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New Race Skill Additions: Dwarf and Gnome

News #948 posted by Kinux on 08/12/12.

It is my pleasure to announce the release of the last two of our current batch of race skills. Dwarves will now be able to do minor repairs to armor and weapons using the 'Patch' skill (thanks to Belkira for the code). Gnomes will now be able to 'Tinker' to create odd items that are uniquely Gnomesque.

As mentioned in the help file for Tinker, there is now an ability to mine ore throughout the realm (for any race) by digging for it. There is ore for iron, copper, silver, gold and mithril (each increasinly more rare and, if melted down, more apt to bring profit). At this time there are four foundries to melt this ore into bars of metal.

These skills can be learned by finding books that teach them. The books will be hidden and the skills are only available to the races that can learn them. The level of the skills are 35 and 40 respectively. Please see the appropriate help file for more information.

Happy Exploring.