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A parchment for Greig the Wanderer

News #391 posted by Ravenhill on 11/14/03.


Greetings my old friend. I hope this missive finds you in good health. I have received disturbing reports from a contact who dwells among the natives of the Wild Tundra. It seems a number of the inhabitants have vanished of late after the discovery of a stone artifact. I have consulted a tome written concerning the area previously known as 'Antarctica', which I assume became a portion of the so-called 'Otherland' during the Shattering. Research indicates a similar occurrence among the gnomes of Antarctica. Apparently some sort of monolith was discovered. The records are confusing as to whether this was an edifice of great good or great evil. Not long after the discovery of the monolith, it was buried deep within the ice.

If my hunch is correct, apparently a few hundred years and a Shattering were sufficient to uncover this artifact. It becomes redundant to point out that this may be a great threat to the Realms, for in these uncertain times, it seems that we are surrounded by impending perils. But as always, it falls to the brave to ascertain the dangers and safeguard the Realm. If you could direct your wanderings toward this 'Otherland' and examine the monolith yourself, I would be indebted to you. The raven that carries this message will remain with you until you issue a report or meet your demise. Good hunting.