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Steal, empty, rechoose, linkdead, msdp

News #1003 posted by Kinux on 03/03/14.

Steal command message:
- When a player steals an object from a mob, it will now indicate the successful theft (it used to return a blank line). Kinux adjusted.

Empty command adjustment:
- It will no longer be possible to empty items into restricted containers. Thanks to Belkira for this code.

Rechoose adjusted in Preauth:
- The rechoose command in preauth will not force players to have to reauth their names if they were previously auth'd. Thanks to Sepharoth for this code.

Actions while linkdead:
- The following skills will no longer be halted when a character loses connection: trance, meditate, dig, search, detrap, commune, prayer. Thanks to Gonnil for this code.

MSDP Update:
- Updated code in msdp so more affects will be transmitted. Code adjusted by Sepharoth.