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Today's crash and downtime (cont)

News #848 posted by Conran on 03/22/10.

Players that were online during the crash are potentially going to be corrupted. If you notice that every time you try to log on, the game crashes, please stop attempting to log in and post a note on the oracle ASAP. Logging has temporarily been turned on to its maximum level, so please do not try to abuse this if it happens to you. We have a recent backup of all player files, so if you have any issues you will be restored completely.

The roster command will not work, as the file containing all of the data was corrupted. There is no backup of this, I will manually regenerate it soon, in the mean time leaders may contact any immortal level 55 or above for urgent roster requests.

On the bright side, we believe we have located the source of the recent lag, and will keep a close eye on it in the coming days.

Our deepest apologies for the downtime.

Council of Elders