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News from my travels (part 1)

News #1060 posted by Rhaegus the Explorer on 08/19/16 .

While I have not been vocal about my exploration of the Realm until now, I
felt it important to note that there have been a number of interesting changes
recently to a number of areas I've been.

The shire was always a quiet place, but it appears some in the village may
have been influenced by an outsider.

I've always dreaded heading down to see the fire newts underground. While
their eggs were delicious, the heavily armoured guards always challenged me.

The blood sea was never a friendly place to sail, but recently I've discovered
a new creature there that caused me alarm.

While taking a stroll through the treetops and canopy, I couldn't help but
notice a change in the animals. Intrigued, I stayed a while and learned a
great deal in the process.

While in Ocean Keep, I have often taken to staying at Lady Fenia's manor house
though I find it difficult to find a bed these days.

I ventured towards the Mountain of Lost Souls the other day, hoping to have a
peek. I met a girl in a nearby cave who told me stories about the changes
that have occured inside recently. I ran as fast as I could away from that