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Random disconnects

News #1014 posted by Gonnil on 09/03/14.

We've been getting reports in the past few months of players experiencing
random disconnects, where they appear to still be online but they've actually
been disconnected. This seems to happen with some connections, particularly
when the player is idle for several minutes. Today we put in a fix to try to
address this issue. Can't promise that no random disconnect will ever happen
again, but I was personally having this frequent disconnect issue, and after
this fix I don't seem to experience it any more.

For deadlies - we hope this will help fix the issue of losing link and being
unable to reconnect.

We did see an issue with at least one client (the Java client) that is
disconnecting more frequently today after this fix. We'll look into this, but
the Java client is ancient and more-recent web browser versions won't even let
you use it any more. If you are using the Java client from our website, we
have not been supporting or actively developing for that client, and we
suggest you try using either the Flash client or our new webclient instead,
both of which can be found at