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Barbarian Outcasts

News #985 posted by Kinux on 09/11/13.

It is now possible for Barbarians to be removed from their bands or from the
tribe itself by visiting Caekath in the Barbarian village. Barbarians must be
level 50 to do this and should note that Caekath will try to suggest it's a
bad idea, given you will lose skills and access to the village.

Should you wish to go ahead with it...

To remove yourself from your band, type:
I wish to leave my band

To remove yourself from the tribe, type:
Outcast me please

Caekath will attempt to explain why that's a bad idea and will give you a
command you can use to finish the deed should you wish it to be so.

Having yourself outcast from the tribe will also outcast you from your band.
Caekath will also give you a one way ticket to Darkhaven, home of all those
city dweller types... so be warned!