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Changes to Clerics

News #885 posted by Kinux on 01/22/11.

While there had been discussion of the Cleric upgrade for nearly a decade, the results had not been what we wanted, so we decided to start from scratch in August. My thanks to our group of Mortal Testers who ended up making a lot of excellent change suggestions, including the additions of a number of skills,

to The Symposium for their work in brainstorming ideas, to the CoE and other Immortals for excellent discussion and debate while we paired down our choices, to Conran and Altrag for helping provide some of the background and skill/spell code, and to Romani for adding the multitude of help files. Special thanks to Belkira for his work on this project in creating many spells and skills and background code, and also in creating a new type of spell for us to use (see HELP Wards and Auras).

This has been a very major project, with around 55 new or adjusted skills for Clerics to access. While our testers have done an excellent job, there is more than likely something that may not work quite right. Please expect adjustments in the coming days as we find and resolve these issues. As always, should find an exploit, please tell an Immortal immediately, or mudmail Kinux if none is on.

Please see related helpfiles: cleric_devotion_benefits, house_Amnis_Umbra, house_Arcana_Eviae, house_Vis_Liberata, Pantheon, Spellstat, as well as the many helpfiles for the assorted spells.