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Stoneheft: DWARVES built those city walls! Zachariah's crusade: killing his fellow players

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 Page 2    \/    Table of Contents

 From the Editor's Desk             - Gawen           CRY3

 This Month's Special:
   Deadly Desires                   - Gawen           CRY4-12
   Heroes 2011                      - Romani          CRY13

 Monthly Article     
     Helpfile of the Month          - Gawen           CRY14

 Nation News
   Quendi    (Elf)                  - Annale          CRY15
   Khazad    (Dwarf)                - Stoneheft       CRY16
   Uruk'Hai  (Half-Ogre)            - Klaatu          CRY17-20
   Oolog'hai (Half-Troll)           - Leala           CRY21
   Elohai    (Half-Elf)             - Stela           CRY22
   Gralthai  (Gith)                 - Excane          CRY23
   Tyrrhenu  (Gnome)                - Farlina         CRY24
 Guild News
   Guild of Augurers                - Excane          CRY25

 Order Updates
   Arcanes                          - Tenabren        CRY26
   Ringbearers                      - Leosith         CRY27
   Baali                            - Mari            CRY28

 Quest News
   Issue 149 CoD Quest Results      - Falennt         CRY29      
   Issue 150 CoD Quest              - Gawen           CRY30

 Funny Bones
   Funny Titles                     - Various         CRY31
   Adventures on Channels           - Various         CRY32

  1,000,000                     - Viole           CRY33
  2,000,000                     - Dante           CRY34

 Announcements and Advertisements
   Shop with Guts'n'Glory!                            CRY35
   Ask CoE                                            CRY36
   Realms Roleplay Wiki                               CRY37
   Write for the Cry			                CRY38

  The Last Word                                       CRY39


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 Page 3    \/    From the Editor's Desk - Gawen 

 Dear Reader,

           Welcome to another edition of the Cry of Despair, and while it 
   certainly is a little late in the coming due to the curses of the dreaded
   "Real Life", we hope you enjoy what we have to offer this time around.
            In this month's issue we will take a peek into the playerkill
   side of the game with an interview from the Deadly PR rep, Zachariah, and
   get our usual dose of the CRY regulars from order/nation updates to last
   issue's quest results and a brand new quest for the upcoming month that 
   focuses a little bit on the Heroes of the Realms (the results of which you
   can read in next month's issue).

            I'd like to remind all players of the Cry's commitment to publish
   anything Realms related.  So if you think you have something interesting to
   to say and are interested in making a little gold in the process, then let 
   us know!  You can bother Falennt or me with any questions you might have. As
   usual, please have a great read!


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 Page 4    \/    Deadly Desires: A PK Interview [1] - Gawen 

     Since Zachariah has recently made it his undying crusade to promote the
   killing of his fellow players, I decided to have a sit down with him to get
   some questions about the deadly side of the game answered.  Hopefully this
   will assist any peaceful readers who may be too shy (or lazy) to ask the
   deadliest of questions.  So here's my interview with Zachariah, the Public
   Relations Player Killer.

   Gawen: Since you're the self-appointed PR person for PK on RoD, I figured
          you would be a good person to talk to about this.

   Zachariah nods solemnly.

   Zachariah grins.

   Gawen: So I suppose we'll start with this.

   Gawen: It is obvious that your main is a deadly, but is that the only
          side of the game you actually play?  Do you have any peacefuls you
          play regularly?

   Zachariah: I have four peaceful avatars, and am in one peaceful guild
              actively, and two inactively.

   Gawen nods solemnly.

 Continued on HELP CRY5


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 Page 5    \/    Deadly Desires: A PK Interview [2] - Gawen 

   Zachariah: Since guilds have become less active, my main has been
              switched to this, but about a month ago I was a peaceful

   Gawen nods solemnly.

   Gawen: Why do you PK?

   Zachariah: I PK because it is fun, and there is more to the deadly side
              of the Realms than just looting and killing.  There are quest
              areas, extensive run mobs, and unsolved puzzles.

   Gawen: That actually leads into my next question.

   Gawen: What do you think, as a peaceful turned deadly, that PK has
          to offer peaceful players interested in giving it a shot?

   Zachariah: Well first, gear is easier to get.  The run mobs are more
              easily accessible, and though they are harder than peaceful
              ones, the difficulty is actually lower due to quaff rate bonus
              and increased gear selection.  It is a great way to practice

Continued on HELP CRY6


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 Page 6    \/    Deadly Desires: A PK Interview [3] - Gawen 

   Zachariah: And as you work your way up to actual pkill, the items you
              have access to are better and better.  Just today I managed
              to get ahold of a pk-tagged Seth set.

   Gawen: Not bad.

   Gawen: So aside from the things you've mentioned so far, do you think
          there are other reasons peaceful players out there should really
          really give PK a chance?

   Zachariah: Well, despite popular belief, the deadlies are not as horrible
              as they are given credit for.  As a whole, they are decent
              people, and are very willing to help.  As a general rule, the
              pkill player base is easy to get along with.

   Zachariah: Aside from that--as you know, deadlies have better bases,
              faster quaff rates, a few extra skills, and cheaper heals.
              So they are great for testing classes, and practicing for the

   Gawen: Speaking of communities, why do you think deadlies receive the
          reputation they seem to have with the majority of the peaceful
          player base?

Continued on HELP CRY7


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 Page 7    \/    Deadly Desires: A PK Interview [4] - Gawen 

   Zachariah: Well, in the past there have been quite a few deadlies who
              fit the common idea of what deadlies are like.  They gave us
              a bad name, and the older peaceful players dwell on [this] and
              give us a bad name with the newer players.

   Zachariah: That, and we tend to be slightly less polite on channels
              under certain circumstances.

   Zachariah: There are also a few deadlies who still tend to have less
              manners, and loot things like traveling cloaks, which makes
              many quit.  But all you need to do is ask on war[talk], and
              someone will almost undoubtedly give you a replacement pair.

   Gawen: So as a player who has played both peaceful and deadly long
          enough to distinguish, can you outline some of the major
          differences in the two play styles?

   Zachariah: The obvious answer is, "You die more as deadly!" but the
              answer that most people won't see coming is this: peaceful
              areas, classes, and the such don't change that much.  But PK
              areas, quests, classes, and the whole basic system is subject
              to massive changes for the better.  The deadlies have more
              say over their side of the Realms than peacefuls do.

Continued on HELP CRY8


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 Page 8    \/    Deadly Desires: A PK Interview [5] - Gawen 

   Zachariah: People say, "Well PK just isn't my thing, there isn't enough
              to do that I'm interested in," but that's not true.  If there
              isn't enough to do, post a note on the PK board and open a
              vote so we can get your ideas implemented to make the whole
              place more fun for everyone.

   Gawen grins.

   Gawen: I know you have an opinion on this, because I've seen it on
          channels, but for those readers who haven't: What classes would
          you suggest starting if one wants to level a deadly, and why?

   Zachariah: First, I'd make a class to help you get better gear.  There
              is a basic deadly set, buyable in the shop for 100k, that is
              deathrot, but it isn't very good.  It has no hitroll, and you
              will not get kills with it.

   Zachariah: The best solo class is Paladin, but if you can get a Paladin
              to tank things for you the best two classes are Ranger and
              Mage.  If you do not want to run for your gear, then the
              easiest class to start PK with is a Vampire.

Continued on HELP CRY9


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 Page 9    \/    Deadly Desires: A PK Interview [6] - Gawen 

   Gawen: Which of those would you say has a decent survival rate when
          you're beginning to PK at level 50?

   Zachariah: Vampire, due to Subterfugium.

   Gawen nods solmenly.

   Zachariah: If you are interested in PK pre-50, a fun class to start
              with is a Warrior, and config +noexp at level 24.  Ask on
              war[talk] how to get gear.

   Gawen: So as I'm sure you're aware, one of the primary concerns for
          peacefuls switching to PK is fear of being looted.  Whether or
          not the items looted are expensive, replacing such things is not
          a part of the peaceful mindset.  What would you say to players
          with those fears?

   Zachariah: Well, the PK set at level 50 has very nice stats, decent HP,
              and good DR.  It is a very good replacement while you're
              you're working your way up the PK gear.

   Gawen nods solemnly.

Continued on HELP CRY10


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 Page 10   \/    Deadly Desires: A PK Interview [7] - Gawen 

   Zachariah: I do not recommend putting expensive gear on deadlies
              until you're good at it.

   Gawen: Okay, just a couple more.

   Gawen: Can you tell us a little bit about the three existing clans,
          and how they may differ from Guilds & Orders?

   Zachariah: Well, the deadly clans are very similar to guilds, but for
              the fact that they are obviously class diverse.  At present
              there are no stat bonuses for being in a clan, though that is
              being changed as we speak.  However!

   Zachariah: Clans are very close.  If someone does something overly
              unfair to a clan member, there is usually some sort of
              retribution.  They also have their own shops, items, clan
              gear, and artifact.

   Gawen: I'm glad you mentioned gear.  I have two questions on that.

   Gawen: First, is there basic clan gear that is given to all clan
          members?  In most Orders, order-specific gear is given out
          through some sort of award system.

Continued on HELP CRY11


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 Page 11   \/    Deadly Desires: A PK Interview [8] - Gawen 

   Zachariah: Clan gear is given out based on PK activity, and how rare
              it is at the time in the clan.  Since there are few members
              in Maleficae and I am pretty good, I have nearly a full set of
              clan gear already.

   Zachariah: Since clan gear is some of the most lootable stuff, it
              usually doesn't go to new members.  As you learn you will
              definitely be awarded gear as it is invoked, and as it is
              looted in PK.

   Gawen: My second question regarding gear is this: Are the current
          clan artifacts on characters that actively PK?

   Zachariah: Currently there are two artifacts active in PK.  The others
              are held by Catarrh, who tend to run with them.  They do not
              usually PK with them.  However, if you get to the point where
              you want an artifact, you need to merely ambush them on one
              of their peaceful runs, and take it!

   Gawen: Okay, just one more to go.

   Zachariah nods solemnly.

Continued on HELP CRY12

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 Page 12   \/    Deadly Desires: A PK Interview [9] - Gawen 

   Gawen: Name for our readers the one thing you find most compelling
          about PK on the Realms of Despair, and why you prefer to main
          as a deadly?

   Zachariah: The skill!  If you have skill, you can get far in PK very
              quickly, and skip the in-between part that most peacefuls
              spend doing monotonous tasks such as running Bahamut for
              Justices, running Justice for scales, etc!  If you are
              very good you need only kill one person for three of the
              necessary items.

     In conclusion, I have a couple of new thoughts on the deadly lifestyle
   on the Realms of Despair.  Since this interview, I have personally started
   to play my deadly alts a fair amount after 5 years of letting them sit
   around collecting dust.  While there is definitely a slight bent to the
   opinions represented here by Zachariah, I have found most of what he says
   to be true.  I highly encourage those who've never done so to give PK a
   chance.  Who knows, maybe you'll have as much fun as I am!


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 Page 13   \/    Heroes 2011 - Romani 

   There are many members of the Mortal community who, everyday, show total
   selfless dedication to this game, if for nothing more than to make one
   person, often a stranger, happy.  These people may be recognized amongst
   their friends, but often go unnoticed amongst the flood of players.

   The Herald Assembly proudly serves as keeper of the Hall of Renown, a
   listing of all the great players that have, over time, dedicated
   themselves to this game in some way.  These people will be known as
  Heroes, and respected as such.

   [Unfortunately this issue of the CRY was posted after the deadline
    for Hero nominations were due.  Expect to see the results of the
    nominations in the next issue of the Cry of Despair   --Gawen]


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 Page 14   \/    Helpfile of the Month - Gawen 



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 Page 15   \/    Nation News: Quendi - Annale 

Spring Has Arrived!

   Almost overnight Spring has arrived on the Island.  Where once hung
   icicles, now blooms flowers.  Vibrant hues fill the Island, waking the
   long slumbering animals.  The Elves, however, seem to be reluctant to
   stir from their Winter comas, with little activity on the Island.

[OOC] Elf Quest Results!

   Congratulations to Orchid for winning an avatar Barbarian with the
   top hand of 8 Kings!  An essence of kundalini goes to our second place
   winner Nex for having a Straight Jack through Seven.  And finally
   an avatar warrior has gone to Chihiro with a Straight Six through
   Two!  Congrats to everyone who participated!  And MANY thanks to
   Creemore and Romani for making these quests happen!  Keep an eye
   out for the next installment in the Elf Quest series.

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 Page 16   \/    Nation News: Khazad - Stoneheft 

   My meeting with Duke Luther went no better than I thought it would.
   So long as the Dwarves work in the mines and quarries, he'll be content
   to consider us his labour force while he fattens himself off the taxes we
   pay.  Although the meeting started out pleasantly with the same reaction
   he always has when I visit.  He bowed, I returned it, we exchanged
   pleasantries and began discussing why I had come.

   I tried to persuade him to see things the way I do.  I tried to help him
   toward the understanding that he has his great little city there on the
   river, and he controls it and the lands around it.  I tried to explain to
   him that he isn't really all that important to the Kazad, and that our
   kingdom would happily get along well with him if he would allow it.  I
   tried to avoid having to be threatening or pushy, but it seems he isn't
   interested in admitting hwo lucky he is to be allowed to have his little
   city up on the surface so near us.

   In the end I simply had to point out to him that the Darkhaven walls that
   he thinks protect him aren't his alone.  They are walls built by the
   Dwarves.  Built with the stones quarried by Dwarves and cut by Dwarves.

   I had arrived with a single wallstone that I had dug from Darkhaven's
   huge wall.  I pointed out to him that there were far more Dwarves in the
   land than there were stones in his wall, and I gave him the one I had
   arrived with.  He did not seem overly impressed with the very first
   stone, but if every one of us joins in, it will be a movement.  If enough
   of us impress upon the Duke that we're not his subjects to be trifled
   with, there will be change.  This I promise.

*Signed in purple wax with the Gemstone crest*
Stoneheft Gemstone

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 Page 17   \/    Nation News: Uruk'hai - Klaatu 

From the Opallinoc News Bureau - 

Dateline Opallinoc - Vernal Equinox Fest
   Volstagg, the Catacomb Dweller, learned a new style of dancing during his
   travels.  Something called Bullrom style, so said some Elf.  There are
   various types to this new "elegant" dancing.  The Choo-Choo, the Foxhunt,
   and the Tanga, perhaps named for the Tundra creature.  The Uruk'hai
   musicians, better known as 'The Nairobi Trio', play the lilting tunes
   and the females literally drag their dance partners around the Great
   Bonfire.  The Tanga, in particular, seems to get the Uruk'hai women into
   a passionate frenzy.

Dateline Dunhill Demesnes - The Great Redoubt
   The Great Redoubt, built over the former Pixie colony in Dunhill, is
   complete.  This is a formidable fortification with special attention
   to airborne defenses.  Stockpiles of food, weapons and Meeka's special
   brew have filled the storehouse and the garrison has negotiated an
   alliance with Nuada the Blacksmith.

Dateline Northern Plains - Missing Caravans
   There is a report of Uruk'hai caravans, of both food supplies and raw
   ores, that have disappeared along the Nothern Trade Route.  Search
   parties are out now looking for evidence to find otu what became of
   the caravans.

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 Page 18   \/    Nation News: Uruk'hai [2] - Klaatu 

Dateline Opallinoc - Mother's Day
   Klaatu the Benevolent has decreed a day of praise for all Mothers of
   the Uruk'hai.  The ancient words of Hakupa the Shaman, how a loaf of
   bread is the mother a catapult, have lasted the test of time.  It takes
   faith in the adages to grasp.  Knowledge of the basic needs of life,
   food, shelter, etc. is the start.  Thus as a loaf of bread is food, it
   is deemed as necessity.  Then we have the catapult, a weapon of war.
   Employed at times in defense, and other times for offense.  A use to
   hold onto areas or to obtain areas that produce food.  A marvelous
   invention indeed.  Which is proof of Hakupa's words.  As a loaf of
   bread is a necessity, and as the catapult is an invention.  Since
   necessity is the mother of invention, thus it stands that a loaf of
   bread is the mother of the catapult.

Dateline Desert of Despair - Ruins of New Thalos
   Volstagg the Catacomb Dweller, while imbibing fluids of replenishment
   at Patch's Pub, overheard more tales and fables.  One was about a
   dungeon below the ruins of New Thalos.  Seems Blorin the ring maker
   sends people there on a mission for a locket.  There was also a story
   about an expensive field plate armor found in the city.  And an ominous
   warning about the ghost of Abdul.

Dateline Darkhaven - Trade Talks with the Gralthai
   Discussions between Klaatu and Excane on trade are currently underway.

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 Page 19   \/    Nation News: Uruk'hai [3] - Klaatu 

Dateline Opallinoc - Summer Solstice Fest
   The time is near.  Have no fear.  Get your tickets early here.
   You know the when.  You know the where.  You know the why.  You
   know we care.  So you of the Uruk'hai, be there or we'll talk
   about you!

Dateline Opallinoc - A Tribute to Fatherhood
   For the Uruk'hai fathers, a special ceremony will be held at the Great
   Bonfire to boast of things your teenaged little girl does NOT want to

   Your mom's almost ready.  When are we going on our double date?  Seems
   to me last year's prom dress is still alive somewhat.  I signed us up
   for the pairs karaoke contest this Friday night.  We ate possum toes
   toes like popcorn when I was a kid.  I am proud that you decided to
   keep the family unibrow.  I ran into Zontar at the grocery store--I
   told him that you're really hoping he'll ask you to the dance.

Dateline Darkhaven - Trade Talks with Gralthai Continue
   Negotiators for both the Uruk'hai and Gralthai are meeting at various
   times and places for discussion of economic trade issues.  Locations
   and times are being kept from the general public for security reasons.

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 Page 20   \/    Nation News: Uruk'hai [4] - Klaatu 

Dateline Opallinoc - Summer Solstice Results
   Your rePorter is Sthill a biT sloShEd from Meeka's Swill a-a-aas he
   writheS this.  AttendanCe at the Summer solticE Festh was average.
   Noted attendees were Volstagg, the Catacomb Dweller and Zontar, of
   the Uruk'hai expeditionary force.  Some of the tales of battle and
   glory brought cheers and foot stomps.  Among the most attention
   grabbing were those told by Volstagg and Klaatu himself.  These were
   the boasts and brags of explorign Winterlight Island.  Legends were
   made with stories of strange creatures with sharp claws.  Riches found
   after slaying a troll, found on an icly plain.  Rumors of a palce made
   of ice, guarded by a near unbeatable monster, and a gate with gibberish
   inscriptions.  Your reporter slinks off to end the swill's effects in
   a dark, quiet place.

Dateline Southern Mountain Range - Bats
   It has been discovered, in the sandstone tunnels of the Southern
   Mountains, a colony of bats.  The number of bats is unknown, but if
   enough of them are killed, the legendary Red Bat appears.  Folklore
   in Edel tells a tale of the Red Bat having a rare ring.  An adventure
   for the Uruk'hai Junior Explorer maybe?

Dateline Opallinoc - Fireworks Ban
   Klaatu the Benevolent, has banned usage of fireworks due to current
   drought conditions on the Nothern Plains.  Expect hars penalties for


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 Page 21   \/    Nation News: Oolog'hai - Leala 

   Leala publicly welcomes her daughter Aysha to the world!  Nothing
   about Aysha's father is disclosed to the author as child was sired
   while Leala was away seeking medicinal remedies.  It has been revealed
   to this author that Leala has not been well of late, but there is no
   cause for concern as the remedies seem to be healing her.

   There has been much new life within T'Man, and the Chieftess and
   War Chief are well pleased to see it.  Young half-trolls coming to
   the masters for lessons, testing their mettle against each other, the
   ringing of steel on the training grounds, such wonderful music!

   Long be the days of the Oolog'hai!  Hail to the Oolog'hai Nation!


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 22   \/    Nation News: Elohai - Stela 

To the denizens and frequentors of the city of New Darkhaven:

   Several yeras have passed in cloaked silence and near obsolescence--
the cheer and life slowly draining from the streets of Eldestra as we
kept ourselves hidden.  I, Stela Solstice, announce my return as the
Speaker and Voice of the Elohai.  To Aranvar Methendair, my friend
and colleague, I offer my undying gratitude and sincerest appreciation.
He has Spoken for the Elohellen with solmen wisdom and blessed humility in
my unavoidable absence.

   I offer now an open invitation to the various nations of these Realms.
As our shining city reveals itself once more, we throw open our gates, our
doors, and our much relieved hearts to our friends and visitors.  Seek us
out at your pleasure, for our isolation has caused a bone-deep weariness
stretching across our lands from the River Nenya to the Gardens of Circe.
Waking once more from our slumber, our light grows brighter every second
of everyday.
   Our strength is renewed and our hope blossoms anew.

Vanya Sulie,

Stela Solstice
Speaker of Eldestra
Archmage, Emera Mystika


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 23   \/    Nation News: Gralthai - Excane 

                   From the Sands of Teracchei

   The large majority of civil strive is over, and we can declare this war
over and this nation united.  Pockets of Githyanki insurgents still exist,
but they do not present a grave threat to our national security.  One
Rrakkma has already returned with many leaders of the resistance as 
prisoners, and we will deal with them appropriately.  Meanwhile, other
Rrakkma have been ordered onto patrolling the streets.

   As it stand currently, the Gith Nation is in need of many things.  We
seek to make headway in international trade to alleviate the shortages in
the Sands.  We openly call for all nations to send us trade emissaries so
that we may establish routes and mutually beneficial agreements.

   Finally, as part of our efforts to broaden and extend our control, the
Overlord has authorized an expedition to the Southdunes of Teracchei, an
unexplored territory that possibly holds rich amounts of natural resources.
We seek a brave Gith to captain this expedition as well as oranize it.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 24   \/    Nation News: Tyrrhenu - Farlina 

   Spring in the Vale is always a lovely time.  The flowers are in full
bloom, and their heady fragrance fills the air.  The planting has been,
for the most part completed, and now only remains the tending of the rows
and the waiting for the Sun, Rain and Earth to perform its magic.

   There does seem however, to be a lot less activity this season, fewer
animals seem to roam about, fewer babies being born.  What it means reamins
to be seen, but the druids among the Vale are very concerned--enough to
bring it to the attention of the Council, which quickly dismissed any
notions of this being some sort of sign of terrible things to come.

   Time, of course, will be telling.  But Gnomes have always been rather
suspicious creatures.

   The days for traveling to the far cities is close to hand, and this
year the Gnomes would be venturing forth to collect news of any similar
occurrences in other lands.

 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 25   \/    Guild News: Augurers - Excane 

            .       =O===        
         . _       %- - %%%      The Guild of Augurers
          (_)     % <    D%%     congratulates and
           |      ' ,  ,$$$      welcomes its new members
          -/-     %%%%  |        Boulden and Drace and
           |//; ,---' _ |----.   Natsuki.
            \ )(           /  )
            | \/ \.   '  _.|,  \   The Guildmaster continues his
            |  \ /(   /    / \_ \  chase of a halfling augurer
             \ /  (        | /     criminal. The small medium is
                  (  ,  ___|/ ,`   at large. 
                  (   _/ (  |  \_  
                _/\--//     ,\\\        The Guildmaster calls upon 
      _______ _/\\   / |      |_________   all ornithomancers, seers
     |_______/   \\ / _/   ,   |________|  and oracles to join the
     __|___#/     \  _  '      |##____|___       guild. 
    /______/ _    |  / \   |   /__________\ 
          |   /           _/\_/ 
          /_     '_,____\/ )(        Seek ye the recruiting office
         |/ \_   /        (  \      northwest, three west, northwest
          | /-\_/          Oooo          of Darkhaven Square.
         /  )

 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 26   \/    Order Updates: Arcanes - Tenabren 

   The Month of may held much change for the Order of Arcanes.  Growing
weary of the constant empty roster, the few active members rose up and cast
down their robotic overlords, putting new and better leaders in place.  Gone
are the days of Botcanes and their scripted ways.  Midori ascended,
dragging with her a half-drunk and mumbling Tenabren and the soft Lady
Gawen.  What could possibly go wrong for these brave heroes, these leaders
three, who in arms now have run of the Sanctum?

   But seriously, NEW leaders, NEW members, NEW atittudes (well, that and a
lot of old stuff too), and a new lease on the Order.  95% of the time we've
got actives working on any number of projects, be it running for fresh
avatars or gearing up for the better things in life, or even exploration.
Although the exploration part tends to be a bit of brown trousers time, if
you know what I'm saying.

   Come on down and see what we've got to offer--odds are if you aren't
disappointed or disgusted, you may just like what you see.

From Arcanes with Love.



 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 27   \/    Order Updates: Ringbearers - Leosith 

   A busy few months in the Order of Ringbearers!

   First and foremost, Ringbearers offers a belated welcome to the following
new members since December: Dajjal, Rudelaris, Sartanis, Qaulorn, Arca, and

   Rinbearer applications are, as always, open.  Our noteboard looks forward
to catching your notes.  Not sure about the Order commitment?  It's not for
everyone, but Ringbearers has always been very friendly to new faces.  Come
on by our budding reed, and share in some laughs or some stories from our
olde neckbeard.  You never know, maybe you will find that our good times are
for you!  Why Ringbearers may be a good choice for an up-and-coming
adventurer like yourself?  Why, easy enough to explain!

   As previously stated, the Order is grueling away.  Their recent
escapades include slaying the feared evil witch enslaving the
inhabitants of Winterlight Island, and crusading deep into the heart
of Lamech's Manor, where they faced several fearsome vampires, but
returned with valuable experience and, of course, everlasting glory.  The
Order also laid claim to the famed Cascading Vortex found only by besting
madness, and a few swirling vortices.  The Order maintains a healthy
balnace of running, exploring, and playing games within.

   More exploits to come!  And of course, Ringbearers wishes a strong
congratulations to our long time friend Eisengrim.  Hopefully he comes
back to us soon!


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 28   \/    Order Updates: Baali - Mari 

               --***==##<<{{ Baali }}>>##==***--
                              / \       
                         ^   _|.|_   ^
                       _|I|  |I .|  |.|_
     Applications      \II||-| |-||  /
             Are          \|II I ..|/ 
                     /\    |II.    |    /\ 
                    /  \  _|III .  |_  /  \
            Open    |--| /(|I.I I  |)\ |--| 
                  _/(I | +-----------+ |. )\_
                   |I.III|  /(===)\  |  .. |
                  `##########!\-#####%!!!!!| |\
               __ /#####################%%!!!!/ /
               /!!!!\ \ \--_###########%%%!!!!\

Please Refer To: Help baali and Help Baali_Apps for more info.


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 Page 29   \/    Quest Results: Issue 149 - Falennt 


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 30   \/    Quest: Issue 150 - Gawen 

    It's Quest time again!  Since next issue will contain the results
of the greatly anticipated Heroes for 2011, I have a simple little
task for our readers to complete in their honor.

   I'd like each of you to prepare a grand feast for this year's Heroes,
whomever they turn out to be.  The feast must be at least:
     [*] Three courses to include:
         [*] One appetizer, entree, & dessert
         [*] Something to drink, preferably alcoholic in nature
         [*] Each item must be a "food" item
         [*] Each item must be from a different area
     [*] A container to store all of these items.

   Please mudmail the names of each item, the names of the areas & mobs
from which they originate (if relevant), and the name of the container to
Falennt.  Winners will be announced in the next issue of the Cry of Despair.


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 Page 31   \/    Funny Bones: Titles - Various 

 Avatar          Larick is cooking, so may not respond quick-like.
 Abelard's belly button is full of lint!
 Pytagon, Pandaren Protector of Treefolk.
 Verederosa stabs you in both of your faces!
 Pexa floats like a butterfly, stings like a...moth.
 Kylesta Fyremusik, destroyer of ducks, geese, and more!


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 32   \/    Funny Bones: Channels - Various 

 Loril musics 'Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake Yerbuti, shake 

 Stoneheft chats 'Did every specied get an Adam and Eve?  Were there
                    originally 2 slugs in their own Garden of Eden nibbling
                    the forbidden lettuce that are now responsible for all
                    slug sin in the world?'

 Nifl chats 'Gonna hit Walmart day after Easter and empty my bank account on
               Cadbury eggs and jelly beans'\

 Crovax openly traffics: i'm gonna need a snorkel, a paperclip and an avocado

 Excane openly traffics:  ltb shakeweight 

 Excane: One Lounger to rule them all, One Lounger to find them.  One 
           Lounger to bring them all and in the Darkness BIND THEM!

 Conran> when you can give your enemies the plague, who needs cash
 Excane: I went to Maury. He confirmed I was NOT the father.

 Temakian wars 'gonnil and romani, sitting in a tree, m u d d i n g, first
                  avatar, then comes imm, you better watch out or theyll slay
                  you on a whim.'


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 33   \/    Bounties: 1,000,000 Gold Coins - Viole 

   I, Viole, do hereby place a bounty of 1,000,000 gold coins for the
skins of Sylvious, Myrcroft, and Cohen.  Gold will be paid to
anyone turning these over to me that is not related or affiliated with the
clan Catarrh.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 33   \/    Bounties: 2,000,000 Gold Coins - Dante 

   I hereby call for a bounty on the head of Zachariah or any of his
many personalities, known to some as the hideous "attack of the Zach*".  I
offer 2,000,000 gold coins in return for the skin of any Zach*
character, or the containers made from said skins.


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 Page 33   \/    Shop with Guts'n'Glory! 

   If you are in need of some equipment at fair prices, look no further than
   NW of DH[]!  Kaleo and Lilkal are ready to help you with your equipment

   With new items available on these bots, and constant restocking, Kaleo and
   Lilkal can save you time and gold!

   Just type 'whois kaleo' or 'whois lilkal' for a stock price listing and
   find them NW of DH[]!

 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 33   \/    Shop with Guts'n'Glory! 

   If you are in need of some equipment at fair prices, look no further than
   NW of DH[]!  Kaleo and Lilkal are ready to help you with your equipment

   With new items available on these bots, and constant restocking, Kaleo and
   Lilkal can save you time and gold!

   Just type 'whois kaleo' or 'whois lilkal' for a stock price listing and
   find them NW of DH[]!

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 Page 36   \/    Ask CoE
           ###     ######  ##    ##     ######   #######  ########
          ## ##   ##    ## ##   ##     ##    ## ##     ## ##
         ##   ##  ##       ##  ##      ##       ##     ## ##
        ##     ## ######   #####       ##       ##     ## ######
        #########       ## ##  ##      ##       ##     ## ##
        ##     ## ##    ## ##   ##     ##    ## ##     ## ##
        ##     ##  ######  ##    ##     ######   #######  ######## 

  If you had a chance to ask the Council of Elders something about
  gameplay, what would you ask?
  Do you want to know when we are going to have pasta somewhere?
  Do you want to know why thief mobs only keep a percentage of what
  they steal?
  Or do you want to know something else?! If so, mudmail Falennt with
  your questions today! 

 See HELP MUDMAIL for information on how to write a note and mail it.

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 Page 37Y   \/    Roleplay Wiki - 

For those seeking to feed their Inner RP Demons there is a wiki site
available with many sections including (but not limited to) Nations, Roleplay
culture, literature, arena, RP archives, order RP, Places to RP, player
organized groups, diaries etc.
We encourage contributions to this mud-wide RP archive and history. If you
require assistance in helping to set up a section in the wiki please contact
Falennt or myself for information or follow the handy guide in the right hand
side of the wiki.
Take the time to become part of this RP rich world which lurks in virtually
every part of RoD. Visit!

Falennt and Romani

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 Page 38   \/    Write for the Cry! 

Write for the Cry!

Currently the Immortal Sponsors are looking for more and more writers.
If you are interested then please write a short note saying why you would 
like the position.  Please include your normal online times so that the 
immortals can interview you. 

We also welcome freelance editors. Do contact Falennt for more 

We are also looking for more staff writers and freelancers. If you 
would like to earn some income through writing just about anything, feel 
free to speak with Falennt regarding your interest.

Our Current Payment Rates

Editor-in-Chief : 70 million gold per issue edited
Staff Writers   : 5 million gold per page submitted.

Regular freelancers  : 4 million gold per page submitted.
Organization Writers : 2.5 million gold per page submitted.

The Cry of Despair welcome all newbie and avatar writers alike. If 
your passion is writing, do contact Falennt through mudmail or a tell.

Thank you in advance for your interest. 

N.B.: Staff Writer : Cry of Despair Staff, Regular Submissions required.
      Freelancer   : Article submission not on regular basis, not required  
                     to be on the Cry of Despair staff list.