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Romani announces the Realms of Despair Annual Cry Awards

				       CRY COD CRY1
				          *          ( ____)           .    +          .
				               +     ( ____)
				          .          ( ____)                               *
				                     ( ____)      +
				                     ( ____)                      
				                 .   ( ____)    +            .
				         +           ( ____)             ______ ______ ______   ______ ______
				           /\______/|:_____:|\______/\  |   (__   () |    | | |    ) |    __|
				          (( ======= ------- ======= )) |______)___|\_\___   | |______;___|
				           \_________________________/                |______|
				                     |::|  |  ______ ______ _______ ______ ______ ___ ______
				        Number 143   |::|  | |   _) \  \___|(_   (_   () |    . |   |   () |
				                     |::|  | |______/______|__)____)    __|____|_;___;___|\_\
				        ------------ |::|  | --------------------- |___| --------------------
				        [Editor]     |::|  | [This Issue's Writers]
				        Annale       |::|  |  Annale, Kadgeon
				                     |::|  |  
				                     |::|  | [Contributors]
				        [Sponsor]    |::|  |  Klaatu, Ashandra, Leala, Klessenia
				        Falennt      |::|  |  
				                     |::|  |  
				                     |::|  | 
				                     |::|  | [Imm Contributors]
				                     |::|  |  Romani, Stoneheft, Kinux
				        ------------ |::|  | ------------------------------------------------
				        See HELP CRY2 for the table of contents.
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				        Page 2    \/    Table of Contents
				        This Month's Special:
				          RoD Cry Award Results               - Romani          CRY3-6
				          CoD Valentine's Day Award Results   - Falennt         CRY7-8
				          Valentine's Matchmaker 2010         - Romani
				                                                  Bulgroth        CRY8a-8b
				        Monthly Article     
				          Helpfile of the Month               - Annale          CRY9
				        Nation News
				          Quendi (Elf)                        - Annale          CRY10
				          Uruk'hai (Half-Ogre)                - Klaatu          CRY11
				          Hobbit (Halfling)                   - Kadgeon         CRY12
				          Khazad (Dwarf)                      - Stoneheft       CRY13-14
				          Olog'hai (Half-Troll)               - Leala           CRY15-16
				          Aerandir (Sea-Elf)                  - Ashandra        CRY17
				        Guild News                         
				          Guild of Vampires                   - Kadgeon         CRY18
				        Order News                         
				          Baali                               - Romani          CRY19
				          Arcanes                             - Klessenia       CRY20
				        Quest News
				          January CoD Quest Results           - Annale          CRY21
				          February CoD Quest                  - Annale          CRY22-23
				        Realms Living
				          Ask CoE Answers                                       CRY24-25
				          Looney Linn's Random Thought(s) of the Month          CRY26
				          A Secret Valentine                                    CRY27
				          Dear Kadgeon                                          CRY28
				        Funny Bones
				          Amusing and Odd Titles              - Romani & Annale CRY29
				          Quotes out of Context               - Romani & Annale CRY30
				          Funny Moments                       - Romani          CRY31
				          Gonnil's Room                       - Anonymous       CRY31a
				        Announcements and Advertisements
				          Shop with Guts'n'Glory!                               CRY32
				          Advertise with the Cry!                               CRY33
				          CoD Readers Reward                                    CRY34
				          Happy Valentines Day!                                 CRY35
				         Cry of Despair Staff
				          Suggestion Box                                        CRY36
				          Letter from the Editor                                CRY37
				          Write for the Cry                                     CRY38
				          From Falennt's Inkwell                                CRY39
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				        Page 3    \/    Realms of Despair Annual CRY Awards - Romani 
				       1. Best Male Immortal
				       Kinux, Gonnil, Stoneheft
				       2. Best Female Immortal
				       Destre, Romani, Ceirana
				       3. Best Male Roleplayer
				       Etienne, Iohannis, Toby
				       4. Best Female Roleplayer
				       Victoria, Annale, Prina
				       5. Best Rename 
				       Oblivious/Ubanli, Inappropriate visions of fireman/Ilsensine, 
				       6. Best Couple 
				       Babui Petrograd, Loril and Stoneheft, Lilcal and Lilcal
				       7. Best Area 
				       Vast horizons, The Isle of Nethescuros, Underworld
				       8. Best Quest Mob
				       Gorog's Watchdog, Elvish Presley  Stoneheft, the tourist
				       9. Best Mobile 
				       Merlin, Lunatic, Satan
				       10. Best (worst?) Death Trap
				       Shadowport - Whirlpool, Kontaur  off the trail, O
				       cean Keep - Walking the plank
				       11. Most likely to DT 
				       Vache, Eschilde, Qaulorn
				       12. Best Guild
				       GoP, GoR, GoC
				       13. Best Order
				       Ascendere, Dragonslayer, Baali
				       14. Best Clan
				       Maleficae, Feralis
				       15. Best Sect 
				       Sans Souci, Seelie Court, Exsequor
				       Continued... help CRY4
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				        Page 4    \/    Realms of Despair Annual CRY Awards - Romani
				       16. Best Weapon 
				       oblivion, Prestidigitation, A wickedly sharp halberd named 'dragon fiend'
				       17. Best Piece of Armour 
				       Sparklestar, Black boots of the Falcon, Charnel ashes
				       18. Best Bio.
				       First: Troy
				       Troy's personal bio:
				       OK, so, I'm at work and stuffs and this guy says...
				       "What would you think if I told you this... That life is just a series
				       of livings, and deaths.  In your first chance of life, you learn everything
				       that there is to know in the world, and then you die.
				       Then, you are reborn, reincarnated... and in your new life, you no 
				       longer learn, but instead, you 'remember' things you knew in the past life.
				       School is not an institution of learning, but one of remembering...
				       Life is not a learning experience, but a remembering one.
				       Every time you die, and live again, you may remember different things from
				       the original life, and therefore, you lead a different life, every time
				       As an example he leaves me with this, "Have you ever been somewhere, and 
				       thought to yourself, I've *been* here before, I know this place.. I 'remember'
				       that tree, or the bush over there, or whatever..."
				       After a while I ponder what he says... and I think...
				       Continued... help CRY5
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				        Page 5    \/    Realms of Despair Annual CRY Awards - Romani
				       18. Best Bio (continued)
				       Second: Vortok
				       Vortok's personal bio:
				       Thousands of years before the shattering, the drow-vampire known as Drune met 
				       Lady Myra atop of mount doom.  Unknown to the world, Myra begot a son, who 
				       grew to be known as Vortok.  Ashamed of her unfaithfulness, Myra kept Vortok's
				       birth a secret, one that would die with her, and her alone.  Immediately after 
				       giving birth she clenched her child tight to her chest and vanished in a cloud
				       of green mist.  When the cloud of mist withdrew Myra found herself standing in
				       the Astral Planes, where she abandoned her unnamed son in hope that the 
				       Githyanki would soon see to his demise, along with the chances of anyone ever
				       learning of her dark secret.
				       As fate would have it, the young vampire was picked up by not a Githyanki,
				       but a Githzerai who gave him his name, and raised him in the ways of the Gith.
				       Upon reaching his 2000th birthday Vortok enraged the Immortal Goddess Moonbeam 
				       who destroyed his body and shattered his soul.
				       After "The Shattering" the Gods withdrew Vortok's damnation and placed his
				       soul into a new carcass.  As a punishment, this new flesh was marked with the
				       brand of the deadly, and banned from ever rejoining the peaceful world, as
				       his chance for that was lost in his previous existance.
				       Kali wars 'And the evil that is Vortok is triumphant in death.'
				       Third: Qaulorn
				        Qaulorn's personal bio:
				       I must create a system or be enslaved by another mans; I will not reason and
				       compare: my business is to create. 
				                    -William Blake
				       A man of genius has been seldom ruined but by himself.
				                    -Samuel Johnson
				       Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those
				       who dare not, are slaves. 
				                    -Lord Byron
				       Continued... help CRY6
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				        Page 6   \/    Realms of Despair Annual CRY Awards - Romani
				       19. BALZHUR Food Award 
				       Nubothomer, Waylonuc, Jimothy
				       20. Court Jester 
				       Stoneheft, Ceirana, Arlo
				       21. Best Name 
				       Merry, Lily, Isabella
				       22. Best Food 
				       Some huckleberries, Black Henbane, a giant multicoloured lollipop
				       23. Best Drink
				       A drink called "a flaming homer", an extremely old bottle of scotch whiskey, 
				       24. Best Social 
				       sweatdrop, panic, hail
				       25. Most Needed Social 
				       salt, fistbump, whipcrack 
				       26. Best Change in 2009 
				       Addition of EQ sets, Fletched arrows changed to 1 weight, New PK Geo.
				       27. Worst change in 2009
				       Removing Excordis, Vampire Changes, EQ sets
				       28. Strangest in-game mobile
				       The Rabbit of Caerbannog, The Alluvan horror, 
				       29. Most Exciting Run
				       The Alluvrian Horror, Olsen, Yamata-no-richo
				       30. Next Immortal 
				       Foxarius, Encrombe, Raistlin
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				        Page 7    \/    CoD Valentine's Day Award Results - Falennt
				       1. Most Romantic Male Immortal
				       Which Male Immortal is the most chivalrous and charming?
				       Conran, Gonnil, Falennt
				       2. Most Romantic Female Immortal
				       Which Female Immortal is the most enchanting and sweet?
				       Ceirana, Romani, Akael
				       3. Most Romantic Male Roleplayer
				       Which Male Roleplayer makes your knees go weak?
				        Leon. Toby, Jethren
				       4. Most Romantic Female Roleplayer
				       Which Female Roleplayer sets your heart aflutter?
				       Annale, Talisha, Nariel
				       5. Most Romantic Rename
				       Which Rename is the loveliest to you amongst all?
				        Buns of Steel
				       6. Most Romantic Area
				       Which Area in the Realms speaks of great love and appeal to you?
				       7. Most Romantic Room
				       Which Room in the Realms speaks of great love and appeal to you?
				        Darkhaven Square, A Midnight's Kiss, The Prison Shower
				       8. Most Romantic Mobile
				       Which Mobile in the Realms is the most alluring and attractive?
				        Lady Kherrian, Zeus, Harakiem
				       Lori1 [149players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry8
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				        Page 8    \/    CoD Valentine's Day Award Results - Falennt
				       9. Most Eligible Bachelor of the Realms
				       Which male player in the Realms is the gentleman of your dreams?
				       Gonnil, Slake, Hurley
				       10. Most Eligible Bachelorette of the Realms
				       Which female player in the Realms is the lady of your fantasies?
				        Anya, Foxarius, Babui
				       11. Most Desperate Bachelor of the Realms
				       Which male player in the Realms is the man of your nightmares?
				       Vache, Jimothy, Hurley
				       12. Most Desperate Bachelorette of the Realms
				       Which female player in the Realms is the woman you fear the most?
				       13. Most Romantic Name
				       Which player's name is the most attractive to you amongst all?
				       Lily, Bella, Ulrike
				       14. Most Romantic Dish / Food Item
				       Which Dish or Food is best to serve to your special Valentine?
				        a  burned Cadbury chocolate bar, Magic Mushroom
				       15. Most Romantic Drink
				       Which Drink would be the best pairing for your special dish / food?
				        Mystical Spring
				       16. Most Romantic Social
				       Which Social in the game is the One that represents all that is love?
				       tkiss, vbite, huggle
				       Lori1 [149players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry9
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				        Page 9   \/    Helpfile of the Month - Annale 
				       With specific levels, players are awarded access to particular commands,
				       channels and actions. This is in addition to the normal spells/skills
				       associated with each class.
				       Level  1: stat; statrep 
				       Level  2: tells; chat; music; quest; racetalk; ask/answer; save
				       Level  3: yell
				       Level  5: bio, title, homepage, email, ICQ, auction, traffic
				                 ability to auction (bid/sell)
				                 ability to devote to a deity
				                 deadly players recall to the Umbrageous Ruins
				                 pkill data displayed in score (deadly characters)
				       Level  6: weapon skills increase
				       Level 10: alignment displayed in score as a numerical value
				       Level 15: hitroll/damroll displayed in score (peaceful characters)
				       Level 20: spell affected data is displayed in score
				                 spell duration lengths displayed in 'affected'
				                 imbued with and resistances are displayed in 'affected by'
				       Level 25: armor displayed in score as a numerical value
				       Level 30: erase scroll
				       Level 50: avtalk
				                 death no longer causes experience loss
				                 hunger and thirst messages no longer displayed
				                 pkill data displayed in score (peaceful characters)
				                 you can marry other players
				       For more information on a specific item in this list, see HELP .
				       See also: HELP LEVEL
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				        Page 10   \/    Quendi Nation News - 
				       Fruit-and-cream trifle shortage
				       With Valentine's Day just around the corner, Shirl has experienced a higher
				       than usual demand for fruit-and-cream trifles.  She is doing her best to keep
				       prices low while still being able to keep up with stock.  However, she warns
				       that availability of the trifle will be limited until after Valentine's Day
				       and appreciates everyone's understanding.  Shirl is also looking to negotiate
				       with Elven farmers for new agreements on the inn purchasing fresh fruit.
				       Speak with her or Tari Annale if interested.
				       Hobbits leaving?
				       It has not yet been confirmed, but rumours of Arwen Kadgeon's return have
				       begun to circulate the Island.  With it, talk of the departure of the Hobbits
				       have the Elves in higher spirits.  While their hairy-footed guests have been
				       of minimal disturbance to the Elves' daily lives, their departure is warmly
				       welcomed.  Future negotiations and alliance with the Hobbits is desired 
				       though, once the Hobbits are safely returned to the Burrows.  Perhaps this 
				       will strengthen Elf-Hobbit relations in the future.
				       OOC: Elf Only Quest!
				       The next Elf Only quest will be held on February 28th at 2pm EST!  All Elves
				       are welcome to come participate in this edition of "Poker Run!"
				       As always we want to show our appreciation to all the help that Romani gives
				       to us in making these quests possible!  Thank you! 
				       Lori1 [149players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry11
				        _         )( _________________________________________________________  
				        Page 11   \/    Uruk'hai Nation News - 
				       From the Opallinoc News Bureau -
				       The Uruk'hai have announced that a Mutual Aid Pact has been agreed upon by
				       Leala of the Olog'hai and Klaatu of the Uruk'hai. This Pact gives safety and
				       security to both nations. The Mutual Aid is of a defensive nature in that one
				       nation will come to the aid of the other in times of threats and/or attacks
				       by any third party, whether it be anotehr nation or unknown force.
				       Negotiations are still underway on trade agreements between the two nations.
				       Equitable compensation in terms of goods and products are in discussion.
				       Dateline Northern Trade Route - a Sealed Mine
				       Volstagg, the Catacomb Dweller, was taking a trip to DarkHaven. While on his
				       journey, he came across an unusual pile of rubble. This rubble had a strange
				       effect on the Camden Compass he uses to keep from getting lost. It seems the
				       compass needle would point to the rubble. Which how he found it. Follow
				       compass, end up in wrong place. After a bit of searching the rubble for
				       anything of interest, Volstagg poked a small hole through the pile of rubble.
				       A partially sealed mine could be seen through the hole in the rubble. But as
				       Volstagg had pressing matters in DarkHaven, he would come back and look later.
				       Dateline Darkhaven - Nations Olympics
				       Duke Luther is reminding all the Nations Leaders that their events are due.
				       Please check your mudmail for the next meeting date and time.
				       Lori1 [148players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry12
				        _         )( _________________________________________________________  
				        Page 12   \/    Hobbit Nation News - 
				       My dearest Hobbits, 
				           For those of you who may not have had a chance to read my letter that I
				       have posted in our Hometown, I have returned. I beg forgiveness from each and
				       every one of you for leaving you as I did. I understand the betrayal some of
				       you may have felt at my sudden departure, but I did what I thought best at the
				       time. For you see your beloved Thain was being plagued by ghosts from her 
				       past, and I could not go on leading all of you while I was haunted by these 
				       ghosts. I was not giving you my all, but I have returned to you. I am hoping 
				       that you will once again allow me to lead you, to provide protection, to bring 
				       you comfort, and to bring peace to your hearts. For now I will help in any way
				       that I can until such a time that we know what will be best for our Nation.
				                                       As Always Forever In My People's Service,
				                                                Lady Kadgeon Silverblood
				       Lori1 [148players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry13
				        _         )( _________________________________________________________  
				        Page 13   \/    Khazad Nation News - Stoneheft - 
				       Well, I have politely asked any gnomes that might know anything about the
				       Deep Lode Forge equipment what they know. I have tor
				       to be holding out, lying or sni
				       other than more 
				       What I hav
				       taken b
				       The l
				       to se               This page has been torn out.
				       Lori1 [148players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry14
				        _         )( _________________________________________________________  
				        Page 14   \/    Khazad Nation News - Stoneheft  
				       Finding the 
				       attacked, ki
				       the night, o
				       except for a 
				       lost those to 
				       All I can assum        The page has been torn out.
				       undead attacker
				       bat to the foreh
				       in the matter.
				       The attackers mus
				       force. the armguar
				       of lightning generat
				       that are sensitive to
				       I have heard nothing 
				       witness was lying to me
				       fill it with all sorts 
				       I will continue my efforts to learn an
				       dwarven myth as I come up with answers to the infinit
				       *Signed with the Gemstone crest in purple wax* Stoneheft
				       Lori1 [147players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry15
				        _         )( _________________________________________________________  
				        Page 15   \/    Olog'Hai Nation News - Leala  
				       Our Chieftess proudly announces the birth of her daughter, Satine. Welcome
				       dear one! Leala and her husband, Hrulgin, are at a loss to explain the
				       precious child's abilities and how she is unlike either her father or
				       her mother. Regardless, she is protected by both her mother and father's
				       races. The speculation is that the child was switched at birth but the
				       family has been unable to confirm this. The child will someday be great
				       in these lands and is to be treated with the respect due to any Olog'hai
				       ************************** Alliance Announcement ***************************
				       The Olog'hai Nation and the Uruk'hai Nation have come to a treaty
				       agreement. Trade negotiations are still in progress but the nations 
				       have agreed to enough that there is now a alliance between the nations.
				       The nations will fight side by side should the need arise. The Olog'hai
				       Chieftess and the Uruk'hai Chief are well pleased with the arrangements
				       and negotiations thus far.
				       Lori1 [148players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry16
				        _         )( _________________________________________________________  
				        Page 16   \/    Olog'Hai Nation News - Leala  
				       ******************** A note about our nation 2nd ***************************
				       There will be a celebration to honour our nations 2nd, Grontarr. The date
				       and time of the celebration is being arranged. All Olog'hai and Uruk'hai
				       are invited to attend. There will be announcements posted on the nation
				       ****************************** War Chief **********************************
				       It is with great joy that the Olog'hai 2nd, Grontarr, announces the
				       placement of our new War Chief, Gwar. Gwar will work closely with Leala
				       and Grontarr in all matters concerning hostile actions against the Olog'hai.
				       Lori1 [149players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry17
				        _         )( _________________________________________________________  
				        Page 17   \/    Aerandir Nation News - Ashandra 
				       In March the Sea-elves will be attempting an experimental system to encourage
				       players. We will be doing a role playing session using an altered version of a
				       table top system known as paranoia.
				       Obviously there will not be robots and lasers. Instead we have kobolds and
				       bows. Friend Computer has several thousand years before he is invented, but
				       Friend Speaker is more than happy to send you into pointlessly dangerous
				       missions until someone can get around to building the first silicon chip.
				       Anyone interested in this little experiment is asked to send a mudmail to
				       Ashandra, or post a note of interest on the sea-elf board, or the board north
				       of National Visions. I am aiming for the second week of March with this as I
				       am testing out the system a few times with a few friends offline. Once the
				       bugs in the system are fixed I will be glad to unleash this system on the
				       Lori1 [149players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry18
				        _         )( _________________________________________________________  
				        Page 18   \/    Guild of Vampires - Kadgeon
				        .d8888b.          888     888 
				       d88P  Y88b         888     888 
				       888    888         888     888 
				       888         .d88b. Y88b   d88P 
				       888  88888 d88""88b Y88b d88P  
				       888    888 888  888  Y88o88P   
				       Y88b  d88P Y88..88P   Y888P    
				       "Y8888P88  "Y88P"     Y8P    
				       GoV would like to welcome back Obsidianna, who has returned after a pretty
				       long vacation! Also she is recruiting for GoV if anyone would like to apply
				       they can contact her, or if they would like more information on the guild.
				       Anyone with 'Sire' in their title can also be contacted, as can any leader.
				       The GoV website is located at
				       Lori1 [150players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry19
				        _         )( _________________________________________________________  
				        Page 19   \/    Baali News - Romani 
				       .   )     (                                                  )     (
				          /(_   _)\               Baali Applications               /(_   _)\
				       )`\\_\-=-/_//`(                                          )`\\_\-=-/_//`(   
				       /o (@)/.\(@) o\ Only the first three applicants of an    /o (@)/.\(@) o\
				       \/ `__ * __` \/ open period will be scouted. Of these    \/ `__ * __` \/
				          \|\VVV/|/    three, only one candidate will be           \|\VVV/|/
				           \\AAA//     interviewed. To be eligible to apply to      \\AAA//
				            \---/      Baali, you must meet the following criteria:  \---/
				            ))|((                                                    ))|((
				           ( ___ )     <> Be an evil aligned avatar                 ( ___ )
				            | / |      <> Be applying with your main character       | \ |
				            | / |                                                    | \ |
				            | / | If you meet the criteria, seek out the Bukken and  | \ |
				            | / | post your application there. The note of           | \ |
				            | / | application must include:                          | \ |
				            | / |                                                    | \ |
				            | / | <> A brief introduction of yourself                | \ |
				            | / | <> Reason(s) you wish to join Baali                | \ |
				            | / | <> Why we should grant you audience                | \ |
				            | / | <> Estimated online time and time of day you are   | \ |
				            | / |    on the most                                     | \ |
				            | / | <> Names of alts you may be known by               | \ |
				            | / | <> Organizations you currently have or have had    | \ |
				            | / |    membership in (including alts)                  | \ |
				            | / | <> Names of players you associate with             | \ |
				            | / | <> Which of Baali's sects you are most interested  | \ |
				            | / |    in, and why (See the Baali website.)            | \ |
				            | / |                                                    | \ |
				            | / | During your application period, it would be wise   | \ |
				            | / | to be available to answer any questions that CDS   | \ |
				            | / | or any Baali may have. Feel free to socialize and  | \ |
				            | / | get to know us better, but keep in mind that spam- | \ |
				            | / | ming with questions about your application status  | \ |
				            | / | is heavily frowned upon and will not reflect well  | \ |
				            | / | on your application.                               | \ |
				            | / |                                                    | \ |
				            | / | Please contact any member with CDS in their title  | \ |
				            | / | if you have any questions.                         | \ |
				            | / |                                                    | \ |
				            | / | It is advisable to review the Baali website at:    | \ |
				            |___|                |___|
				           (_____)                                                  (_____)
				       Lori1 [150players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry20
				        _         )( _________________________________________________________  
				        Page 20   \/    Arcanes News - Klessenia 
				                                  Attention Realms Players!!
				                         I bring you news from the Order of Arcanes!
				       As many have probably noticed we have undergone a change in leadership! And
				       the Order would like to publicly congratulate Midgitt on becoming the leader
				       of Arcanes and Nubothomer on becoming Number One!
				       We are all very excited about this new change, and we would like to welcome
				       back some of our older Order members who have made a reappearance!
				       In the meantime we would like to let everyone know that if they would like to
				       join Arcanes all they have to do is contact a Leader, or someone with (Scout)
				       in their title. Or anyone except the bots would be glad to help!
				       Our Website is, come check us out! Join! Have fun! Eat,
				       drink, and be merry!
				                   Klessenia Azralon (Scout)
				       Lori1 [150players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry21
				        _         )( _________________________________________________________  
				        Page 21   \/    January CoD Quest Results - Annale
				       Congratulations this month's quest winners: Brahms, Silet, Midgitt!
				       Please contact Falennt for your prizes!  And thank you to everyone who
				       participated!  Looks like everyone liked the cryptogram!
				       And remember...
				       Death is a bad experience.  Try to avoid it.
				       Lori1 [150players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry22
				        _         )( _________________________________________________________  
				        Page 22   \/    February CoD Quest - Annale
				       Every now and then when I was a kid, my teacher would pull out things called
				       "Mad Libs".  So, I'm going to try one here! 
				       Here's how it will work.  I will post a list of needed words, in order. They
				       can be names, nouns, adjectives, places, verbs, etc.  In a note, list your
				       word choices in proper order.  The next month I will publish the story with
				       each submission's words inputted.  Submissions must meet RoD's guidelines of
				       appropriateness for content.  Let's hope for lots of laughs!  Three entries
				       will be chosen at random to be this months' winners!  (Randomness will be
				       affected by how much I laugh :P)
				       Good luck!
				       See help cry23 for the list of words you need to submit!
				       Lori1 [150players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry23
				        _         )( _________________________________________________________  
				        Page 23   \/    February CoD Quest - Annale
				       In a note, list each of your choices for the following categories:
				       1. Adjective
				       2. Body Part
				       3. Adjective
				       4. Person
				       5. Noun
				       6. Verb ending in "ed"
				       7. Season
				       8. Noun
				       9. Name
				       10. Another Name
				       Lori1 [150players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry24
				        _         )( _________________________________________________________  
				        Page 24   \/    Ask CoE Answers - CoE 
				       1. The Guilds are in a serious state of degradation.  Is this something on
				       CoE 's radar, and if so, is there something CoE is proposing/thinking about
				       to possible create a more active Guild community?
				       Guilds have always been as strong and as active as their leadership
				       supports. If the guild has leadership (either coded or not) that brings
				       forward activities for its members, the Guild generally responds. We have
				       added Guild only skill bonuses, and have requested that Guilds revise
				       induction quests that were seen to be over-reaching, in an attempt to give
				       players more incentive to join Guilds. The game administration has generally
				       tried to keep its distance with Guilds, allowing them to survive on their
				       own merits. While we have added incentives to join, it is still up to
				       individual Guilds to define who they are and what activities they wish to
				       do. Leaders are always encouraged to discuss ideas for making their
				       respective organizations more powerful and enjoyable for their members.
				       Continued... help cry25
				       Lori1 [150players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry25
				        _         )( _________________________________________________________  
				        Page 25   \/    Ask CoE Answers - CoE
				       2. Sects are on the rise and as personal organizations, most of them serve
				       only 1 or 2 players.  Are sects working as intended? Is there a possibility
				       for fleshing these organizations out more fully with
				       It has been mentioned a few times previously, but Sects were designed to
				       allow players the opportunity to form long term groups with other players
				       and to bring some measure of choice to how they socialize within the game.
				       They are not, nor will they be, given the same benefits allotted to clans,
				       guilds and orders. As is suggested by your previous question, it is
				       important to maintain the incentives to join coded orgs. So in short, yes,
				       Sects are working as intended.
				       3. Would it be possible/feasible to have a Sect Imm who could/would work
				       with Sect owners about possible additions/addendums?
				       No. There are no plans to expand Sects.
				       Lori1 [149players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry26
				        _         )( _________________________________________________________  
				        Page 26   \/    Looney Linn's Random Thought(s) of the Month 
				       Ever find it a bit unnerving that doctor's call their work 'practice'? 
				       What does the Q in Q-tip stand for?
				       When an elevator is overloaded, who is criminally responsible?
				       What do you do when you see an endangered animal eating an endangered plant?
				       If you set to work with a knife that cuts through anything and Tupperware that
				       gauranteed not to break, what happens?
				       Do you have a random thought you would like to see answered? Or you just want
				       to know if anyone finds it as funny as you? Send it in!!! Mudmail Kadgeon,
				       Annale, or Falennt!
				       Lori1 [149players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry27
				        _         )( _________________________________________________________  
				        Page 27   \/    A Secret Valentine - Kadgeon 
				       To the coolest Pixie Princess evar, Happy Valentines day!
				       Lori1 [149players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry28
				        _         )( _________________________________________________________  
				        Page 28   \/    Dear Kadgeon
				       Coming in March: Dear Kadgeon
				       Got a problem bothering you? RL or Realms related? Send it in, maybe I can
				       help you out a little. It can and will be completely anonymous. So start
				       sending!!! Just mudmail me (Kadgeon), Falennt and Annale.
				       Lori1 [149players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry29
				        _         )( _________________________________________________________  
				        Page 29   \/    Odd Amusing Titles - Romani Annale
				       Leilana, too bad your fists aren't as fast as your mouth! 
				       Hrulgin Gron'Mak draggers stunkenly thru the Realms [JLD]
				       Mukuj: this product contains tabacco and non tabacco.
				       Solcent Necrofyre, Puting The Romance in NecRomance
				       Meridion is sentenced to community service (spells in bio)
				       Lori1 [149players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry30
				        _         )( _________________________________________________________  
				        Page 30   \/    Quotes out of Context - Annale Romani 
				       Nubothomer: So my question is.. Why can't we use glory to add programs to
				       items yet?!
				       Kinux: simply Nubothomer is that it would have to be a seperate item.
				       Kinux: if I added a prog to your death cloak, for instance, it would affect
				       all death cloaks
				       Kinux: it's not like adding a stat
				       Nubothomer: So, even if it was renamed/rekeyed, it would still affect the
				       original item?
				       Kinux: agree
				       Kinux: it's based on the item ovnum
				       Editor's note: See! Something informative in this section! Not just
				       useless quotes here!
				       Jiaran: i still say you need to imm me
				       Kinux: I have added that to my new year's list of things 'to do'.
				       Brimstone: What was your resolution?
				       Brimstone: mine was to help at least 5 people that i don't have to this year
				       Kinux: World peace and creating a really good sandwhich.
				       Kinux: one of which I may be able to achieve
				       Kinux: but I'm not telling which
				       Brimstone: Lemme know how it tastes
				       Jiaran: the new world order failed
				       Mossweaver openly traffics:  anything difficult isn't worth doing
				       Kinux: So I see in Help Cry7 we have a balzhur food award... Am I allowed to
				       balzhur the person who wins?
				       Lori1 [149players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry31
				        _         )( _________________________________________________________  
				        Page 31   \/    Funny Moments - Romani 
				       Kinux shouts 'Owing to the Inter-Order Quest, the world has been given a brief
				       reprieve and will now end at 3pm mudtime.'
				       Kinux shouts 'Followed by a short tea, after which we will again pick up the
				       business of destruction and maiming.
				       Lori1 [149players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry32
				        _         )( _________________________________________________________  
				        Page 32   \/    Shop with Guts'n'Glory! 
				       If you are in need of some equipment at fair prices, look no further than
				       NW of DH[]!  Kaleo and Lilkal are ready to help you with your equipment
				       With new items available on these bots, and constant restocking, Kaleo and
				       Lilkal can save you time and gold!  
				       Just type whois kaleo or whois lilkal for a stock and price listing and
				       find them NW of DH[]!
				       Lori1 [149players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry33
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				        Page 33   \/    Advertise with the Cry! 
				       Advertise with the Cry of Despair!
				       Do you own a bot?  
				       Are you looking to sell a few things and make a little gold?
				       The Cry of Despair is a great place to advertise your wares!  
				       Let people know where you park your sellbots, afterall, people need to know 
				       where you are in order for you to get their gold!
				       Are you looking to buy something? Place an advertisement in the Cry! 
				       Who knows, maybe someone is looking to sell what you are looking to buy!
				       Just write up a little advertisement and mudmail it to Annale, or post 
				       it on the CoD Public board located e,s,3u,w from Darkhaven Square and 
				       your advertisement will be published in the next issue!
				       Lori1 [148players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry34
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				        Page 34   \/    CoD Readers Reward 
				          ___   ,'    \_________________________________________
				         /   /-/   dP  /  Cry of Despair           ////////////  ''--..._
				         \___\-\  dP   \    Readers Reward         \\\\\\\\\\\\  __..--'
				       The staff at the CoD would like to thank you, the readers for your support,
				       input, and for reading each month!  For this reason, we have introduced The
				       Cry of Despair Readers Reward!.
				       Each month, 10 million gold coins will be made available to one lucky 
				       How do you qualify?  Just write to us at the Cry of Despair!  Comprehensive
				       'Letters to the Editor', well-written feedback letters to an article, or 
				       detailed suggestion letters are all qualifying entries!
				       A minimum of ten entries must be received in order for the draw to be 
				       opened that month.  If 10 entries are not received, the money is pooled and 
				       added to the next issue's draw.  The entries will also be saved for the next 
				       draw.  If, after ten issues there have not been enough submissions, the pot 
				       will be emptied and restarted.
				       Who can submit? Why you, our loyal readers!  Only one submission per 
				       draw. Any person caught submitting multiple entries on alts will be 
				       disqualified from the draw. CoD Staff, Immortals, and alts are not permitted 
				       to enter the draw.
				       How do I submit? Mudmail your Letter to the Editor, feedback letter, or
				       letter of suggestion to Annale or Falennt or post your letter on the CoD
				       public board at e,s,u,u,u,w from DH[].
				       Submissions will be published in the same issue as the draw.
				       This month's gold pool is worth: 40 Million Gold Coins!
				       Lori1 [148players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry35
				        _         )( _________________________________________________________  
				        Page 35   \/    Happy New Year from the CoD 
				        ,                         _  _
				       /|  |  _,                 ( \/ )/_,  |\  _      _|_ o        _  ,
				        |--| / |  |/\_|/\_|  |    \  / / |  |/ |/ /|/|  |  | /|/|  |/ / \_
				        |  |)\/|_/|_/ |_/  \/|/    \/  \/|_/|_/|_/ | |_/|_/|/ | |_/|_/ \/
				                 (|  (|     (|
				       (|  \  _,
				        |   |/ |  |  | February is the month of love, make it special for someone!
				       (\__/ \/|_/ \/|/   
				                    (|                Lots of Love from the CoD Staff!
				       Lori1 [148players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry36
				        _         )( _________________________________________________________  
				        Page 36   \/    Suggestion Box 
				       We Love to Hear from You!
				       If you have enjoyed this issue's articles and would like to provide 
				       feedback to our writers, feel free to submit your feedback in mudmail-form, 
				       using the format below :
				       Article / Column :
				       Writer's Name :
				       The article was [ ] interesting (put an X in the chosen box)
				                       [ ] alright
				                       [ ] can be improved
				       How can this article be improved?
				       Other suggestions for the Cry
				       Lori1 [148players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry37
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				        Page 37   \/    Letter from the Editor 
				       Happy Single's Awareness Day!  Enjoy your VD!  Uh.. you get what I mean.
				       Keep an eye out for all the quests going on!  QC has been hosting many many
				       quests, the Elf Nation has one coming up, Sea-elves have something planned 
				       in March, there's votes going on, and Valentine's Day is coming up and that 
				       can only mean quests!  What says love louder than killing something? Go run 
				       and show your loved one just how much you care!  Oh, and don't forget about 
				       the CoD Quest and Reader's Reward too!
				       And as always, I'd like to remind writers that the deadline for articles 
				       is the 25th of the month!  
				       Thanks for reading,
				       Annale Firestorm  
				       Lori1 [149players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry38
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				        Page 38   \/    Write for the Cry! 
				       Write for the Cry as a Freelance Writer.
				       The Cry of Despair is currently looking for freelance writers.
				       If you would like to earn some income through writing just about anything, 
				       feel free to speak with Falennt regarding your interest.
				       Our Current Payment Rates for Article Submissions.
				       Regular freelancers  : 4 million gold per page submitted.
				       Organization Writers : 3 million gold per page submitted.
				       The Cry of Despair welcome all newbie and avatar writers alike. If 
				       your passion is writing, do contact Falennt through mudmail or a tell.
				       Thank you in advance for your interest. 
				       N.B.: The Cry of Despair is not looking for regular staff writers at the
				       moment. Thank you for your consideration.
				       Lori1 [149players Rm1225 ] ()  ???  help cry39
				        _         )( _________________________________________________________  
				        Page 39   \/    From Falennt's Inkwell 
				                        \H \
				                     HUGSHUG \Me\
				       Everyone likes chocolate for Valentine's Day!
				       (That above is courtesy of Annale. Happy Valentine's Day!)
				       Amazing Discovery of the Month 
				       I am voted as one of the Realms' Romantic Immortals.