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Spellstat, Wisdom Affect, and Prompt

News #984 posted by Kinux on 09/11/13.


Per popular request, we have added the Spellstat command for all spell casters.
Many spells currently don't use this, but it's there now in case it does at
a future date! For info, the command will allow spellcasters to see how long
a particular spell is unavailable (until it can be recast again). Thanks to
Sartanis for the idea.

Wisdom Adjustment:

Per previous news information, and part of our adjustment of stats to make
them more useful, Wisdom will now play a role in affecting the wait time
between issuing the kill and murder commands. The higher your wisdom, the
quicker you will be able to get your 'kill' command off. Note: Deadly players
are not affected by this change. Thanks to Petrograd for the code.


Prompt changes are now available at level 1.