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Annoying Garden Gnome Quest Complete

News #913 posted by Kinux on 09/18/11.

The month long quest is now done. Thanks to all who participated. Depending on how many gnomes you found, you will get some measure of glory for your work. Glory will be distributed over the course of the next week, and you do not need to be online for it to happen.

Top gnome finder goes to Skaphia. Lilmyrr gets second place. Ferokonon third place. Artem edges out Semiramia for fourth and fifth respectively.

In addition to the glory they have earned, all 5 of these Gnome finders will now have an opportunity to win a unique item. Please contact Kinux so we can set up a time for the next stage of the contest.

The gnomes may come back in the future, on rare occasions and in limited numbers. If you see one, it may be a handy thing to keep, midas, or possible give to a loved one who you wish to lose as a friend.