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News #675 posted by Vl'aresch on 04/18/07.

There has been a summit among the deities and with higher powers and a resolution has been reached.

Those among my flock who are evil and neutral will receive my favor as before. My followers that are devout, who I have always despised for their interfering morals anyway, will no longer receive my favor.

However, my oh so gracious adversary A'enari has agreed to adopt my ways and grant favor as I do to those who are devout as well as those who are neutral. For a limited time, if one of my so-called devout followers visits her and worships her, they will be instantly taken into her following. It is a fool's path to desert a being such as myself, but I am sure that your supposedly pure hearts were only in my service for the benefits I granted you, so I am no worse off without you.

I hope this finds the matter solved to the satisfaction of all.