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Guild Branding for Future Inductions

News #978 posted by Kinux on 08/17/13.

As per earlier news items, there is going to be a change to the structure of
the Guilds. As such, we'd like to make the transition as smooth as possible,
so for the next couple weeks, it will be possible to use a 'Brand Me' command
at recall. This branding will be unseen, but will enable the new Guilds to
automatically re-induct you into your new guild upon entry to the Induction
Room. Simply go to recall and type 'Brand Me' without the quotes and you will
get a message that you are officially official.

Some players have already been branded as we've done some testing of alternate
ways to do this, so if you try to brand yourself and you are told you are
already branded, all is well.

I don't want to confirm a timeline on the introduction of the new guilds, but
suffice to say that given we're trying to make the process of transitioning
easier, you can surmise we're getting close!

If you have any questions, please contact Destre, or any member of CoE.