News #1156 posted by Gonnil on 07/18/20.

With the increase in players we've had this year, we are looking for someone
who might show interest in joining the ranks of the Immortals.

This person would be supporting the game and its players through a long-term
commitment to the Realms of Despair, by providing immortal contributions such
as running quests, building areas, learning how to provide code contributions,
helping with new players, discussing proposed changes to shape the future of
the game, and handling various other issues as they arise.

See "help howtoimm" for some more information, as well as news 869 for a
similar request from years ago.

If you think you might be interested, please contact me or any other immortal
using the mudmail system. Or if you know someone who should be considered,
encourage them to contact us. Any responses will be treated confidentially.

For those who are specifically interested in area building, see "help build"
for more information. Being an immortal is not required.