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Rants: From the Summit and various; Story Submissions

  Cry of Despair                                    Issue 70, 4/03
     .JNNNN` .JNNNNNL   NNNNNN.  |  In this month's issue:
    JNNNNN) JNNNNNNNNL (NNNNNNN. |    * News about recent quests
   JNN`    JNN`    NNN (NN.  (NN)|      and happenings in the Realms.
  (NN`    (NN`     NNF (NN`  (NN`|    * More opinions from our ever
  (NN.    (NN.    JNN` NNF  JNN) |      thinking writers.
  (NNNNNN (NNNNNNNNN' (NNNNNNNF  |    * More of the thought-provoking
   4NNNN`  "NNNNNN`   NNNNNNF    |      Rants from the Summit.
                                 |    * Even more submissions from
        The Cry of Despair!      |      our readers!
        ===================      |    * All the usual guilds and
   *         *               *   |      orders news, fabulous quests,
       *              *          |      TS updates and much more!
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  Editor: Alysira                     Immortal Sponsor: Elisabet
  Staff: Amante, Ganemanoimu, Ilsensine, Juliana, Kellandra,
  Khaimran, Qaulorn, Shadia, Shadrack, Simone, Vaile.
  Contents                                           CoD, Issue 70

  Desk of the Editor
  News from around the Realms
    Guild/Order News
    TS/VC Updates
  The Svedish Baker!
  Rants from the Summit
  A Few Thoughts...
  Ilsensine's Poem, "The Flaw of Static"
  Public Submissions
    Shingo's Rants
    Story Submissions
  Elisabet's Corner
  Announcements and Advertisements

  Desk of the Editor - by Alysira                           Editor

  Another month goes by, and I know it has been too long since
  the last Cry of Despair. I apologize for this, but things have
  been hectic all over. As a result of a number of changes, this
  will be my last edition as Editor of the CoD.
    The position of Editor has been given to the wonderful Juliana.
  Many of you know that Juliana has been a long-time, dedicated
  member of the Cry of Despair staff, and we'll see great things,
  I'm sure!
    I have had a real blast working on the CoD staff for these past
  several months, and hope that whatever the future holds, it will
  be just as fun.
    Thanks for making this so much fun guys. And now I give you,
  the 70th edition of the Cry of Despair!

  Guild/Order News - by Kellandra                             News

  Guild of Augurers

  First of all good luck to Yeroc, who immed Monday 31st of March. I
  hope you found what you were looking for.

  With Yeroc's disappearance in GoA we are in dire need of a new IGQC
  rep, so any guilded auggies that are interested, please come forward.

  I would like to welcome Adaez, Crizack and Lorrec as new members of
  MoA (Magistrates of Augury) to help out Sykan, and in addition thank
  Cornelis, Calgon and Zordian for their work in the past for this
  council. I hope you all fare well.

  For those auggies that are participating the platinum quest series,
  don't despair, a new quest is on its way :)

  Also thank you Calgon for being our IT leader for a long time. Saying
  that, we are in need of a new IT leader.

  Big hug and thank you to all the auggies that make the guild a good
  place to be.

  *** Clannad ***

  Guild of Mages

  The Guild of Mages warmly welcomes Dukhrem, Osias, and Abremelin,
  Magyst and Diabolique to the guild. Krangar, formerly known as the
  original Milenko has returned to us. May your quantum strikes always
  be true!

  The guild runs this week included Jade, Magus of Evil, Justice,
  Horus, Hades, Hecate, Malvos, Lord X, Kraken, Kahl, and Father Time.

  The Guild of Mages congratulates yet another mage who has risen to
  the ranks of the Immortals, Alysira. She will be missed on guild runs
  she participated in and the guild Quest Council.

  March ended on a fun note for the guild with our own Pollo being on
  the most hunted list during the Free for all mode on Realms where
  the entire world went on a mad killing spree in PK Madness.

  Mages in the guild have been having strange dreams, visions of
  Il'Liara filling their minds, crying out to us, "Why did you let me
  die? Why did you not defend me?". We fear this is not the last we
  have seen of these disturbing images. We also fear that something is
  brewing deep within the magical forces and gaining power.

  Guild of Nephandi

  This Month our grats go to Zoes on joining the Guild's IT team. In
  addition 2 of our long standing members, Zeekor and Hewitt, have
  rejoined us from retirement and receive a hearty 'welcome back'.

  Preparations had been afoot for some time to hold the Immortal
  sponsored glory quest which the Guild had been privileged to be
  offered... And this month it took place! Eleven brave Nephandi set
  out to ensure that a plot to rid the world of evil for ever was
  foiled. To that end, they scoured the far corners of Realms, slaying
  the devout evangelists responsible for this outrage. A good deal of
  blood was shed, including their own, and at the last Morgrin fought
  a heroic solo battle surrounded by the corpses of his companions,
  finally triumphing over the remaining evangelist and bringing our
  quest to an end. Much fun was had by everyone, and many thanks go to
  Destre for sponsoring the quest :)

  In other news, now that our last IGPK match has taken place, the
  internal PK ladder competition will be starting, so no members will
  need to suffer withdrawal symptoms on the murder and mayhem front.

  Guild of Thieves

  March brought the winds of change to the Guild. Uimato moved up to
  Guild 1st when Louis found himself incapable of fulfilling his duties
  due to his involvement overseas with the war. Let us hope for his
  safe return and a quick end to the war. Zilensko, as runner up in
  the last elections, moved into the Guild 2nd position. Please, all
  welcome and congratulate both of them.

  Guild members have been busy with runs and exploring. New inductees
  this past month were Jharkus, Amorthan, Krangari and Tuile. Welcome
  to the guild to all. May this place become your new home.
  Also, welcome Ardaria, Tae, and Rikoles as full members of the Guild.

  We have had a number of eager inductees start their ARC. Currently,
  Shade, Hecate and Shimmy seem to be the favorites for these newcomers.
  Congratulations to Ein on completing both his ARC - I and ARC - DP
  this month. Well done mate. ARC underwent a restructuring to reflect
  The Shattering and mob changes that have occurred. As the changes are
  only minor, they shouldn't affect anyone who has already begun their

  PK has seen a burst of activity. The Guild has been doing practices
  every second - third day. Many thanks to Aslan and Darshanin for
  putting up with us :) IGPK has seen us win a few and also thanks to
  the crafty Nephandis lose one. A good month for PK.

  That's it for this month. Any level 20 or higher thieves who are
  interested in joining our Guild, please read the notes in the
  Recruiting Office or contact a member who has IT in their title.
  They will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have
  about joining the Guild.

  The Triad

  Guild of Vampires

  Greetings from the Guild of Vampires.

  The guild would like to announce that Gaanolyik, Skarlet and
  Tanmlaxon are the most recent Chylde to become full guild members.
  May they partake of the virgin forever more.

  We would also like to commend Erland from his efforts as a Sire as
  well as Nymath and Tyrie who are our current Sire's in Training.

  If you are a Vampire of level 20 or above please drop by the Secluded
  Parlor just west of Moloch and fill out an application today. The
  Guild of Vampires is located on Law Ave next to Annir's Clothing.

  The current incarnation or our webpage can be found at:

  Darkness is a part of everything - We are that darkness. From the
  darkness comes a power - That power resides in us. We have banded
  together to help those of us who need aid, to guide those who seek
  to learn.
                                        ----Whispers of Aalakab-----

  Order of MaidenStone

  Welcome to MaidenStone's newest members Sidney, Skyla and Tenly!

  One of the order's long-serving members and leaders has moved on
  recently. MaidenStone wishes Ilyatha the best in her pursuits and
  welcomes Skaphia as the new leader, and Salendine as the new first
  of the order.

  Applications have been closed temporarily for the next 2-3 weeks
  but should be reopened as soon as possible. Anyone with questions
  is encouraged to contact a leader or QM for more information.

  Guild of Clerics

  Recently Opened... The latest hot spot in town for your nighttime
  entertainment! Club GoC-Spot! Featuring special new guests Savur,
  Cryss, Zimm, Annale, Lectran and many more!

  No cover before midnight, dress to impress! Party with the hottest
  kumquats and carrots in town. No one waits in line!
  Located nw, 2w, 2n, e, u from DH Square!

  Thanks - Club GoC-Spot Management

  TS Updates - by Shadrack                                    News

  During March the following proposals were considered in TS meetings:

  Passed by TS:
  * Adding resist_unholy and resist_holy as glory rates.
  * Accretion spell for evil clerics.
  * Sanctify spell for devout clerics.
  * Note writing command /m to center.
  * Making salves auctionable.
  * Viewing areas file by argument (ie. areas aa az).
  * Peaceful timer for Badlands.
  * Config option to gag whisper echoes.
  * Nadur Ciall being castable in combat.
  * Rewrite: Post offices in hometowns.
  * Rewrite: Room echo for Exsurgo spell.
  * Changing Ocean Keep mobs to human race.
  * Unused notes keyed to blank.
  * Non- variable to exclude (e.g. get all non-potion).
  * Backwear defaulting to back slot rather than body.
  * Nephandi evasive style lowered from level 8 to 6.
  * Gith fathomers.
  * Tell list.
  * Style indicator for group.
  * Livelinks check.
  * Apartments given some storage.
  * Donation bots and IP checks.

  Failed by TS:
  * Notes addressed to All being getable as well as removable.
  * Mail read/unread flag.
  * Devotion required for most cleric/paladin spells.
  * Safety deposit boxes at bank.
  * Ability to modify appearance flags (i.e. kneeling vs. standing).
  * Nation leaders being able to edit hometowns.
  * Making nations into separate councils.
  * Making thieves and clerics available to all races.
  * Continuous style adepting, like weapon proficiencies.
  * IP check for auctioning.
  * Auction start prices amendment.
  * Lizardmen triple wield.
  * Lizardmen changes (clerics, increased dex and ac, res_poison).
  * Anonymous mode to make name unknown to other players.
  * Obey command (optional charm person).
  * Note copy for mortals.
  * Donation mobs for all orgs.

  TS also received feedback on a number of proposals it had passed
  previously, as follows :

  * Reduced blood loss in darkened rooms
  * Who path - already being worked on
  * Look sign/signet change
  * Whois not affecting trance (implemented)
  * Order meeting room (implemented)

  * Command to force players to leave a house
  * Config +gag  gagging missed attacks of others
  * Oldscore changes
  * Unholy Desecration
  * Clutch command
  * Config +/- whisper
  * Nation leader flagging
  * Backwear default
  * Blank note keyword addition

  The Svedish Baker! - by Aeriel                             Baker

  Oh no! A crisis befell the Realms, and a few brave immortals decided
  to try and solve the problem before it got too out of hand. Our
  wonderful Svedish Baker, who makes all the birthday and wedding cakes,
  decided that he was sick and tired of baking all these cakes without
  even a thank you, and revolted! He scattered his secret items to 15
  select bakers, chefs, cooks and kitchens across the lands and called
  it quits!
  These brave immortals, fearing the sight of another immortal would
  truly set him off to the deep end of insanity, logged on their mortal
  characters to try to reason with him. Alas, to no avail. As the
  conversation continued, the Baker progressed deeper and deeper into
  dementia. He finally ordered them all out, so he could talk to his
  beetle friend upon the floor in peace (even though no one else even
  SAW any beetles, let alone any talking ones).
  The decision was made to go and retrieve his items from across the
  lands and return them to him, hoping this would break the thrall of
  the deep illusory world the Baker was apparently in. Some discussion
  of how to accomplish this took place, and they finally split up to go
  alone or in pairs to find the Baker's beloved items and bring them
  back to him.

  So they started on their long and arduous journey, and found his
  items after searching most diligently throughout the lands. They
  brought them back to the Baker, filled with happiness that they had
  accomplished this for their beloved chef. Maybe now, since they had
  shown how much he meant to them, he would return to his art and
  trade of baking.
  Oh no! A very unexpected thing occurred! Upon receiving the items,
  the Baker went totally berserk, screaming 'No more cakes!'.
  Aghast and in total shock, the brave adventurers could do nothing
  but try and defend themselves as he launched himself, screaming, at
  them, with hatred and murder blazing out of his mad eyes!
  The group fought a long and bloody battle, but at last the Baker lay
  dead at their feet. Appalled at what had transpired, they wondered
  what would happen now....and who would bake the wonderful cakes for
  all the wonderful people of the realms.
  Suddenly, a ghostly apparition appeared before them all. Wavering
  indistinctly for a second or two, the vision solidified and addressed
  the brave adventurers, thanking them for the efforts made on his
  behalf. He would return to bake the cakes for the lands, and he
  thanked them for releasing insanity's grasp upon his mind.
  With that, the figure faded slowly away into mist, then disappeared.

  The Bakery was saved! Wedding and birthday cakes are being made again,
  just like before...only this time, we'll always be sure to thank our
  great and wonderful Svedish Baker!

  Rants from the Summit - by Ganemanoimu                      RftS

  Another month, another rant. It never ceases to amaze me how many
  things there are to talk about. This topic was suggested to me by
  a friend and I couldn't help but agree given a lot of the things
  I've seen. Let's look at the situation first.
  Realms is a community of players where we all have the right to
  mostly free speech. As long as you aren't breaking any fundamental
  laws like swearing, you can say whatever you want. I have no problem
  with anyone offering their advice as long as you express that it's
  YOUR OPINION. Advice is nice, except when it's wrong. Don't think
  that just because you're offering advice that we should all bow down
  and thank you for imparting your divine wisdom unto us.
  Defending wrong advice to the ends of the earth is annoying and just
  brands you for the idiot you are. Personally insulting other people
  who disagree with you doesn't really make a strong argument in your
  favor either. I don't know if you've had a chance to read through
  the RoD Forums, but there's an amusing thread that goes on about the
  IGPK. In it, a certain person expresses why thieves will win because of
  of gouge. When people disagree with him, he suggests that perhaps he
  is on 'too high of a plane.' or something of the sort, I'm not really
  interested in the exact quote. I'm sure you can all find it if it
  still exists.
  Needless to say, talking for the sake of talking rarely produces
  anything worthwhile. So I think I'll try to follow my own advice and
  offer this: Shut up and keep your advice to yourself.
  We'll ask you if we need it.


  A Few Thoughts... - by Ganemanoimu                      Thoughts

  Here are a few thoughts for the last month ...

  It suddenly occurred to me why Survivor here is a little different
  than what it's normally expected to be, or what it's like on TV.
  I haven't actually watched the TV version so I don't know how it
  really is.

  But anyway, the fact is that everybody goes in, already knowing who
  is who and which people are going to be siding with who. You know
  who is the good questor, and who's the annoying spammer, and of
  course you plan accordingly and such. What would be really cool
  for next year, is if no one actually knew anyone else, like using
  dummy chars with EQ sets already set up. I'm sure this would all
  be far too much work for the benefit and eventually everyone would
  know who ends up being who, but it would be a lot of fun and then
  you can vote out people based on their performance in quests and
  Oh, and personally I think the whole deal with alliances is a bit
  overrated in Realms Survivor. I think it's more about being able
  to compete with good questors and being able to compare yourself
  to them, and just trying to win overall.

  Quest Etiquette:
  more stupid, but the etiquette at quests, especially IOQC quests
  seems to have dropped a lot, like Orders are supposed to be the more
  experienced organizations and should know how to act appropriately.
  For example, the DH Assembly is not a lounge where you chat and
  social up your friends. Giggling, nodding, talking (especially about
  quest unrelated stuff), yawning, etc. all constitute as spam and
  should not be used. Oh, and asking the hosting Immortal to remove her
  pants is probably not a good thing to do either, whether it be a joke
  or not. The worst is especially after the hosting Immortal has asked
  you to cut down the spam repeatedly.
  But anyway, I'm sure you get the picture. Here's a quick sample of
  last IOQ- Oops... My knife slipped?

  bs person
  You undo your cloak from around your body revealing your equipment.
  Oneguy stops following you.
  Twoguy stops following you.
  Threeguy stops following you.
  Fourguy stops following you.
  Your backstab **** SMITES **** Person!
  Person is DEAD!!
  You receive 0 experience points.
  A strange feeling grows deep inside you, and a tingle goes up your
  A deep voice booms inside your head, 'Thou shall now be known as a
    deadly murderer!!!'
  You feel as if your soul has been revealed for all to see.
  Person hits the ground ... DEAD.

  P.S. Don't try this at home kids.

  I think there is a bug with this as it echoes:
  Ganemanoimu disbands from Ganemanoimu's group. x4

  Thanks to Q for that perspective.  Anyway, I'll probably
  be back next month.


  The Flaw of Static - by Ilsensine                           Poem

  Too many stand and stare,
  Caught still and prone,
  Lost in the glare,
  Of the gifts of Now,
  Dark Present's crone,
  Bound not to allow,
  Time's silver Change,
  They must stay alone!
  Never dare rearrange.

  Lives are fluid things,
  Moving, not for chains,
  Nor bound in precious rings,
  A future means another day,
  Hats off when it rains,
  The water will not stay,
  The world will dry,
  Stand still? Well hat's blown away...
  Take it off! See the lie,
  And hold Time's silver Change.

  Public Submissions                                   Submissions

  By Shingo

  With the Guild of Druids having completed their set in the IGPK,
  I can now write about how I felt the IGPK has been conducted. All
  in all, I think that the amount of work that went into the PK was
  not fruitless, and people were enjoying themselves. That said,
  there are a couple of things that might need to be looked at more
  carefully in the future for next year's tournament.

  Having one person doing the schedule. Prior to GoF pulling out of
  the tourney for their reasons, the schedule seemed good. Most
  fights looked balanced and everyone had each guild as a partner
  once. As soon as GoF left, the schedule had to be changed and
  things didn't quite seem to match up anymore for some of the
  Guilds. Some had huge advantages in their matches. Some Guilds
  got paired up (whether by accident or on purpose, I don't know)
  with the same guild twice.

  Using GoD as an example, we never fought with or against the GoP.
  We had GoC as teammates twice. We fought against a full team of
  dualwielders, while only half of our group could fight on equal
  ground. Understandably, not every match is going to be equal,
  but there are certain times when you feel like you're really the
  underdogs in the match, and the cards are stacked against you,
  and there's nothing you can do but take what's coming to you.

  What to allow outside of slist. Besides the usual assortment of
  brewed heals and manas, the only spells allowed were sanctuary and
  fly. Because blindness was not banned and allowed, some thought
  true sight should also be allowed to be used by everyone as well.
  While blindness did maybe change the tide in one or two battles,
  it still wasn't the big threat some people had thought it could be.

  Disqualification. GoR completely missed one match, where not a
  single guildee was present. Some thought they'd be completely
  disqualified, so those who were teamed up with them were disadvantaged.
  This wasn't hashed out prior to the start of the PK. If in the event
  something like that was to happen, then it should've been as clear
  as day what would've been carried out.

  I think this PK was a success (even though it's still going on at
  the time I write this) but I believe there were some things that
  got neglected that should not have been, and that more than one
  person should've been involved in looking at the schedule, to
  ensure as much of a balanced fight as possible, and to give everyone
  a shot at fighting with/against each guild.

  Next year will maybe see the inclusion of a strong GoF, and perhaps
  some new PK ideas, or a new arena in which we could play in.
  For now, may the guild with the buffest alts and borrowed EQ win.


  Story Submissions                                        Stories
                    Alric - A Story by 0.Jander
  Chapter 3 (Previous chapters at
  Alric walked out of the hidden exit to the guild, pondering recent
  events. It had been a shock to find out that Alistair D'Emrose was
  Irdrak's heir. Even more so, Alric was amazed that even Guildmistress
  Angelea herself was apparently interested in the assassination. There
  must be some deeper conspiracy behind it... He still had no idea why
  someone would want to kill Irdrak's heir. Musing, he walked to the
  Grim Smile.

  Reaching the doors of the tavern, Alric paused. Given the situation,
  perhaps it would not be such a great idea to simply stroll in.
  Turning, Alric pulled his cloak tightly around him to conceal his
  armor and sheathed dagger. Stepping into the shadows, Alric took a
  mask made from dragon's flesh. He had cut it himself from the corpse
  of a Wyvern, and spent months tanning it into a beautiful mask.
  Donning it and securely tying it to his face, Alric nodded. Masks
  and veils were all the rage in Darkhaven, and only the poor did not
  have at least a scrap of raccoon fur to cover their face. Reversing
  his cape, his plain brown cloak became gaudily embroidered and
  crimson. He took out an ornamental sword encrusted with very good
  fake jewels from his extradimensional storage portal.

  Grimacing at the thing, Alric tied it to his sword belt. He was now
  unrecognizable and the very picture of a minor noble trying to
  impress others with expensive dress, not realizing how gaudy it was.
  Straightening up, Alric strutted into the Sleeping Dragon Inn.
  Assuming his haughtiest demeanor, he walked up to the man standing
  behind the counter.

  "Greetings, my good man! Can you direct me to the owner of this fine

  "Aye, m'lord. I am Kordor, the owner of this inn. May I help you?"

  "Why, yes you can! My name is Rical, and I am from the city of New
  Ofcol. I was recommended to this inn as the best in all of New
  Darkhaven. How much is your finest room for a night?" asked Alric.

  "Our best room is on the top floor, and has a door and a window with
  an excellent view. It is 98732 coins for a night."

  Alric stook a step back. He had known that the Sleeping Dragon Inn
  was expensive, but that was almost all the gold he had left. Still, it
  would be worth it to discover the identity of his enemies. Pulling out
  his purse, Alric plunked it down on the counter.

  "There's a hundred thousand. Just give me a thousand back, you can
  keep the rest. I certainly hope this place lives up to its reputation
  and price, though."

  Counting out the gold, Kordor smiled. "I'm sure you will enjoy your
  stay here, m'lord. Here is your change, and your key. Have a good

  Alric accepted the money and the key, and put them into his purse.
  Smiling, he leaned against the counter. "It's still a bit early to
  turn in yet, my good man! Tell me, where can I find some entertainment?"

  Kordor shook his head. "Our house minstrel, Llewythin Nimenor, is
  accounted one of the finest musicians in all of the realm, my lord. I
  am sure you would enjoy his songs."

  Alric tipped his hat to Kordor and strolled into the lounge, and sat
  down next to the warm, crackling flames. The elven bard bowed as he
  completed a song, and began another. Strumming an ancient golden harp,
  the mellow tunes were truly enchanting. As the bard sang one sad song
  of love and betrayal after another, Alric found himself slowly falling
  asleep. Suddenly, he felt Sullandir vibrating. Waking up, he
  surreptitiously grasped the hilt of the magical dagger. Immediately, the
  harp Llewythin was playing appeared limned in Eldritch fire, and the
  waves of magic exuding from the harp became apparent.

  Alric glanced at the bard, but Llewythin did not seem to be aware
  of the magical emanations. Perhaps the elf was not even aware of
  his harp's properties.

  At the end of the song, Alric stood up and tossed a few coins into
  the steadily growing pile in front of the minstrel as he walked up
  to the elf.

  "Tell me, bard, would you be willing to sell your harp to me?" asked

  Llewythin shook his head. "I am sorry sire, but this is an inheritance
  that has been passed down through the family for over a millennium.
  I will not part with it."

  Alric nodded. It seemed that Llewythin had not had any hostile intent,
  and the Sleeping Dragon Inn was known for its security. In all
  probability, the bard did not even know of his harp's magical
  properties. "Tell me, bard, where can I find some entertainment more...
  Lively than this?"

  Llewythin smiled. "If you seek a more raucous environment, you might
  try the Grim Smile tavern next door. However, good sir, take care and
  watch yourself. A noble was killed there last week by a bloodthirsty

  Alric frowned. He objected to being called bloodthirsty, but his
  actions at the time did deserve it. He would let the insult pass...
  For now.
  "Really? I will be sure to watch myself."

  Alric turned to leave, but stopped. Minstrels were well known as a
  source of information and gossip, and were often very observant.
  "Tell me... What were the circumstances regarding the noble's death?
  I am a Captain of the guard back in New Ofcol. Perhaps I might find
  something your local guards missed."

  Llewythin shrugged. "All I know is that an unknown half-orc suddenly
  cut the throat of a young noble in the Grim Smile a few weeks ago. The
  name of the noble was hushed up, but I think it was Alistair D'Emrose.
  The rumors are that he's the illegitimate son of Irdrak, the owner of
  the weapons shop here."

  Alric frowned. The minstrel really was extremely well informed. Even
  Stelan had not known the identity of the noble... But somehow he had
  known it was Alric... That bared thinking on later. "Did you notice
  what the assassin looked like?"

  Llewythin shook his head. "He was kind of nondescript... He was tall,
  about your height, and had black hair, about the same shade as yours,
  except a little shorter. Beyond that, I didn't see much."

  Alric nodded. "He might have had accomplices. Perhaps a mage casting
  some sort of obscurement spell... Did you notice any magic users in
  the bar or inn that day?"

  Llewythin frowned. "Come to think of it, I think there WAS a mage in
  the room. He was a Drow, and had a distinctive black lock of hair
  amid the usual white. He came in a few nights that week, but never
  appeared again after the murder. Perhaps he was involved... I'm sorry
  I can't help you more."

  Alric thanked the bard, and left the Inn. Entering the Grim Smile,
  Alric wandered around and asked Ulren and regular customers about
  that night, especially about the Drow mage. When questioned, he
  introduced himself as a Captain in the New Ofcol town guards. As the
  time approached midnight and the drinkers left, Alric went to the
  casino and surreptitiously stole a few more purses and replenished his
  gold supplies.
  Finally, he returned to the Sleeping Dragon Inn and entered the
  expensive room he had paid for and quickly fell into a deep, dreamless

  Suddenly, Alric woke. Sullandir was vibrating and becoming
  uncomfortably warm. Alric drew the magical blade, and the eldritch
  flow of magic from the window to the bed appeared. It seemed that
  somebody was trying to put him into a magically induced sleep. Alric
  reversed his cape again, and cloaked himself in black. He hastily
  stuffed some pillows under the sheets, and drew back up into the
  shadows. Alric concealed himself by the window frame, and raised his
  dagger, poised to strike.

  The flow of magic ceased, and the window opened. Alric waited, and
  saw a ripple in the air. His opponent had a spell of invisibility!
  They were obviously not taking any chances at all, whomever they
  were. Alric carefully adjusted his position to be directly behind
  the invisible intruder, and waited his opportunity.
  Suddenly, the intruder sprang forward and drove a poniard into the
  pillows arranged to appear to be a sleeping man. As they attacked,
  the invisibility was dissipated and Alric himself sprang forward
  in a backstab and drove his dagger into the back of his opponent.
  The magical blade bit cleanly through the shirt of chain mail his
  opponent was wearing, as if it was nothing more than a cloth tunic.
  However, the sudden motions had thrown his aim off a little and his
  opponent was merely sorely wounded, and not paralyzed as Alric had

  Springing back, Alric raised his dagger in a ready guard. His opponent
  turned and was revealed to be a Drow, although this one had all white
  hair and was not the one he was looking for. The Drow wavered, but
  spread his hands out as he uttered two magical words of power.
  Prismatic bolts sprayed out from the mage's hands. Alric dove forward,
  right through the spray of colorful magical bolts. He grunted as a
  few of them impacted, but he kept moving forward. As he hit the
  ground, he rolled forward and leapt into the air, and uppercutted the
  Drow in the jaw with Sullandir's hilt. As he landed, Alric grabbed the
  mage by the shoulders and planted his knee firmly in his gut. Gasping
  for breath, the mage dropped to the ground.

  Alric picked his assailant up, and brought his dagger to the mage's
  throat. "Talk! Who sent you? Tell me, or I will kill you." The drow
  sneered. "Do you think you could threaten me, puny surface dweller? I
  am a Noble of house Rya'll!"

  Alric shook his head. "Tsk tsk tsk. You SHOULD fear me, fool. I won't
  just give you the mercy of death, you know. I will cut your vocal
  cords, then I will kill you in the slowest, most painful way possible."

  The drow mage simply shook his head. "I am Drow, you fool. You cannot
  scare me."

  Alric laughed a horrible laugh. "Then, it is time to begin. I hope
  you enjoy being flayed alive, fool. After all, I can always enlist a
  Nephandi to animate your corpse, and this will give me great pleasure."

  Alric savored the horrified look on the drow's face before stabbing
  his dagger through the mage's throat with precision, silencing the
  would-be assassin forever. It was time for some fun.

  Here's chapter 3.... I got an e-mail from someone I don't know praising
  my story, which is really cool. Anyway, as usual, write me back and
  let me know what you think. Thanks to Herne for the randomly provided
  cost of a room at the Sleeping Dragon Inn. And yes, I know, Alric
  DOES frown a lot :P. Also, regarding this chapter, remember - Alric
  is NOT a nice guy. He is Chaotic Evil, although at times he is more
  like Chaotic Neutral. He does have a few peculiarities - he never
  breaks his word, for one, but generally he's not someone you would
  befriend easily or even want to, for that matter.
  As always, send comments to please.


  Quests - by Elisabet                                       Quests

  Hello again all. Apparently writing quests aren't all that popular,
  or perhaps you're just a bunch of lazy saps, either way, we do 
  have a winnder by default in last month's quest.  Congratulations
  to Athia! and her submission of the worst run ever.  Athia,
  please see me for your prize.

  And here is Athia's story!

  Me and a friend and a stranger decided to run Rez one day
  and I told them each to get the required pots and such, little
  did i know the stranger decided to not bring anything but 100 heals
  and 1 sanc pot! Then we got there had to map the maze (after
  getting seperated by banshees) and finally found Rez. My friend
  decided to go in and check him out by herself right after i said
  DO NOT GO she died, I followed her in to assist and
  the other guy wound up dying at some banshees. This was all while
  I was in MaidenStone so I asked on ordertalk for help, about 7
  people came and we managed to get me and Treyna's stuff but we
  could not find the stranger's corpse..and he wouldn't tell us where he died
  so we looked and looked and he never asked for an imm cr or anything
  just sat there and waited for US to find HIS corpse. So his corpse
  rots, and he expects ME to give him eq.I was like...okay fine
  so I took off my vamps equiptment and gave it to him, unfortunetly
  he was evil and the eq was neut. SO he made us take him to go
  realign, thus killing me and my friends align. FINALLY we get him
  neut and we are like okay bye bye! Then he would not stop sending us
  tells, and then told his order member no one had given him eq!
  So through all of that...we didn't get one kill....

  It was rather tramatizing......

  Quests - by Elisabet + Aslan                              Quests

  This month's quest is provided to you by Aslan and QC. I hope you
  all will enjoy it more than you enjoyed last month's.

  This month's quest is should be pretty amusing - it is a Create
  A Joke Quest!

  Here are the rules-
  Your joke MUST be original.  All jokes wil be checked for originality.
  You may not have any rude or war jokes.
  Players may submit up to three jokes.
  The top three jokes will be chosen by a panel of Imms and CoD members.
  Jokes must be mudmailed to Elisabet no later than Midnight EST
  on April 30.
  As always, if you have any questions please ask, don't assume.

  Thanks and good luck!

  Elisabet's Corner - by Elisabet                           Corner

  Another month, another editor. When are you imms going to stop
  stealing my editors?! :)  Seriously though, it has been an honor
  to work with Alysira on the Cry. She has been a true assest and
  I'm honored to call her my friend. So, good for me, I know have
  her as a fellow imm!  Congratulations Alysira!

  I'm also honored to announce Juliana as our new editor. Juliana
  is one of our very long standing writers, and I know she will
  do an awesome job. Keep your eyes open for great things to come.

  I'd also like to say thanks again to the rest of the Cry of 
  Despair staff.  They are truly awesome to work with!

  Have fun, safe travels and see you next month!

  Elisabet Evenstar-Atal
  Immortal Edtior

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