Badlands Temple

News #1151 posted by Gonnil on 05/22/20.

Within the faraway wastelands known as the Badlands, eastward from the
southern gates of Zhaun-Takir, a path has been revealed to an ancient Temple.

The Badlands Temple is haunted by an assortment of guards, with a necromancer
bending the guards to her will. Should the guards and necromancer be defeated
by an adventurer, the adventurer's Order will lay claim to the temple. Unique
scrolls can be discovered that provide a temporary benefit to attackers during
the battle. But beware, as the defending Order may arrive and attempt to
repel your attacks, or pay gold to the necromancer in order to summon guards.

When an order controls the temple, the headquarters of the order will receive
a visitor who bestows a unique blessing on order members, and also provides
the order with gold payments that accumulate over time in the order's vault.

The Badlands is a freekill area where avatars are allowed to attack each
other. For more information on the Badlands area, see the related helpfile.

The Ancient Temple section of the Badlands is built to encourage participation
by members of Orders, but any player may enter this new section to explore and
join the battle. Deadly characters are forbidden from entering. The final
room where the necromancer resides may only be entered by characters that are
in an Order. If you aren't currently in an Order but are interested in
joining one, you may contact a member of Order leadership via tell or mudmail
to get more information; they also show up when online by typing "who leader".