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New Racial Skills

News #940 posted by Kinux on 07/30/12.

After years of discussion, one of the longest running projects in Realms history is finally coming to fruition. We are pleased to announce that over the coming weeks each race will be getting a race-based skill or skills.

Unlike other spells and skills that can be learned at a trainer, race skills will be learned by reading special books that will be available in thematic locations (libraries and the like).

In time, there will be hints given on hometown noteboards to aid those who are unable to find the race skill books, but we always like to give explorers a chance to show off their prowess first.

Race skill books will be hidden objects that you will need to search out before reading. If you are a member of the race that may benefit from the training, you will receive a message about learning your new skill. Once you have learned your new skill, it will show up in your slist and practice list.

The first two races to get race skills are Pixies and Elves:

Pixies will get two skills - Produce Pixie Dust and Aerial Mobility Elves get one skill - Guardianship of the Irrybis

We will be releasing more race skills every few days. Good luck and happy exploring!