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PWReset, constitution affect

News #1004 posted by Kinux on 03/03/14.

- This new command will allow players to put in a hidden email address (will not show in score or whois) so that their character can be 'tagged' to them for purpose of password resets. Please see HELP PWReset for more information. Code adjustment by Kinux.

Change to Constitution:
- Constitution will now have a slight affect on how much damage a player or mob receives when being dealt damage. Each additional point of constitution results in a slightly added impact. This applies to all sources of damage.

In addition, if a player has a higher constitution rating than the maximum for his or her class, the additional constitution will still affect this bonus.

In addition:

There have been a number of behind the scenes code updates by Belkira, Sepharoth and Gonnil. Our many thanks!