 I replied "We don't know...strange occurrences have been
 happening, we're trapped here in our own city, and MOBs
 disappear and resurrect like nothing!"
 DekkatH says "To make matters worse...I don't think there
 will be any immortals coming to our rescue."
 I stared at DekkatH in shock...we all did. I realized that
 DekkatH is right. If we were going to be rescued by some
 Imms, than we would have by now. The MOBs must have done
 something to block them off from us.

 Basically, we were on our own. DekkatH says "What we have to
 do is find their source of power and destroy it. Or we will
 never be able to free ourselves from this horrible dilemma the
 city is in." DekkatH was right. We needed to find the source
 of power...but we start to look?

 Continued next issue...

Group News By. (Submitted by Kaan Eredluun)

 __    __   __
 __|  |__|  |__|           Rol Na Feinne News
 ___|___|___|__|   The Order of Rol Na Feinne would like
 \_|__|__|___|/    to congratulate its newest knight, Sir
  \__|____|__/     Moonfire, on reaching the rank he has
   |||_|_|_||      so long sought. Also, we wish to honor
   ||_|_|||_|      Vrakk of the ilKhan Nation for winning
   |_|_|_|_||      the International Joust which the Order
   ||_|||_|||      sponsored. Congratulations Vrakk! We are
   |_|_|_|_||      planning on holding more such events in
   |_|||_|_||      the future for the enjoyment of all!
   ||_|_|_|_|      We would also like to remind all who
   ||_|_|_|_|      wish to enter the order to seek out a
   |_|_|_|_||      Scout for an interview. Our thanks, and
   ||_|_|_|||      be well!
   |_|_|_|_||_       __   __    __   __   __    __    __   __
  /___|___|__\|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__|

Poets Corner By. CoD Staff

 What light do I see down yonder path?
 Is it that light that soothes and warms
 or warm vittles simmering by worn down hearth
 or torches of soldiers on the march
 Could it be a dragon with wings unfurled,
 who tilts his beak as the flames within stir
 Or mayhaps it is the beacon of maiden fair
 who craves rescue from some dark lord's lair
 what sound is that I hear in the mist?
 that echoes through this mysterious wood
 it could be a demon's hiss
 or the magiks of a wizard old and grey
 perhaps it is nothing more than an injured beast
 but it may be the sounds of goblins rallying to the feast
 That light may be no more than a glowing pool reflected
 on by the moon
 The sounds no more than wind cutting through the gloom.
 But questions my heart must ask nonetheless,
 for the pride of the adventurer is not to overlook
 and always upon viewing to second-guess.

 Alendil DarkRaven

Funny Bones By. CoD Staff

 From Alexian's log, Feb 14th 2000, sitting in Morgul Vale:

 <1255/1562 706/863 977H>
 All those wishing to attend the wedding of Aurale and Shingo
 should send a tell to Sarah or Valanna.

 ... 20 minutes later ...

 <1268/1562 719/863 977H>
 Shingo and Aurale are joined by the pact of matrimony.

 <1268/1562 719/863 977H>
 A chorus of orcs begins to sing "Where there's a whip,
there's a way!"

 You roll on the floor laughing hysterically.

 Amerlea openly traffics:  c'mon no one wants an action figure
 to call their very own? you can hug it and pet it and love it
 until it dies..

 Lorkon openly traffics:  it dies?

 Amerlea openly traffics:  my action figure will spank you til
 the cows come home

 Amerlea openly traffics:  *wink* it ain't called action for

 Vanzank openly traffics:  ok I'm convinced! Lemme get rid of
 my man first then I'll buy your figure!


 Alendil DarkRaven gigolo for his sugahmomma Marian.
 Varin: show off your eq to me, you shall be ignored.
 Wraegn says 'A night with sunshine is like the day.".
 Havoick is still looking.... he forgot what for though.
 Plorg has been level 46 for 20 years.
 Skaphia Divine is wookin pa nub.

Thank you for reading, from the Society of Scribes!