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Server migration/issues

News #1080 posted by Kali on 06/12/17.

On less than a day's notice and with even less time to access our new
server (running a different Linux distribution), we had to migrate almost
100 Gb of data.

In this rush, some of the data was missed. Unfortunately, we have not
immediately had access to the old server to remedy this. It is our
hope that we will have access to the old server by the end of this week and
can have everything returned to normal.

There were a few code abnormalities as a result of the migration, such as train
and deity affects not working properly. These have been repaired thanks to

There are still some things that are not functioning properly, such as the
pre-authorized namepool. This should be remedied once we can access the old

If you find you are having any issues, please either send me a mudmail or
post to the Oracle.

Thanks for your patience with any inconveniences as we sort this out.