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Dragon Blood Vial Hand-Ins

News #986 posted by Sonoria on 09/14/13.

I have asked Duke Luther to allow me to present this news item to you, as it
is not a new quest, but a message regarding the last one.

My thanks to all those who have handed in their dragon blood vials over the
past days. I am able to take in a limited number of previously obtained vials,
up to 10 may be turned in per player on Saturday, Sept 14, and I'll accept a
maximum of 5 per player on Sunday, Sept 15. After that time, I cannot take any
more vials in and they will most likely begin to deteriorate as the blood loses
its potency.

We appear to have angered the Dragons during this cull, so I ask you to avoid
killing more White Dragons, for their blood will no longer be available and it
may cause them to retaliate.

Again, my thanks for your help. I hope we are successful in stopping the
spread of the plague that threatens New Darkhaven.