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Code Updates

News #921 posted by Kinux on 12/03/11.

The following code updates were brought in today:

- Mage portals will now be tagged to the caster's name. Should you wish to look at the caster when he/she/it is in the room, use look 0.playername (as it will default to the portal on the ground). Idea from Caelaa.

- There is now an experience boost for players under level 30 who group with others (and are not multiplaying within the group). Idea from Threndil.

- Characters above level 25 will now see Armor Class when using the worth command. Idea from Cellador.

- The erase command was updated to allow path of the quill mages to erase spellbooks. Idea from Sszanttar.

- The 'hunt' skill now shows Barbarians the direction of travel. Idea from Sszanttar.

- The lance slot in 'Garb' has been removed when a Barbarian is dual wielding.

Our thanks to Gonnil for all his work on these adjustments, and Belkira for the port to 4k.