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Cleric Upgrade Input Requested

News #873 posted by Kinux on 08/24/10.

For nearly a decade, the upgrade to the Cleric slist has been hanging over the Realm. It is time for this to change. We are in the process of moving ahead with the update and would like to elicit your thoughts, ideas and opinions.

In the upcoming Cry of Despair, out later this week, information will be presented on the basic structure of the upgrade. The Symposium has been given information to work with already and will be taking further ideas from the general player population.

While we do have a structure in place, and skills and spells we envision will enhance the class as a whole, we would like to get your opinions on the changes. After a decade of waiting you have more than earned the right. This is the first time we have asked for input prior to a major game change, and we hope it is not the last.

So, I am putting out this news prior to the publishing of this month's CoD to ask you to consider what you would like to see. Ideas may be posted to the Tome of Conception on the second floor of Townhall (e,s,u,e,s,s,s from DH[]). TS will discuss your ideas, but all ideas whether passed or not will be reviewed by CoE.

Please avoid posting ideas until you have seen the CoD article detailing the structure of the Cleric upgrade. Should you have any questions about your proposals, the CoD article, or the Cleric upgrade itself, please contact Kinux.