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Ideas in Action

News #842 posted by Kinux on 03/12/10.

The following changes have occured as a result of ideas proposed utilizing the idea command:

- The Edo quest directive and quest tagging now have the same amount of time. - Blood of the Innocent is now Lizardman wearable. - An old leatherbound journal in Wyvern's is now an actual journal object. - The caravan will have a number of new cities added to its rotation. - Catti-brie in Mithril Hall is now key'd to both Catti and Brie. - Caekath in Barbarian hometown now gives a larger heal upon request. - Wandering pines will not attack passersby as frequently. - After Davy Jones has been attacked, he will now go back to being invisible and hidden again. - If Arruk'han is alive at area reset, Zharruk'din will not come out to play. - Help 'Realm of Worship' now indicates it is off Wasteland, and not Moria.

There were many other submitted ideas that have already been implemented, or or can not happen. My thanks to all who submitted ideas. You will be hearing from an immortal regarding your ideas shortly. For information, the ideas posted here were generally only build related. Other ideas are being dealt with by other Immortals.