ed-Mail responses

News #1130 posted by Edmond on 06/16/19.

I responded to several edmails directly today in login messages. Thanks
for all of the continued input.
A number of messages to me have asked for alternate paths to obtain the
opportunity to prestige/multi-class a character. Challenges like in-game
quests, increases in honour, killing blows on several of the major mobs,
and more were on the list. All of these are under consideration and take
some implementation time.
There are more than a few suggestions on skills/spells from Merit,
Malagrym, Otari, Koll, Texada, Joe, Hooke, Myrr. All are on my board for
review when I get back to the work.
I appreciate the continued input, and criticism - both constructive and
otherwise. We need to continue to partner as players and imms to improve
the game that - as anacronistic as it may be - is a place where we come
together to challenge each other, to achieve, to chat, and also to simply
have fun.