Prestige Backstories / Themes

News #1133 posted by Edmond on 06/17/19.

There are 126 potential prestige/multiclass variations. This has created
a bit of a thematic challenge. I am hoping to enlist the help of the
creative minds to submit thematic backstories for the various combinations
- both single and multi-class prestige character options.
Each theme selected will help us inform the refinement of skills / spells,
as well as the long term creation of equipment and capabilities of the
specific versions. Each theme selected will award a prestige ticket for
that player in that prestige/multiclass version. (e.g., if you write the
"Dread vampire" backstory, you will be granted a prestige ticket usable
for a vampire). We may choose to not take a theme for a prestige option
if there are no viable alternatives.
To submit:
Mail to: Prestige
Mail Subject: Theme [class combo]
No less than 4 pages of notes, no more than 10 pages of notes. You must
include proposed help file, and may include proposals for spells/skills/
hard coded suggestions.
Open until July 30th.