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Midway of Despair

News #1012 posted by Kinux on 07/25/14.

As part of the 20th anniversary of the Realms of Despair, we have set up 3
special areas only available off of the Midway of Despair. These areas were
well known pre-shattering, but were considered 'poor' building examples and
were removed or rewritten. It should be noted that the items the areas have
are still in game but anything taken out of the new 'old' areas WILL NOT SAVE.
This means if you log off, or if the mud reboots, they will be lost. We did
this as we didn't want them getting confused with the items still in game but
felt it would be fun to allow them to still be viewed.

To access these three old RoD areas, please just roam around the Midway, find
the painting (which will have the old helpfile attached) and 'enter painting'.
Once in, be warned, there's no way back to the midway other than the usual

One of the areas had a DT. It is no longer a DT, so feel free to explore.
These areas are an intersting look back when mob progs, accurate room
directions, and even some room descriptions, were considered optional.

As a side note, we will be trying to put in a number of new and previously
enjoyed Smaug areas (updated to modern standards) over the coming months.
Stay Tuned!

We hope you enjoy this little dip into the past.