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More bugs fixed

News #78 posted by Edmond on 09/01/02.

A small update! Though this is merely the tip of the iceberg, a few changes were made today for the bugs reported. Bugs are being fixed daily at this point due to the great efforts of those reporting them. Most of them are cosmetic, but some have been reported that could endanger stability long term. Keep up the good work. Some of the bugs fixed today were reported by:

Zerce, Rathmonicus, Zwanth, Aramir, Naridanern, Istaria, and Kroq.

Thanks to these and the rest of those that have been diligent in helping us.

- Gremlins no longer dismissable by non-owners. - Some exits fixed in Ashen Forest - Small, old bug with filling from fountains is fixed - Bladesingers now get their pkiller's brand - Pally vision shows the correct symbols for neutral and neutral/good equipment - Swap has been fixed to be effective in battle

Keep up the great work, and thanks to everyone!