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News #988 posted by Kali on 09/20/13.

Great damage was wreaked upon Darkhaven. In addition to the damage to the
homes of the guilds, a swath of older buildings were destroyed in the southeast
quarter of the town. Duke Luther proclaimed that the effort and resources
of the town should first go into building new homes for the Guilds. But in
these troubled times when the coffers of the city run low, only three buildings
were constructed. Grudgingly, the Guilds have banded together and formed new
unions - bonds of nature, spirit and origin.

For the rest of the ruined structures, the Duke has felt it more useful to
demolish what remains and use the remaining meager resources to build a small
park that sits across from Thieves Alley. Citizens have questioned the wisdom
of such an idea with thieves sure to infest the park, but Luther did not
change his mind.

Now the city must look to an uncertain future of uneasy alliances, knowing
that the murderous white dragon remains to threaten the realm once again.