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New Barbarian Recall

News #1055 posted by Kinux on 08/07/16.

After years of hearing from his patrons that his edible runes of recall were
simply not tasty, and didn't work well while full, the Barbarian rune seller
Khlishe has created a stone that can be shattered to either bring the
Barbarian back to the Tribe, or to New Darkhaven if the Barbarian is not

Khlishe has agreed to sell these wares both in the Barbarian Village and to
the Rune reseller named Amorgan, who lives by himself in Moria.

It should be noted that this form of recall has been designed by Khlishe to
only work for peaceful Barbarians. It will also not work while in battle as
Khlishe doesn't believe Barbarians would ever be so dishonourable as to leave
a fight mid-battle.

Thanks to Goliath for his recommendation to Khlishe to create this new recall.
Should there be issues with the stone, please let Kinux know.