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Followers, Finditem, Vote Closing, Coin Theft, Righteous Stand

News #1005 posted by Kinux on 03/28/14.

The following changes have been made:

- A message will now be sent to a group leader/master when followers are left
behind due to tunnel restriction. Code by Sepharoth. idea by Gateronavutt.

- Added a new message for finditem and equipped items to show the location of
said item better. Code by Gonnil, idea by TS.

- Added "voting is closed" message to notes where voting is closed. Code by
Gonnil, idea by Tharius.

- Stealing coins now affects favor. Code by Gonnil.

- Righteous Stand have adjustments for cooldown duration. Righteous Stand has
had a minor textual adjustment made to its message. - Code by Gonnil.

Many thanks to Sepharoth and Belkira for many behind the scenes code updates
that were done as well!