Thanks from me

News #1123 posted by Edmond on 04/30/19.

Just wanted to toss out my thanks to those that helped me do the initial work
to get prestige / multiclass live in this port. I'd like to think we were
able to crush some expectations for getting it from first code change to
actually being live on the main port. That wouldn't have been possible with-
out some significant comments, critiques, and advice of a small handful of
This list isn't designed to be all inclusive, as the code is at best in beta
mode now on the main port. We will start to incorporate changes/ideas from
players to the max extent possible.
Special thanks to Joe for pestering me on the idea over many,many years.
Thanks to Chyort, Myrr, Indious, Joe, and Geslor for running much of the
initial functionality testing.
And thanks to Zistrosk for participating, though he hasn't really done crud
except support the leveler/testers.