2020 End of Year Events

News #1169 posted by Gonnil on 2020-12-04 15:35:22.

As this crazy year draws to a close, we have some exciting events planned!

December 4 through 20 - For the next two weeks, the following temporary area
bonuses are in effect, after which time they will revert to normal:
- A massive Achaierai - Hp reduced by 25%
- Golgonooza, the Divine General - Hp reduced by 25%
- Merlin - Hp reduced by 25%
- Salix - Hp reduced by 33%
- The devourer - Hp reduced by 50%
- Haquimz al Shurliki - Chance of items upon death increased slightly

December 13 through 24 - The 12 Days of Festivus - We are aiming to run a
quest on every single day during this time period! Watch questnews for more
information. Big thanks to our QC immortals and others for hosting.

December 25 through 31 - Double Experience Week! - We are planning on a full
week of double experience for levels 2-25 (non-prestige). A great chance to
tell old Realms players to come back to the game, or perhaps to invite
someone totally new to try us out.

December ??? - A rift into the Timestream is predicted to open this month.