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New RoD Website

News #967 posted by Kinux on 02/17/13.

Thanks to Belkira and Sepharoth, Realms of Despair now has a new website. It
can still be found at but has a number of updates with
the platform change.

While we have much of our content up and running, there are a few sections we
are still porting over. A big thanks to Malkatov, Loril and Romani for help
with the content and testing.

In addition to the website update, we are in the process of reinitiating our
RoD Forums. Before opening it to full public access, should you wish to have
an account created for the forum, please contact Belkira directly.

If you have any questions or comments about the site, please let Belkira and
Sepharoth know, or contact a member of CoE.