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Player killer: Blood, Gore, Loot plus rats in Edel! Much despair.

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 Annale       |::|  |  Annale, Vokith, Ashandra, Matanza, Leala
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 [Sponsor]    |::|  | [Imm Contributors]
 Falennt      |::|  |  Romani, Stoneheft, Loril, Falennt
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 See HELP CRY2 for the table of contents.


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 Page 2    \/    Table of Contents

 This Month's Special:
   The Umbrageous Ruins at a glance... - Gatersade       CRY3

 Monthly Article     
   Helpfile of the Month               - Annale          CRY4
   KB of the Month                     - Gatersade       CRY5-7

 Nation News
   Quendi (Elf)                        - Annale          CRY8
   Uruk'hai (Half-Ogre)                - Klaatu          CRY9-10
   Khazad (Dwarf)                      - Stoneheft       CRY11
   Rukhas'Dul (Half-Orc)               - Vokith          CRY12-13
   Aerandir (Sea-Elf)                  - Ashandra        CRY14
   Human                               - Trella          CRY15
   Pixie                               - Kosaim          Cry16

 Clan News
   Catarrh                             - Gatersade       CRY17

 Quest News
   April CoD Quest Results             - Annale          CRY18-20
   June CoD Quest                      - Annale          CRY21

 Realms Living
   An ominous cloud of doubt darkens
          the city of Edel               - Mouler          CRY22  

 Funny Bones
   Quotes out of Context               - Romani & Annale CRY23
   Odd and Amusing Titles              - Romani          CRY24
   AV Antics                           - Falennt         CRY25

 Announcements and Advertisements
   Shop with Guts'n'Glory!                               CRY26
   Advertise with the Cry!                               CRY27
   CoD Readers Reward                                    CRY28
   Reunion                                               CRY29
   2010 Olympics                                         CRY30
   Deadly Advert                                         CRY31-32
   Roleplay Wiki:      CRY33 

  Cry of Despair Staff
   Letter from the Editor                                CRY34
   Write for the Cry                                     CRY35
   From Falennt's Inkwell                                CRY36


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 Page 3    \/    The Umbrageous Ruins at a glance... - Gatersade 

The Umbrageous Ruins at a glance...
It has been a thrilling month within the deadly fraternity. An ongoing feud
between rival syndicates Feralis, Catarrh and Exile have seen both New 
Darkhaven and the Umbrageous Ruins taunted by bloodshed and crime. Whilst
each cartel's success and influence has been widespread, the territory war
is far from decided.
The uprising of the top three syndicates has sent the demons of the Maleficae
clan into hiding. The once dominant clan is potentially at it's lowest point;
with the skins of it's new members hanging down from numerous donation rooms,
and it's leadership no where to be seen.
Whilst the deadly fraternity has been rife with conflict, there have also been
times of peace and co-operation. The convoy of terrorists invading the deadly
territory of Badlands has meant that rival clans have had to join forces in
attempt to fend off greedy, non-deadly treasure hunters. A frivolous pact 
between the magi of Feralis and prophets of Catarrh has also resulted in the
demise of Danbala Wedo, the Chimera, Llachette, Marcus, the Alluvrian Horror
and Azazel.


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 Page 4    \/    Helpfile of the Month - Annale 

The Goddess of Summer, Kalerd, shows great favor on this small group of
priests for their undying devotion to her. It is believed that their task is
to seek out places where the warmth of Z'hyal and the blessing of Kalerd may
be lacking and report them to the Goddess. They have very limited powers in
the colder climates, which is to be expected, but they can and will travel
into the heart of winter to try and wrest the land free of Tirebaen's grasp.


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 Page 5    \/    KB of the Month - Gatersade

Zhetakhas's blast hits Sandinastah!
Zhetakhas's blast hits Sandinastah!
Your blast mauls Zhetakhas!
Your blast thrashes Zhetakhas!
Your blast thrashes Zhetakhas!
Zhetakhas parries your attack.
Your blast mauls Zhetakhas!
Zhetakhas is DEAD!!
Bolts of blue energy rise from the corpse, seeping into you.
Zhetakhas gasps its last breath and blood spurts out of its mouth and ears.
You see nothing like that in the corpse of Zhetakhas.
The corpse of Zhetakhas holds:
     a cure blindness scroll
     (Red Aura) veil of Hecate
     a Seal of the Chturhk (2)
     (Magical) (Humming) the cloak of Death
     sash of the destitute
     (Red Aura) (Humming) Set's ring of Power (2)
     a strip of green troll fur
     (Red Aura) (Magical) (Humming) chains of imprisonment
     (Glowing) the Ice Girth
     the mask of unholy perversions


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 Page 6   \/    KB of the Month - Gatersade

     Hoss's House Key
     a white Gryphon Keep tabard
     studded leather keshka hide
     (Magical) the runecape
     a black dragonscale hauberk
     blood soaked bandages
     the secrets within
     (Red Aura) a strand of polished jade
     Howls of Destiny
     (Red Aura) Inescapable Grasp of Doom
     a blue, glassy chain (2)
     (Glowing) the inquisitor's beacon
     a blood soaked sack
     (Magical) a magical flying carpet
     Mark of Darkness
     (Magical) (Glowing) Nasr, Claymore of Sovereignty
     soulfire circlet
     (Red Aura) Collar of Abyssal Servitude (2)
     shaded strides
     (Red Aura) A shroud of darkness
     (Magical) a Violent Death (2)
     a create spring scroll (2)


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 7    \/    KB of the Month - Gatersade

You get soulfire circlet from the corpse of Zhetakhas.
You get A shroud of darkness from the corpse of Zhetakhas.
You get shaded strides from the corpse of Zhetakhas.


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 Page 8   \/    Quendi Nation News - Annale 

Fruit-and-cream trifles back in stock!

Thanks to some local farmers from the mainland, Shirl has found a source of
vibrant and fresh fruits.  The fruit-and-cream trifles are better than ever!

Nation Olympics

Keep in mind that the Nation Olympics are coming up soon!  Get your training
in now! The Elves are hoping to put forth a full team and bring home a Gold!

Warning from the Sea-Elves

Tari Annale would like to caution the Elves when dealing with any Sea-Elves.
Apparently something is happening to the Sea-Elves which is causing them to
act stranger and more peculiar.  Are they dangerous?  It is unsure, but if
any should appear upon our shores, be cautious and report to the guard.


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 Page 9   \/    Uruk'hai Nation News - Klaatu 

From the Opallinoc News Bureau:
Dateline Opallinoc - Vernal Equinox
The annual Vernal Equinox celebration this year was attended by an average
number of the Uruk'hai. The mild winter had many of the citizens taking care of
matters normally left unattended. Roast eltor beast at the Great Bonfire was
among the delicacies available, along with Meeka's "spring swill". Speeches
and outright brags of coming adventures  were told by many. Volstagg's tales of
exploration, as always, drew a large crowd of the younger Uruk'hai.

Dateline Sea of Sorrows - Winterlight Island
Volstagg the Catacomb Dweller thought he would see for himself the stories of
Winterlight Island. Traveling through the Sea of Sorrows he arrived and found
ice. Ice and more ice. Everything was either frozen with ice or locked shut.
Quickly, he wass thankful for the thick piece of lizard hide  on his back. The
cold was extremely bitter. Encountering strange creatures living in snow caves
and a frozen river that stunned him at every step, Volstagg decided more
preparations and funding for a team was needed before pressing further. The 
rumor of an Ice Palace full of treasure is the current lure for donations.
Dateline Keep of Lomar - New Human Leader
The Uruk'hai welcome Trella as the new leader of the Human Nation. Envoy's are
travelling to Lomar. Trella is an unknown to the Uruk'hai and the envoys are
creating a dossier of any information whether fact or fiction.


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 Page 10   \/    Uruk'hai Nation News - Klaatu 

From the Opallinoc News Bureau:
Dateline Opallinoc: Summer Solstice Fest
The time is near, Solstice is almost here. Get your tales of triumph ready.
Put a shine on those trophies  of battle. A chance to show off your latest
scars of battle. You know when. You know where. So be there !!!!
Dateline Opallinoc: Uruk'hai Olympic Team Tryouts
Klaatu, your benevolent chieftain, has sworn to bring home one Gold medal from
this years Olympics. Being beaten by the Lizardmen, no less, is not sitting
well with the Tribal Council. The  bragging rights and tales  of glorious
victories, at the Great Bonfire, of the Uruk'hai prowess will be rewarded.
This is the chance to become immortalized in Uruk'hai lore. Those interested
should contact Klaatu for further details. 
Dateline Northern Plains: Inahir Protectorate
A report from the Hunt Leader of the Inahir has been received by the Uruk'hai
Council. The report tells of plentiful grazing areas in the Protectorate and
numerous eltor kids being born. It is looking to be a bountiful and profitable
year for the Inahir peoples. 
Datline SMR: Gold Dragonscale Plate
Details of the fabled Gold Dragonscale Plate are few and far between.
Clues, rumors or specific knowledge will be rewarded.


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 Page 11   \/    Khazad Nation News - Stoneheft 

The plague of rats is getting out of hand in Edel. Food storages are ruined,
and supplies are running out. Ironkev has asked for my assistance, for the
sake of Edel, so I ask for yours, in turn. Support Edel's economy when you
are able, buy food from your brothers not foreign races.

Proji has quit selling bread since the rats have destroyed his flour. This has
already led to Beans on Toast being removed from the menu at the inn. One of
our powerful surface cities may be heading toward disaster.

Thank you for helping your Edel brethren in any way you are able.

Ironkev had hired a rat piper but I fear he has taken the town's money and run.
If you know of any trustworthy pipers that can take care of the vermin problem,
let the townspeople know.
Signed in purple wax with the crest of Stoneheft Gemstone


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 Page 12   \/    Rukhas'Dul Nation News - Vokith 

Destiny was never easy to satisfy. This was a lesson learned the hard way
by the people of Krozloy's mountain. Told long ago that their ilk would rise
up from the cliffs and hills of the world to reign supreme over lesser
creatures, the Rukhas'Dul once believed themselves the children of destiny.
But centuries of bitter conflict -- both external and internal -- left
them a ruined nation, seeking direction.
Now, at last, a glimmer of hope. It came in the form of the remains of a
long lost prophet-king: Krozloy himself, dead for centuries, but found
in an earthen casket hidden away in the deepest bowels of the Barren Peaks
of Tahjliera. His casket was marked with dwarvish runes, the nature of
which the nation's elders had been attempting to discern for many weeks.
Were these dwarves who marked this casket friends, or enemies? Had the
runes been put in place as tribute, or ward against an evil spirit?
Vokith Drah'zi, High Chieftain of the Rukhas, knew that the answer could
prove as vexatious as the very questions being asked. He was not sure if
he wanted it. But he also knew that his nation, long since made aware of
the existence of the bones, now wanted to know the very same things he
sought to understand.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 13   \/    Rukhas'Dul Nation News - Vokith  

If the dwarves were friends, the very relationship between the Rukhas and
Khazad could be on the verge of tremendous change. If they were foes, old
feuds could once again recapture the spirit of the people. Though neither
option was particularly enjoyable, the former was far preferable given the
current situation.
Vokith sat alone at the council table in Krozloy's hall, pondering his course
of action should either verdict be cast. If nothing else, the High Chief
would be prepared. There could be no doubt about that.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 14   \/    Aerandir Nation News - Ashandra  

The Sea-elves are quiet this month, they almost seem to have retreated from
the surface entirely. Aside from youths on their Lien'eiaur elchuui few are to
be found above the waves. Even fewer are found on the waves.

A few adventurers travelling to small border towns have found mostly emtpy
houses. Those with inhabitants tend to be violently defended.

The kingdoms themselves have also closed their borders, allowing no one within
their blockades, and no news without.

If cornered long enough some of the youths mention an enemy they were told not
to speak of. This reporter, knowing full well youths never do what they are
told managed to get a few vague stories from the children after introducing
them to dwarven ale.

Supposedly an ancient enemy has returned to the seas nearby, and is attacking
not only the Aerandiri, but any of their allies. This is an effort to protect
the surface world. They then often go into stories of bogeymen haunting the
dark and taking Aerandiri children to turn them into horrible twisted monsters
that then torment their former loved ones. While incredibly entertaining, they
likely have little real information.

We'll keep you posted on more in the future. Also, try to avoid coastal waters,
an odd green tide has been forming near sea-elven heavy land


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 Page 15   \/    Human Nation News - Trella  

The Regent is dead.  
With the sudden, although possibly not unexpected death of Yoshio Verdani, the 
Keep of Lomar is in chaos.  A successful invasion of the Keep by a band of 
pirates has left little overturned, and a trail of bodies, blood, and booze in
their wake. Coincidently, there are also reports of a strange, orange haired 
woman stalking the streets -- bathed in crimson and whiskey, and giggling 
madly.  Said woman has seemingly taken up residence at the tavern, although all
attempts to converse with the stranger have been met with crazed giggles and 
drunken ramblings.  
Those of authority that still remain intact are recommending that all
residents of Lomar hold fast, and stay inside while this is all being 'handled'.  
This reporter, for one, will be taking that well-placed advice.  
Until next time, I ask you all to stay safe and free from harm.  
                                             --Tristan Mabett, Lomar Press
Looking for RP?  Political intrigue, seedy underbellies, or grand heroism your 
thing? We are looking for people to round out our ramshackle community. New to 
RP?  No problem! We are welcoming and inviting, and more than willing to try 
and work your ideas into our little section of the Realms world.  
Questions? Please feel free to message/mudmail Trella or Eisenbeard!


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 Page 16   \/    Pixie Nation News - Kosaim  

This is PNN your source for News:
The Negotiations are still going on between The Pixie Nation and the Half
Ogres over the control of Dunhill.  It is not known if this will lead to war
with the Half-Ogres
The remnants of Vermicio's band of ruffians have mostly been hunted down and
apprehended.  Some of them, including Vermicio are still on the loose.  Please
do not approach them. They are armed and extremely dangerous.  Inform your
local Air Warden immediately.
In other news, the annual archery contest was held in Reomyr. This year the
contest was won by Sparrow Coif, for the second year in the row.

 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 17   \/    News from the Catarrh HQ - Gatersade  
News from the Catarrh HQ improvement committee
It has been a busy time for the committee. We recently
replaced one of our murals with a new piece by mystery
painter, Cat R'De Best. The painting is titled "Utopia".
           *                           |
    *                                 -+-
 *        ,-,           *              |         *
         /.(     *                                  *
         \ {                           *
    *     `-`             *        *
             _               *                       *
         ,__| |__.
         |__.+,__|   *           *      |
            | |                        -+-       *
            | |                         |
       ,____|_|____.   _              ,-|-.
       |,_________,| _|M|_   ,-=-.   / RIP \      _
       || H e r e |||_ A _| /  +  \ (Forrest)   _|J|_
       || L i e s ||  |R|   |Shawn|  ) and (   |_ O _|
       ||Maleficae||  |L|   |R.I.P|  | Joe |     |S|


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 18   \/    April CoD Results - Annale  

Thank you so much to all who participated! I hope you enjoyed reading last
month's entries! They sure had me laughing! And this month is no less funny!

With only 4 entries this month, I simply couldn't pick winners, so this
month, everyone is a winner!  

Congratulations to Qaulorn, Lilcal, Brandal And Madazanirt!

Please contact Falennt for your prizes!


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 19   \/    April CoD Results - Annale 

Qaulorn's Madlib Submission:

Today we get to hunt for interesting eggs in Conran's yard.  The 
Easter jackass hid them for us to find! I am hoping that there will be a 
basket full of cheesecakes and ladies of the night.  Since it's spring, 
there's lots of ninjas on the ground.  When I grope through it, I hope 
it doesn't get on my pie.  I love that the Easter platypus hides things 
for us.  It makes the absurd day so very frustrating!!

Lilcal's Madlib Submission:

Today we get to hunt for hideous eggs in Ellen Degeneres's yard.  The 
Easter gopher hid them for us to find! I am hoping that there will be a 
basket full of teachers and Buddhists.  Since it's spring, there's lots
of televisions on the ground.  When I run through it, I hope 
it doesn't get on my library.  I love that the Easter elephant hides 
things for us.  It makes the dark day so very yellow!!


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 20   \/    February CoD Results - Annale

Brandal's Madlib Submission:

Today we get to hunt for innocent eggs in Gonnil's yard.  The 
Easter donkey hid them for us to find! I am hoping that there will be a 
basket full of torpedoes and wind chimes.  Since it's spring, there's 
lots of septic systems on the ground.  When I suction through it, I 
hope  it doesn't get on my mackerel.  I love that the Easter gila 
monster hides things for us.  It makes the disheveled day so very 

Madazanirt's Madlib Submission:

Today we get to hunt for difficult eggs in Lindsay Lohan's yard.  The 
Easter walrus hid them for us to find! I am hoping that there will be a 
basket full of fungi and children.  Since it's spring, there's lots
of remote controlled cars on the ground.  When I wobble through it, I 
hope it doesn't get on my neighbour.  I love that the Easter platypus
hides things for us.  It makes the enormous day so very red!!


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 21   \/    June CoD Quest - Annale 

Well, I've got wedding fever. It seems everywhere I look, this summer is all
about weddings!  So, I would like you to put together the perfect wedding
outfit using in game items!  

For the Bride:
Worn on Finger:
Worn on Head:
Worn on Body:

Worn on Legs: 
Worn on Neck:
Worn About:

For the Groom:
Worn on Finger:
Worn on Body:
Worn About:
Worn on Legs:
Worn on Feet:


Submit your choices on a mudmail to Annale (me!)  If you have a specific theme
or racelass in mind, feel free to mention them on your note.  Winners will
be chose at random.  Good luck!


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 22   \/   An ominous cloud of doubt darkens the city of Edel

I write this letter to draw attention to the concerns I have about the changes
I've noticed in Edel since the rat population exploded. The city was growing by
leaps and bounds last year. The new road was extending around the wall, houses
were being built and bought up along it. Business within the town was great.
The blacksmith, always known for being one of the best in the world was able to
do very affordable work before the rats. Now, the rats have plundered, piddled
and destroyed so much of the food stocks that the townsfolk are raising their
prices to try to survive with less business. The higher prices will surely send
business away worsening the city's economic plight into a bad spiral until the
streets are no safer than the streets of Shadowport.  

I am concerned about the looming potential of losing such a great city. The 
citizens are unwilling to talk to strangers. Even those of us that they 
recognize are treated a little less welcomed than usual. They seem untrusting 
of outsiders, and from what little they will say on the subject, it seems that 
they have become defensive out of necessity.  I have family from the mining 
community and am quite worried about the future of this good city. I implore 
all gnomes to visit and help to diminish this infestation of rodents.



 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 23   \/   Quotes out of Context

Civitatis quests 'Death by poodle. Not the proudest moment of my life :p'

Aragon ordertalks 'Me Tarzan, you Jane!'

Trella wonders 'How dead was the last thing you ate, dude?'

Nakor asks 'why can halfers not be druids?'
Nakor asks 'or clerics'
Tehol answers 'They're just too short to reach the top of the altars and using
phone books takes away the dignity of clerics and druids.'

Nerazzuri chats 'Nephandi almost rhymes with Ferengi - and both are evil'

Gatersade wars 'dictionaries ruin pk!'

Trinexx chats 'Time to adept the teleport spell! This should be exciting.'


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 24   \/   Odd and Amusing Titles

Malkatov Dalu'sair repeatedly casts Nuadhaich after his rum bender.

Belkira's title decided the atkins diet wasn't for it but meets 
at Dairy Queen once a week anyways.

Tilessa: People who think I have ADD are wro.. ooo,shiny!
Gravlocke really likes Tilessa's ti...Hey, what's that?

Lilcal the DT and corpse rot bot.

Krakith: Snapith Krakith Poppith, Rice Krispies.

Ihl likes brown paper packages tied up with strings.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 25   \/   Av Antics - Falennt

Skurje: Twilight and New Moon rawk

Gandalf: check for genitals
Gandalf: or the lackthereof

Skurje: ya inbetween playing hockey, spackling, and drinking beer I'm
screeching like a teen chick


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 26   \/    Shop with Guts'n'Glory! 

If you are in need of some equipment at fair prices, look no further than
NW of DH[]!  Kaleo and Lilkal are ready to help you with your equipment

With new items available on these bots, and constant restocking, Kaleo and
Lilkal can save you time and gold!  

Just type whois kaleo or whois lilkal for a stock and price listing and
find them NW of DH[]!


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 27   \/    Advertise with the Cry! 

Advertise with the Cry of Despair!

Do you own a bot?  
Are you looking to sell a few things and make a little gold?
The Cry of Despair is a great place to advertise your wares!  
Let people know where you park your sellbots, afterall, people need to know 
where you are in order for you to get their gold!

Are you looking to buy something? Place an advertisement in the Cry! 
Who knows, maybe someone is looking to sell what you are looking to buy!

Just write up a little advertisement and mudmail it to Annale, or post 
it on the CoD Public board located e,s,3u,w from Darkhaven Square and 
your advertisement will be published in the next issue!


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 28   \/    CoD Readers Reward 

   ___   ,'    \_________________________________________
  /   /-/   dP  /  Cry of Despair           ////////////  ''--..._
  \___\-\  dP   \    Readers Reward         \\\\\\\\\\\\  __..--'

The staff at the CoD would like to thank you, the readers for your support,
input, and for reading each month!  For this reason, we have introduced 
The Cry of Despair Readers Reward!.

Each month, 10 million gold coins will be made available to one lucky 

How do you qualify?  Just write to us at the Cry of Despair!  Comprehensive
'Letters to the Editor', well-written feedback letters to an article, or 
detailed suggestion letters are all qualifying entries!

A minimum of ten entries must be received in order for the draw to be 
opened that month.  If 10 entries are not received, the money is pooled 
and added to the next issue's draw.  The entries will also be saved for the 
next draw.  If, after ten issues there have not been enough submissions, the 
pot will be emptied and restarted.

Who can submit? Why you, our loyal readers!  Only one submission per 
draw. Any person caught submitting multiple entries on alts will be 
disqualified from the draw. CoD Staff, Immortals, and alts are not 
permitted to enter the draw.

How do I submit? Mudmail your Letter to the Editor, feedback letter, or
letter of suggestion to Annale or Falennt or post your letter on the CoD
public board at e,s,u,u,u,w from DH[].

Submissions will be published in the same issue as the draw.

This month's gold pool is worth: 60 Million Gold Coins!


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 29   \/    Reunion 

The reunion for 2010 is cancelled. It was a hard decision and one we did not 
wish to make. With the requirement of passports, the change from a party-
scene to a family one (as our player base has matured) we felt it best to 
take off a year or so to make the adjustment. It is the hopes that players 
will once again be able to set aside resources/funds to make the trek to 
Toronto for the reunion to meet their fellow mudders and the immortals. 
If there are players who are interested in just a simple bbq or meet for a 
day at the lake let Thoric and Jane know as they have extended their 
hospitality to RoDites.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 30   \/    2010 Nation Olympics 

        /|,                 2010 Nation Olympics
       )  (,                 Coming this summer!
      ( (  )       
`--.._      _..--' The Olympics started as a need for greater
      `\  /'       integration between the RP Nations. Each 
        ||  pb     citizen on RoD belongs to one of the 14 races
        ||         on RoD and is encouraged to participate.
        ||         OPC - Olympic Planning Committee is made up
        ||         of the Nation Leaders and appointed members
        ||         which represent their race. If you are interested
        ||         in assisting with the planning contact your 
        ||         Nation Leader for more information. 


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 31   \/    Deadly Advert - Gatersade 
 __, __,  _, _,  _, _  _,    _, __,   __, __,  _, __,  _, _ __,
 |_) |_  /_\ |   |\/| (_    / \ |_    | \ |_  (_  |_) /_\ | |_)
 | \ |   | | | , |  | , )   \ / |     |_/ |   , ) |   | | | | \
 - - --- - - --- -  -  -     -  -     -   ---  -  -   - - - - -
                 /{     />
                 \{     \>                  Come Play Today...
     __, __,  _, __, _,  , _   _,_ __, __,  _, _  _, _, _
     | \ |_  /_\ | \ |   \ |   | / |_  |_) (_  | / \ |\ |
     |_/ |   | | |_/ | ,  \|   |/  |   | \ , ) | \ / | \|
     -   --- - - -   ---   )   -   --- - -  -  -  -  -  -


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 32   \/    Deadly Advert - Gatersade 
                |Adults Only 18+  | May Contain:              |
                |-----------------|   Blood and Gore          |
                |                 |   Drug and Alcohol Usage  |
                |      #####      |   Intense Violence        |
                |     ### ###@@@  |   Violent Sexual Content  |
                |    ###   #@#  @ |   Nudity                  |
                |   #########@@@  |   Real Gambling           |
                |  ###       ###  |   Coarse Language         |
                |                 |   Mature Humour           |
                |Content Rated by: Carebear Peacefuls Inc.    |


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 Page 33   \/    Roleplay Wiki - 

For those seeking to feed their Inner RP Demons there is a new wiki site
available with many sections including (but not limited to) Nations, Roleplay
culture, literature, arena, RP archives, order RP, Places to RP, player
organized groups, diaries etc.
We encourage contributions to this mud-wide RP archive and history. If you
require assistance in helping to set up a section in the wiki please contact
Falennt or myself for information or follow the handy guide in the right hand
side of the wiki.
Take the time to become part of this RP rich world which lurks in virtually
every part of RoD. Visit!

Falennt and Romani


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 Page 34   \/    Letter from the Editor 

I'd like to apologize for skipping a month with the Cry.  Unfortunately, 
life has a tendency to rear its ugly head once in a while!  But we're back 
on track again!  Enjoy the issue!

Don't forget to vote for RoD on TMS: 

As always, I'd like to remind everyone that the deadline for article 
submissions is the 25th of the month.  The next CoD will be published
in July. So the next deadline is June 25th!

Thanks for reading,
Annale Firestorm  


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 Page 35   \/    Write for the Cry! 

Write for the Cry!

Currently the Immortal Sponsors are looking for more and more writers.
If you are interested then please write a short note saying why you would 
like the position.  Please include your normal online times so that the 
immortals can interview you. 

We also welcome freelance editors. Do contact Falennt or Annale for 
more information.

We are also looking for more staff writers and freelancers. If you 
would like to earn some income through writing just about anything, feel 
free to speak with Falennt regarding your interest.

Our Current Payment Rates

Editor-in-Chief : 60 million gold per issue edited
Staff Writers   : 4 million gold per page submitted.

Regular freelancers  : 3 million gold per page submitted.
Organization Writers : 2 million gold per page submitted.

The Cry of Despair welcome all newbie and avatar writers alike. If 
your passion is writing, do contact Falennt through mudmail or a tell.

Thank you in advance for your interest. 

N.B.: Staff Writer : Cry of Despair Staff, Regular Submissions required.
      Freelancer   : Article submission not on regular basis, not required  
                     to be on the Cry of Despair staff list.