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Minor Game Updates

News #841 posted by Kinux on 03/09/10.

Having cleared out the bug file, here are some areas that had changes made thanks to reports: GreenForest; The Village of Edo; blasted lands; Shattered Temple of Naetrelle Sentinel; New Darkhaven; The City of Salburg; Ashen Forest; Tree of Life half-troll Town; Intrigues of the Miden'nir; The Isle of Nethescuros; Redferne's Residence; Olympus.

Most of the above changes were typos or minor fixes. The following adjustments were slightly larger in scope so are listed individually:

- Lristan, the Prophet will now respond when you mention 'Grishnakh' - An ashwood bow and quiver in The Island of Irrybis can now be used as a proper missile weapon. - You can no longer be sleeping, stunned, or incapacitated and cast Inner balance. - In addition to its regular spells, a silvery-colored potion now will cast detect traps on you instead of detect poison (which wasn't working). - The shadow demons of the Ashen Forest should be less troublesome to those wandering the forest. - The Ranseur from ofcol is now a thrusting polearm, instead of a stabbing weapon. - Help SECT has been updated.

Again, many thanks to those who contributed suggestions via the BUG command.