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Minor Updates

News #872 posted by Kinux on 08/19/10.

A glowing blue potion in New Darkhaven is now key'd to 'mana'. Thanks to Sszanttar for the idea.

A cross-hilted dagger is no longer shown to be wearable by thieves (as there was a program on it that forced removal).

A small red pipe, available from Toddy in the Burrows, should now work more effectively for Halflings and non-halflings both. Thanks to Myrrlestor for the report.

A warning sign has been placed in "A Crossing of Roads Amidst the Darkened Forest", just off of the western trade route, to advise travellers of nearby aggressive creatures. Thanks to Mainwarric for the idea.

The Fount of Power in Seth's Fortress will now bestow a minor healing, movement and mana restore. The effects of the Fount can only be felt roughly twice per repop, per player. Thanks to Lilsart for the idea.

The RoD forums are down until further notice.

Laws Pkill will be updated shortly to confirm that only items 'originally' flagged pkill (ie. ones that didn't have the pkill flag added later), should not be on peaceful characters. This generally includes items sold in pktown, clan hq's as well as clan eq. This syncs 'laws pkill' with 'laws objects'.