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Glory Based Corpse Retrieval

News #915 posted by Kinux on 10/08/11.

Should you ever find the need to do a glory based Immortal Corpse Retrieval, and find there is not an Immortal online, you may request of Sonoria, the priestess of Thoric, to pray to Thoric on your hehalf. Should Thoric find your glory within the Realm sufficient to warrant his involvement, he will use his powers to aid you.

The cost for such a service is written in HELP GLORY RATES. Directions for how to use this service, along with its cost, are also available in a sign above the Altar of Thoric, along with the other services Sonoria offers.

If you utilize this service, your corpses will be placed east of Sonoria in the Hall of the Fallen. While more time will be given on them before they decay, it is suggested you retrieve your belongings immediately.

Each player may only use this service once every 30 minutes as Sonoria does not wish to pester Thoric on an individual's behalf too often.

We will be discussing with the pkcommunity whether they would like such a service available within the Ruins.

This feature has been suggested by multiple people within the past year, so our thanks to them!