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End of days...

News #319 posted by Vraykan on 06/26/03.

I tried to warn them, but sadly, their greed, anger and distrust of one another was strong enough to be easily manipulated by the Shadow. All the help was there, as the Paladin of Virtue and Light showed then the way to defeat the beast, but alas, despite procurring the mask of eternal shadow their efforts were foiled by manipulation. The way the Shadow was able to pit the Scorn against the Nominis Umbrae was remarkable. Soon their clan was invaded and leadership removed, eventually the void that sustained them was broken, and all clan members were lost. The Shadow did not stop there though, as it urged the Scorn on further with promises of riches and power beyond their wildest dreams. So bedazzled were they that without question they led attacks against both Surreptus and Ophanim, destroying both clans utterly. Broken and disorganized, the once well organized clans began a death struggle amongst themselves, falling prey to the desire for anarchy that fed the Shadow. Soon, Scorn too fell to the Shadow and was brought under its taint. As a parting gift, the Shadow opened passageways into the other realms it has destroyed, ensuring that the history of the ruins were forever linked to it. Despite its efforts to destroy the organizations outright, four clans emerged from the rubble of this terrible loss, still bearing remnants of their former strengths, but now much wiser and focussed: Catarrh, Vodikem, Maleficae and Excordis. What has come to pass will forever be written in the annals of Realm history as a day of light amongst the ever looming prescence of the Shadow. - Vraykan, the Prophet