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The City of Salburg

News #573 posted by RoD on 01/09/06.

Once a thriving city of some renown, rivaling any city of the Realm for trade and prosperity, the city of Salburg fell under a terrible blight and was relegated to obscurity. Recently, archivists uncovered information linking Thoric to the city, possibly as one of the founding fathers. This curious fact has brought renewed interest in the city, and has made it possible to open up its long forgotten roads, linking this forgotten city once again to the civilized world.

Strangers to the city beware, for the streets are not safe, especially at night. It is not recommended for those who are below level 30. All players are cautioned to take extreme care when exploring the city and its outskirts.

The City of Salburg's theme and basic layout were created by Thoric. The primary writing for this area was done by Kinux and Selina, and marks the last of their building adventures together.

We wish you luck.