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Destruction in New Darkhaven

News #987 posted by Kali on 09/20/13 .

As the dying embers of the sun faded on the horizon, a swift blackness snuffed
them out. Though it was the Month of Heat, the air grew chill in the darkness.
As the unsettling feeling spread throughout New Darkhaven, panic began to
erupt. Before a soul could flee, a call went up from Duke Luther. An archer
had spotted a cadre of white dragons en route to the town. As the citizens
massed to repel the attack, swarms of small white dragons began to lay
siege to the guilds that had so recently slain their brethren. The battle was
fierce and, though there were casualties on both sides and guilds destroyed,
the champions of Darkhaven seemed on the verge of turning the tide. But
as the streets began to flow red in dragon blood, a new terror descended:

Massive glimmering wings of ice caught and reflected the torchlight of those
who valiantly attempted to halt the rampage of the beast. Though they
stood bravely in battle, they were no match for the legendary creature.
They inflicted what damage they could, but not before the Kilgharrah destroyed
the guilds and took flight into the night.