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At the table with Cyril

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                         Table of Contents
At the Table with Cyril             The Symposium News
We had been granted a summons with  Announcements from one of the
one of the newest immortals over a  largest councils in all of the
game of poker, see how we came out  Realms.
and learn things you didn't know   
about Cyril.                        Horoscope!
                                    Whats in the stars for you
The Masters (Part 2)                this month? Whats the word on
The Guild Masters Roundtable        your deity?
meeting continues with the arrival  
of more Leaders.                    Quests and Contests
                                    Enter this issues contest!
The Ruins                
What new force has awakened in the  Group News
world of the deadly?                Guilds, Orders and Nations.
WANT ADS!                           Humor!
                                    Laughs from the bards!
At the Table with Cyril . Written By: The CoD Staff
Not long into his role as an immortal, we were given a chance to
sit at the poker table for a few hands and to learn all we could
about Cyril...

Asrakare asked 'How did you ever get the idea for the lottery for
the first place? And how did that turn into a casino and then a
potion vendor?'

Cyril smiled and said 'The lottery was the first thing I did, and
it was more of a publicity stunt to make the Guild of Augurers more
active in people's minds. It was not designed to make money.
It barely broke even.'

Cyril laughed. 'I ran a lottery inside the GoA first to see how it
would turn out. The second lottery was a public one. And was for
publicity mostly. The GoA had just lost their guild due to the
unfortunate actions of the current leader, and I wanted people to
remember that it was still there'
At the Table with Cyril . Written By: The CoD Staff
Shingo asks 'How about how were you doing while your Casino was
big business?

Cyril replied 'Well, the casino would go through times where it
would lose money and times it would make money'

Azrakare changed his demeanor and accused 'Cyril, Cyril, what about
the accusation of the misapropriation of funds?'

Cyril snickered softly and said 'I misappropriated funds? I think
they are all here in my wallet...'

Brakko rose and asked 'Cyril, how did grasping Immortality feel,
was it expected?'

Cyril replied 'I knew it was in the works, but I had no idea that
it would come when it did.'
At the Table with Cyril . Written By: The CoD Staff
Azrakare jumped and asked 'What are your current duties? Can you
clue us in on any long term projects you have ahead of you?'

Cyril smoothly replied 'Right now my primary responsibility is to
learn the ropes. Whatever projects I may be on I cannot comment on.'

Azrakare again, fires off another question 'How do you feel about
the upcoming evolution to the Realms? Do you have any plans about

As quick as Azrakare asked, Cyril responded 'I expect to be fully
involved with the evolution to the Realms, as much as I'm allowed
as much as I can contribute.'

Kuah asked 'What is it like working with some of the older

Cyril replied 'There are a lot of immortals who work hard, and it
takes time to make changes. They are very helpful. I do not
hesitate to ask for their opinion. They have done this before and
they know the tricks. Everyone has been fantastic, and very
At the Table with Cyril . Written By: The CoD Staff
Kuah, again 'How long have you been in the ranks of immortals and
how long do wish to continue on that path?'

Cyril returns 'It has been about a week so far, in mortals time,
I have no plans to leave.'

Odessyus cuts in 'Any plans to bring back the Casino?'

Cyril responds 'There are currently no plans for the casino, but I
have been using my former assets as a means of playing with the
mortals. For example, currently, I am on round 3 of the Black Jack

Kuah returns to questioning 'What is one of your favorite mortal
memories in these realms?'

Cyril smiles. 'My favorite mortal memory is the first days of the
casino. I was running it on the northwest battlements and people
actually came to play. I was thrilled. It was actually working.
The first game was roulette.
At the Table with Cyril . Written By: The CoD Staff
Cyril continued. 'One day, Mischief, Dementia, and Nitsuj showed up
to play. I think there were a few immortals who also stopped by, but
they have paid me well to keep paid me well to keep quiet. That crew
cleaned me out by about 240 million coins, the largest single day
loss. That was not caused by thieving mobs or people trying to cheat
me. But it probably did the most to publicize the casino.'

Kuah asks 'Did the Immortals support your Casino right away?'

Cyril, remembering 'I ran the casino all on my own at first. Then
there was an incident where someone charmed a creature and ordered
it to steal from the people. I lost all my money that day, so I
closed the casino. The very next day, some of the immortals wanted
to know why I closed it so I told them. They "fixed" the situation.
They were gracious enough to make a room where I could keep the
casino without people trying to meddle with it.
At the Table with Cyril . Written By: The CoD Staff
Finally, Kuah asks 'Any words of advice to the mortals of the

Cyril says 'Words of advice... hmmm. There are a lot of things that
come to mind. Play nice. That is my advice.'

Kuah interrupts 'Sorry, was there anything we didn't touch upon you
would like to talk about?'

Cyril thinks, then says 'I would like to say that the Guild of
Augurers was a big part of my time as a mortal on the Realms.
I think that is all.'

And with that, Cyril took his leave of us, but not before we thanked
him for his time, and looked at our empty bags of gold. Cyril did
not even bother counting his winnings, and in a blink, he, much like
our gold, was gone.
The Masters (Part 2) . Written By: Kuah Cha'Din
So here we were, in the grand hall of the Dukes castle, where this
meeting of all the known Guild Masters would take place. Five of the
Leaders had already arrived. Selina from the Warriors Guild, Linda
from the Rangers Guild, Alovea from the Augurers Guild, Saraphin
from the Mages Guild and Sagat from the Guild of Nephandi.

Many of the maids and servants peeked in from behind doors and from
behind curtains in the great hall. All curious to get a peek at
what strange happening would be next. See most of the Leaders so far
had made grand entrances and spooked not only the poor elven herald,
but my good friend and partner in setting up this meeting, Hauk the

As I stood beyond the large table recollecting my wits and trying to
remember who had yet to arrive and watching the elven herald do the
same, when we both heard the clanking of armor echoing down the hall.
The next had arrived.
The Masters (Part 2) . Written By: Kuah Cha'Din
A figure entered the great doors and at first nothing could be made
out because of the reflection of light upon polished armor. Hauk
squinted in the direction and seemed to breathe a sigh of relief as
the light also dimmed. There before all the Leaders in attendance
Stood a man of honor dressed in full of ceremonial platinum field

The elven herald shouted out "Mecil, Guild Master of the Paladins
Guild." A hush fell over everyone in the hall and Mecil walked
slowly over to the table. His eyes seemed were looking over the
others in attendance, yet his face read no emotions. Had he not
been walking, he could of been mistaken for a statue.

When his steps had ended at the head of the table he lowered his
head and whispered what seemed to be a prayer. The only words I
could make out were 'Brontrel' and 'peaceful meeting'. He then
took his seat and nodded to those around him.
The Masters (Part 2) . Written By: Kuah Cha'Din
A cold feeling ran over the back of my neck and I had an uneasy
feeling that there were eyes in the shadows watching me. I noticed
Hauk had the same feeling as he peered into the shadows of the

A quick snap set my heart racing as a dagger landed right between
my feet. Three figures stepped from the shadows. Even in the light
I could not make out two of the figures but the one who stood in the
center was a strong woman who glanced around, gave her eyelashes a
flutter and walked over to the table.

The herald looked all over his scrolls and notes and then realized
the same thing we all had. The next Leader had arrived. He shouted
out, "Elisabet, Leader, Guild of Thieves!" She took her seat next
to Selina, and placed a dagger before her on the table. I looked
down and noticed the dagger that had landed between my feet had
vanished, and was in fact the same dagger she had just placed
before her. I noticed Hauk was trying to figure out how as well.
The Masters (Part 2) . Written By: Kuah Cha'Din
I cleared my throat and was about to inquire how such a trick was
done, when screams echoed out from one of the maids. Soon bodyguards
and Leaders alike were up in arms.

In the all the confusion while trying to get the Leaders to settle
down and not to worry, (and hoping that things did not come to
blows), I too found that I had the want to scream.

Blood was flowing from the bricks. Like they were great sponges that
ere being squeezed of all liquid. As servants, maids and Leaders
were trying to figure out what was going on a heavy mist started to
fill the hall. It was like being inside of a cloud. One of the
assassins who had arrived with Elisabet noticed them first. 'Them'
being the glowing eyes that seemed to move about like a bird in the

Hauk had pulled his weapon and was standing ON the table and then he
screamed out "This is it I've had it! I can take no more surprises!"
The Masters (Part 2) . Written By: Kuah Cha'Din
The mist faded and the blood that had been seeping from the bricks
started to form a shape in the center of the hall. The eyes that had
been spotted in the mist had now found the way to the form taking
shape. Soon a man stood there, fangs and all.

"I am Crevan, I think I am expected?" Everyone took their seat, and
whispers worked all over the hall. Hauk stood on top of the table
in the center. Crevan gave him a glance and tossed him a coin.
"Sorry about the mess." he told the dwarf, and then took his seat.

Eight had arrived and two were left. Hauk had left the hall with
swears and promises escaping his lips. More than half the servants
had seemed to vanished and I don't think I'll be able to hire this
herald ever again. The Leaders who were here were restless and
wanting to get things started, I hope the others would arrive

To be continued next issue.
The Ruins . Written By: Odessyus Harthlen
Thirsty for more information and to release the wondering of what
is happening in the other way of life in this realm, I trekked back
to the ruins.

The moment I stepped foot into the town, yells of slave trade rung
through my ears.  I couldn't quite catch the name of the slave being
thrown around like a piece of meat.  Under the old owner's rule,
the slave was wild, did not abide by the law of his town and was
not in favor with many, but now, under new rule, the owner is
positive that the slave has changed his ways and will follow the

The yells died down, so my curiosity got the better of me once
again. I snuck around the town, until I came to a certain store
filled with shelves of potions and scrolls.  I saw a group of
figures, no features were discernible but the shadowy outlines of
The Ruins . Written By: Odessyus Harthlen
They began to talk of the old days, the tactics used and how they
compared to the dishonorable tactics used in these times.  I found
the conversation boring, and repetitive of what is always spoken
about, so I left the shop and wandered around once again.

As I wandered, I stumbled upon a fine parchment, glistening somehow
in the dark town.  Fine writing and and extravagant colors scrawled
the words:
The Merida have returned from their silent sleep.
Do not cross the path of the Merida, lest thee seek thy death!

This must mean that a new power has arrived in the realms--sooner
than I had expected when I heard about more arriving.  As soon as
I finished reading those words, yells broke out once again, already
against Merida.  Putting Merida down and insulting them every which
The Ruins . Written By: Odessyus Harthlen
Many other familiar voices broke out as well, against the Merida.
Insult after insult spurted out from voices that cannot control
themselves from what I have heard.

I searched around the town for more information that I could share
with the parallel world that aligns next to these beings--but I
could find nothing worthy of being told. The town was empty when I
left, so I decided to strut out in the open out of town, just
hoping that I would be seen as I left, with no one able to follow.
The Symposium News . Written By: Shingo Solstice
The council has decided to hold an Open Forum for all the citizens
of the realms to come and discuss with The Symposium, some of their
thoughts and ideas for the future. With the realm-wide changes going
to occur, the Symposium is interested in hearing about ideas for
what to do after the changes.

The date is set 2 weeks from now, the time this article is being
written. All people are welcome, but if you come, you must behave,
or face the wrath of the immortals. More information will be placed
in the Archives.

In recent meetings, we discussed many ideas.  Some which have passed
are ideas like easier ways to pick up mudsigned notes, knowledge of
your saves from your equipment, and Blorin will learn new engraving
The Symposium News . Written By: Shingo Solstice
One of our members, Gehn has left the council, and we thank him for
his service to the council. His position (that of Guild of Druids
Representative) will be replaced very quickly. We are not accepting
applications yet, but there will be further news on that. If your
Guild or Order Representative has not been showing up lately,
whether inside your organization or even to appear at the meetings,
please inform me, Shingo. If you're not even sure you HAVE a
Representative, inform me of that as well.
Horoscopes . Written By: Shamisen
Predictions and Star-Readings for this the month of the Long
Shadows, read and translated by Bjarni Thorkelsson, High Priest of
Thoric, appointed to the court of his Highness, King Corsteryx

Several spatiotemporal anomalies have been detected in the
superficial layers of the Void, known as Machine Dreams. Travelers
are advised to exercise caution especially if using teleportation
magicks. The plane is particularly unstable closer to the event
horizon, this area should be avoided at all costs.

Two new beings have been recently inducted into the ranks of
Immortals. The resulting energy surges (which are unavoidable in
third-degree matter conversion) have caused violent warp storms
throughout the Astral Plane, which will continue for the better part
of a fortnight.
Horoscopes . Written By: Shamisen
Astral travellers beware, one can easily be taken off course if
caught in the more severe turmoils. The problem should alleviate
itself throughout the middle of the month, disappearing completely
by the 18th.

Brontrel: The chaotic imbalance experienced in the previous
month has been righted, so the followers of this deity once again
have his full attention. Obey the Law in all you do, and you shall
be rewarded.

A'enaar: To make up for her previous lack of attention, A'enaar
will confer more strength upon her followers. Beware the temptations
of those who would lead you upon the path of Evil, for it often
looks inviting.
Horoscopes . Written By: Shamisen
Eustathius: The god of Neutrality looks kindly upon those who
wear the color grey. He might decide to confer bonuses upon his
devotees. Then again, he might not. The only sure answer he can
give at the moment is 'maybe'.

Laschte: Following the recent defeat by the god of Order,
Laschte has hidden herself away, regaining strength and waiting for
the proper time to strike back. She will therefore be less attentive
to the needs of worshippers.

Vl'Arescht: Although Evil in the Realms was diminished, it is
far from defeated. Vl'Arescht encourages his worshippers to do all
in their power to insure the spread of Evil throughout the word,
promising handsome rewards.
Horoscopes . Written By: Shamisen
Omanith: Inactivity settles in around the 3rd
try to get more exercise.
Volarh: A shooting star display on the 5th provides
many inattentive victims.
Il'Liara: Teleportation magic might prove hazardous in the
month's first half.
Cru'Udakh: Get thee to a blacksmith, a glorious battle
will come soon.
Aalakab: Feeding on a goblin on the 20th might contaminate
you, be careful.
Vaiza: Good days for mountainside expeditions are the 10th,
13th and 14th.
Circe: A day of discovery awaits, seek but the answer and you
shall find it.
Scryn: An escape to nature this week will help restore
your good spirits.
Cabal An ocean voyage on the 16th is ill advised, the
weather will not hold.
Horoscopes . Written By: Shamisen
Grishnakh: Beware of a foe using magical tricks in combat
on the 20th.
Kali: A merchant caravan on the 10th will have few guards,
use this knowledge.
Adonia: Good days for kiwi picking are the 10th through
the 20th.
Taboo: Attacking a dragon on the 12th is not recommended,
travel in a group.

Ch'Aranol: Lucky numbers for this month: 7, 9, 66. Good fortune
in gambling can be attained on the 7th and 15th.

Nae'trelle: If you get into an argument on the 14th just smile
and nod as this is not a good day to confront authority figures.
A surprise awaits on the 20th.

Bor'Hin: New Thalos provides ample looting opportunities this
month because of its recent influx of wealth. A bargain discovered
on the 25th might not be a bargain after all, so be careful.
Horoscopes . Written By: Shamisen
E'Soa: Filled with energy at the beginning of the month, this
energy may wane by the 16th. A friend pays you back a loan which
you were sure you would never see again.

Er'res: Coveting thy neighbor's Lifebanes will be of no use
unless you do something about it. Remember, it's not illegal if you
don't get caught.

Finaglera: A month filled with fun and laughter for you which
you enjoy to the hilt. The life of the party is always sought after
and you are definitely the life of any party you attend. Remember
to drink responsibly, though.
Contests! . Written By: Ayesh
This issues contest is simple. All you have to do is submit to the
staff a small essay written on who in the Realms you admire most.
Is it your sweet heart or a good friend? Could it even be just a
DarkHaven guard? Send us yours and we will print the winning entry
in the next issue along with a nice bag of gold!!!


Where to submit your essay:
The public CoD board is located e,s,2u,s,w,s from DarkHaven Square.
It can also be found one south of Quills and Parchments on Market
Street. Happy Writing!
Group News . Written By: Alerious and staff
By: Azrakare
Ahh, the sight of thousands of screaming fans, the grunts and groans
of trolls and ogres as they flex their muscles in physical
compition... This could only mean one thing.  Olympics.

Being a member of the committee for these olympics and also being
a Cry of Despair scribe, i took it upon myself to get an early scoop
on the story and inform you, our valued readers, of these momentous

Soon, all nations will be expected to send their best to compete in
their areas of expertise; Prises and Praise are to be showered down
upon all winners.I dare not say what the events planned are as of
yet, but i tell you now, it will be a memory to last a lifetime!
There is still much planning to be done; able bodies and quick minds
are always found useful in times like these. If you wish to get
involved in these events, or in the Nations themselves, contact
Fentrissa or a Nation's Games representative, or a high ranking
member of your nation (The Nation Leader ect.). These Games reps
will be announced soon on the National Visions board.
Group News . Written By: Alerious and staff
Human Nation Sent in by Odessyus, Human Nations Rep
The Human Nation has recently changed leadership hands with the
former leader Abalon resigning with his Human Second, Moonfire X.
Attica taking the reigns.  The nation has been enjoying recent
quests created by the new second, Ardeth.  The Humans are looking
for interested Role players, experience or not, to come out of the
woodwork and join the council.

Order of MaidenStone Sent in by Elaria
                            _    _
                     |\     |he |_|rder       ,
             _        \\       of            ||
  \\/\\/\\  ( \, \\  / \\  _-_  \\/\\  _-_, =||=  /'\\ \\/\\  _-_
  || || ||  /-|| || || || || \\ || || ||_.   ||  || || || || || \\
  || || || (( || || || || ||/   || ||  - ||  ||  || || || || ||/
   \\ \\ \\  \/\\ \\  \\/  \\,/  \\ \\ ,-_-   \\, \\,/  \\ \\ \\,/
Warm welcomes to the maidens Goomra, Naithalia, Astera, and Ilyatha.
MaidenStone also welcomes the new warder to Cersei, Raltaris and
the new warder to Gibson, Kuah.
Group News . Written By: Alerious and staff
Guild of Thieves Sent in by Elisabet, GoT Rep
There is quite a lot of wonderful news in our fair guild. Several
great changes and additions have been made. First we would like to
welcome our new inductees - Talset, Leandya, Zanatar, Jemnaly and
Radik. We have just changed our Induction Team structure. We will
now have up to 3 Senior IT members, rather than a IT Captain. We
also have some great attacks on the mobs of this realm planned.
Two trips to conquer Darkness are planned in conjunction with the
Guild of Warriors in the next few weeks. Anyone interested in
joining the guild, please contact a leader, Senior IT, or IT.

Guild of Mages Sent in by Saraphin, GoM Rep
GarytT has stepped down and what do ya know.. we're having
elections again!! Huyin and Farndaki have been nominated for the
position and voting begins on the 30th! We wish both of them the
very best of luck and thank GarytT for being our Guild Second!
IT is *almost* back up and running so all who wish to apply to the
guild can keep an eye out for any news posted in the recruiting
office. :)
Group News . Written By: Alerious and staff
               <>                                      {{@}}
             .::::.                                     8@8
         @\\/W\/\/W\//@                                 888
          \\//\///                             _    )8(    _
           \_O_<>_O_/                             (@)__/8@8\__(@)
._____________________________.                    `-"-=):(=-"-`
|<><><>       |  |      <><><>|                         |G|
|<>           |  |          <>|    Guild of Warriors    |U|
|<>      .----|  |---.      <>|    -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-    |I|
|<>      |   SELINA   |     <>|                         |L|
|        |   /    \   |       |                         |D|
|________| (O\    /O) |_______|                         |O|
|CHANTRIA \  /    \  /  ???   |                         |F|
|----------\        /---------| Honor above everything, |W|
|           '.____.'          |                         |A|
|            |   |            |   brotherhood always.   |R|
:            |   |            :                         |R|
 \<>         |   |         <>/                          |I|
  \<>        |   |        <>/                           |O|
   \<>       |   |       <>/                            |R|
    \<>      |   |      <>/                             |S|
     `-.     |   |     .-`                              \ /

Group News . Written By: Alerious and staff
Guild of Warriors Sent in by Kip, GoW Rep
The Guild of Warriors is currently entering a period of change
as Guild Second Asuvius steps down as Simone, Thengel, Thargof,
Murkius, Avoozl, Ilena, and Lethean vie for his position. Elections
are open until February 10 through mudmail to our illustrious
Guild Master Selina.

The valiant Warriors have triumphed in recent Pkill matches
against the Guild of Thieves and the Guild of Druids. The match
against the Druids was a particularly proud win for the Warriors
with only two warriors falling, a proud turning of events after
the recent Guild Wars.

The Warriors are currently undertaking a point system, where
individual members of the Guild demonstrating exemplary deeds,
such as donating avatar equipment, helping younger players, or
helping Guild Questors, receive points which can be used at a
later date for the Guild avatar equipment storage.
Humor . Written By: CoD Staff
The DarkHaven Cheese Shortage
Written By: Azrakare
Twas only a week ago that i sat in the Grim Smile having a beer.
A very stinking drunk dwarf approached me and began an unsolicited
conversation with me. I ignored him for a bit, but then he got onto
a topic that i found rather interesting. He mentioned an entire
shipment of Mithril Hall cheese had gone rancid and then missing
before arriving at the shops.

As for what made this cheese turn rancid and why it had suddenly
dissapeared, he did not know or would not say. At the time i did
not think much of this, but the next morning i was to find out it
would affect me greatly. I woke up the next morning with a cheese
craving. As I went to Market Street to purchase some Breakfast
cheese, I was to learn that there was a horrible cheese shortage
in Darkhaven.

I knew the reason why and went out to investigate this. I first
questioned the driver of the mule cart which on which the cheese
had gone rancid. He seemed pretty reluctant to give me answers,
only muttering something about half-ogres and the darkhaven guard.
Humor . Written By: CoD Staff
As i got more information, I was to find out that a group of
half-ogres had set upon the cart and turned the cheese rancid with
their stares. As for why the cheese was missing, I could not find
out. The driver told the CoD that, "It was just gone after the
guard at the east gate had inspected the cart for daemons."
The CoD staff asked Duke Luther for a statement on this, but he
declined. I questioned his captain of the guard who said "Cheese
gives me a rash.", and proceeded to scratch himself.
Any further information would be welcomed on this case, as it still
seems a bit baffling.

Adonia A man says something in a forest, but no woman is there to
hear him. Is he still wrong?.
Axius Vegetarians eat vegetables. Fear humanitarians!.
Kimmy The mosquito that knows no mercy..
Echizen!!!     Bless you. =).
Darshanin Vancour says mind if I squish your ego?.
Latelanakhin theres no "I" in team but theres a "me" *boogie*.
Humor . Written By: CoD Staff
Levi is NOT a pair of pants.
Kegruel screw it.
Xanerlyxi smashes 2 words together and forms a last name!.
Heath: Be like a fetus and head out!
Melan Isn't evil, she's just up to no good.
Tagard yummmm smoked pixie wings......
Bodai hangs out with healing chicks.

Ramblings of a wise old sage. Written By: Elbanon Blackmoon

Sometimes life just chews you up and spits you out on the sidewalk
and then a mangy old dog comes along and licks you up. Then you get
the mangy dog sick, and he dies, and in a way you have your revenge
for everything.
Want Ads . Written By: CoD Staff
Looking for a wise and powerful master to serve...
Greetings, I am Foamfoller. I am seeking the employ of a new master
because I am weary of the life of a travelling Vampire. I am a fit
AV Half-Elf Vampire, 306 years old. Possessing a high natural
dexterity (17) and the vampiric skill of grasp and mistwalk, I
would serve you well. Please address any offers or queries to Chacix
as I am Currently abroad. Thank you for your time and consideration.

A Message From "Black" Jack's Dusty Saloon!
Things have been a might slow lately. Seeing as how it is all dusty
and such, and the inn I am located in at the time being is all a
mess as well. Anyhow, I am cutting cost on my fine brew known far
and wide, that being my very own, "Black" Jack's Green Winter Ale.
My saloon is located in an inn a tad south and a smidgen west of
fair DarkHaven.
Want Ads . Written By: CoD Staff
Are ye in the need of magikal potions of the healing sort?
Find ye the one named Bariah!  Only the finest of magiks
does he brew, his name a synonym for quality throughout
these realms! A fair price and good quality, that is the Bariah way.

Weapons and Armor Here!
Having trouble finding the armor or weapons you seek?
The solution my friends, is named Taonmakan.  Find him and find
what you need.
               Thank you from the Society of Scribes!
Thank you from all of us!

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